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Life in Poland vs Norway - good for children, benefits, etc?

Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,228
11 Nov 2010 #31
Lycka till.

Thank you! Thankfully only the grown up Norwegians were understanding or wasn't that moronic... So I very often spoke with teachers and had dialogue with them. Of course the other pupils thought I was the theachers favorite or something... Didn't help... Aaargh University I hunger for you!
26 Jan 2011 #32
Wow.! Actually I was just strolling past this site when I Google'd some random stuff concerning Norwegians and Polish. To be honest, you probably haven't met the right people if you got this impression of Norway. Tell me, do you really think these ''negative'' people are only found in Norway? Well, if you so have the impression of seeing the toothpick in your opponents eye, then try to see the big tree in your own.

I am a norwegian that has been living in Poland for six years, and I must say I like both countries. Of course, there are differences; cultural, religious, economics, habits etc. What did you expect? If you had travelled a little bit around the world, you don't even bother about these small details, each country has their differences.

Yes ofcourse, piotr123, you can make fun of norwegians doing the things we do. That just shows everyone your immaturity. Yes, we norwegians are insane people in lusekofter riding on a bike scaring polish people. Tell me, really, how old are you?

To be honest, I won't mention any negative things about polish people, because they are meerly small differences from what I'm used to. I live in Poland now, and I'm respecting their way of doing things, and they respect mine. I and my friends have met a lot of different people, racistic people, negative people, angry people that have behaved like asholes. That doesn't mean I think of Polish people that way. Rather, my friends, who are Polish are quite nice. So please, do the same for us as well, have some tolerance. There are different people everywhere.

To answer the original question, yes there are benefits living in Norway, but you have to learn the language, just the same as if you were living in Poland. Many are travelling to Norway just to work for a little while, get some money, and then travel back. If you are capable of speaking the language, apply for a job within you profession, and you will see the benefits. Yes, the taxes are higher, but the income is as well. A general payment a year is approximately 3-400000 NOK (150-200000zl) a year considering if you have a normal job (like working in a shop, teacher, nurse etc). What you expect of taxes is a general percentage of what you earn. For my part I have the maximum tax when I'm working, that means 36 %. Every piece of money I overpay for taxes, I will get back the next year. If you make above 500000 NOK (250000 zl), you have to expect to pay 50 % taxes. But hey, if you're making that much money, you are probably well fed with them.

Considering children, I do not have any of my own, but the benefits are very good. You get school for your children up to high school, where most of the fees are paid by the goverment.

Also, for you wondering why we pay the high taxes? because all those money goes to schools, hospitals, education, and everything else. That's why they way we are one of the best countries to live in, because of foundation is built upon gaining financial support for everyone. If you are not able to work, the goverment will help you, if you need an education, they also help you. That's the main target they have; to give everyone equal rights.

As far as I know, my polish friends do not have this benefit, as they do have to pay for their education, pay more to hospitals from their own pockets and financially you are the one responsible for your own good.

So if this is helping you, you're more than welcome to Norway. I have now lived in Poland for five years, and actually see the differences in the infrastructure in the society.
hague1cmaeron 14 | 1,368
26 Jan 2011 #33
I live in Poland now, and I'm respecting their way of doing things, and they respect mine.

Don't worry and don't feel offended about about the observations on this forum, if you stay here long enough you will realize that most people just say whatever pops into their heads. Some of them actually set deliberately to provoke to create an argument. I am glad you chose to make Poland your home and feel free to share your observations however frank they may be.
Boz - | 23
26 Jan 2011 #34
left Poland to go and live in Norway

I've lived in both and there's NO comparison-Norway's consistently rated in the top three countries in the world to live in - deservedly so, too. It's so amazingly civilised and caring that countries generally thought to be 'developed' seem quite primitive by comparison.

Scandinavia is just so much nicer than everywhere else,particularly Norge...END
kingdom26 1 | 18
19 Feb 2011 #35
You said you live here with your family did you married to poland lady and did the lady have child's and about the behavior of the child I live with a polish lady but the lady and her behave very studpid everyday, i keep asking myself why they go to church bacause they lack everything call respect and manners
19 Feb 2011 #36
Life expectancy in the Nordic countries is proportionally higher than practically anywhere else. And guess what; many of them still have universal health care for their citizens. Isn't it really worth whatever the expense? -:)
19 Feb 2011 #37
I've read on many forums Poles complaining about Norvegians acting to be superior in front of them. While Sweds are consider to be mostly ok. I think it might be something connected with inferiority complex of some Norvegians (who were under cotrol of Sweden many times in the history) so they want now to abreact by treating foreigners with little respect.

But still I want to stress that I've never been to Norway and I don't know wether it's true.


Of course ninplnok you're right that we shouldnt judge whole nation just because we met some nasty individuals. Ok, nevermind, don't read that post above ;) I've just wanted to say that I heard some complainings on Norvegians. Maybe those people (who complain) are just too sensitive.
Mark71 1 | 9
24 Feb 2012 #38
it is too cold to live in Norway
24 Feb 2012 #39
This is the biggest piece of bullshit I have ever read. You generalize so much I don't even know where to start. You make the Norwegian people look ALOT worse than they are. Norwegians do not look at slaves as slaves. That is bollocks. And I hope you know that. If you are a Norwegian, I am ashamed for you.
24 Feb 2012 #40
I'll say again, frankly, that we in the US, might well draw a lesson or two from Norwegian socialism.
pawian 223 | 24,536
13 Sep 2019 #41
My workmate from school emigrated to Norway a few years ago. She was a teacher of Polish, married, with a small kid. They had another one in Norway. Her husband works in the oil industry, on a rig. I met her in the shopping center a few weeks ago, she came to visit her family in Poland. I could guess she wasn`t really happy about that Norway, she felt a bit alienated there.
Miloslaw 20 | 4,761
13 Sep 2019 #42
we in the US, might well draw a lesson or two from Norwegian socialism.

It doesn't matter what nationality socialism is,
Socialism has always failed.
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
14 Sep 2019 #43
Tell that to the Swedes, who maintain their system.

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