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Want to move from Czech Republic to Poland

17 Feb 2013 #1
Dear all,
I have permanent residency in Czech Republic, which also mean that I am a long-term 'resident' in the EU (althought I am a non-EU 'citizen'). Is there anybody on this forum that could direct me to a person, organisation or place where I can find information what is involved if I want to move to Poland? Meaning that I would like to stay permanently in Poland, and thus will have to get permanent residence in Poland. Would the fact that I have already permanent residency in Czech Republic be of any help? Or will I have to go again through 5 years of 1-year-at-a-time long-term residence permits based on work permits, language exam, etc. before I will get permanent residence in Poland?

Any advice will be HIGHLY appreciated
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28 Feb 2013 #2
Replace # with .

I think that you should find answer to your question here: europa#eu/index_en.htm
Here ec#europa#eu/immigration/$en they say:

Rules for certain categories of non-EU residence permit holders

Certain categories of non-EU residence permit holders, and their family members, may be able to move more easily from their host EU country to another EU country, where both countries have adopted applicable EU rules.

Highly-qualified workers who have an EU Blue Card, long-term residents, researchers and students who hold the necessary residence permits may also be able to travel to another EU country under certain conditions.

So it seems that you may travel, but am not sure about work.

You may also send question to Polish embassy in Prague: www#ambpol#cz/eng/index.html or consular www#ambpol#cz/eng/konzular.html or ask personally If they don't answer email.

You can also ask embassy of your country in Warsaw per email.

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