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Poland and France cultures are similar

Havok 10 | 903
23 Mar 2011 #61
I find that French and Polish cultures are very similar.

the same about Italy, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Ireland and a few more. Every time i visit a European country other than Poland i find some similarities there. I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion when you start to travel more.

If you're looking for something exotic i think you should try Asian countries like for example North Korea. I'm being serious now.
George8600 10 | 630
23 Mar 2011 #62
I'm 12.5% french on the greek side if that matters, but I gotta say, many French people in France I've met are complete asses, aside from French Canadians whom are really really nice from those I've met.
Crow 160 | 9,195
24 Feb 2016 #64
Nothing similar. Really.

French culture is culture of slave hunters and their victims. Culture that was born from city states in long process of assimilation of European natives (ie Sarmats = Slavs) on whom bestial genocide was committed. Then, some other humans were added, after genocide was committed on them, in colonial times. So, its colonial culture, too. Its deeply genocidal culture, too. Forcible mix for the sake of rich magnates.

Now, what that above have with Poland? Actually, to make France rich, one needed to reduce Poland, too. Even when France says that is West, France stealing from Poland.

sick. Truly sick comparison.

Down with France!

One more thing. All who says that is France similar to Poland are totally mentally malformed, ignorant, imbecilic, stupid, evil, disguising, maniacal and retarded.
24 Feb 2016 #65
Now Now Crow , please read the article below Dapoleon, Dabrowski

Interesting read For Poles,Serbians, Americans and the French
Crow 160 | 9,195
24 Feb 2016 #66
Same as Poles, we Serbians also were forced to eat French sh**. But not only French. German, British, American. So we are full of sh**. No more. What is enough is enough.

All that is part of our Sarmatian downfall. But we shall rise and walk with dignity, again
Labrador 2 | 50
25 Feb 2016 #67

I really want to know how you survive daily life with this attitude. You seem to be against EVERYTHING and your attitude is extreme & fatuous.

Levi 11 | 436
25 Feb 2016 #68
Polish and french cultures are totally different.

Thank God for that.

(Because that is why soon french culture will be extinct while polish culture will still exist and get stronger).

Same as Poles, we Serbians also were forced to eat French sh**.

You forgot turkish sh**, which is the sh** that serbs ate during most of the time.
InPolska 9 | 1,805
25 Feb 2016 #69
Dixit a Brazilian living in Saudi Arabia who has said he has never been to France! Are you guys so stupid to rely on Anglo clichés? The French TOO could say any bs about ANY country, including UK, Us, Poland, Brazil (country of transsexuals ;), and all others...

As to comparing French and Polish cultures stupid. And yes, French culture is strong and well alive and all the French are so proud.

I have noticed that ONLY uneducated and lo w class rednecks "hate" France and the French. I have lived in a lot of countries including Poland and educated people love France and everything French. Polish people love France and the French!:).

Fed up with all those racist and xenophobic posts!
johnny reb 50 | 7,154
25 Feb 2016 #70
Polish people love France and the French!

I am considered to be Polish in America and I don't love France but I do love Poland.
The French in my opinion are a bunch of Godless Liberal lazy socialist sissies that repeat themselves over and over about how they have lived in 50 countries and how their farts smell like flowers while the Polish are hard working God fearing people.

Long live Poland !
InPolska 9 | 1,805
25 Feb 2016 #71
@Johnny: You know, we also have clichés about ANY other country, including the US (a country of "uncultured obese bigots") but since I have lived in the US, I know that not all Americans are like this. Educated and cultured Americans love France and the French.

Yes, (and I'm proud of it), we are not religious (only 15% - ALL religions - do practice on regular basis). In 1905, the State separated itsefl from religion and since then religion is a mere private thing (no public financing, no religion in schools..). And as to "socialism", I would like to see some in France but never have. Yes, we have a great welfare system (although being reduced because of rightwing policies but probably second after Scandinavia's) but this is not "socialism" but I know for Americans everybody is "socialist" ;).

But one question: do you speak French? Have you lived in France? I suppose the answers are NO. So how can you "hate" people you don't know?

Fortunately, in Poland, France and the French are really liked. Whenever I say that I am French, the reaction is "beautiful country, beautiful language!

Don't worry, I know that French bashing is the trademark of low educated and low class people so being "insutled" by them is like a compliment!

Besides, not to like someone is to give them importance, isn"t it? ;)

Bonne journée! ;)

PS: I am FED UP of that coninuous bashing in a POLISH forum by people who do not know anything.
Levi 11 | 436
25 Feb 2016 #72
Fortunately, in Poland, France and the French are really liked.

Bleh, Poles react like that for virtually every western nation.

They say the same when i say that i am brazilian (+Talk about football and ask if i like Formula 1), but i would not say that they love Brazil.

And yes, French culture is strong and well alive and all the French are so proud.

It is not. What is alive are french modisms. Culture is permanent. What aspects of French culture of 200 years ago are still alive? Almost NONE. Your culture is dead and was substituted by the marxist/atheist/multiculturalist ideals of the Frankfurt School (which, besides the name, was basically implemented first in France).
Labrador 2 | 50
25 Feb 2016 #73

Bleh, Poles react like that for virtually every western nation.

Maybe because people always react like this when they see something new? The French and the Brazilian are not very common in Poland, while it is quite a normal thing to come across a Russian, German or Czech guy.

Just to draw a comparison!

Your culture is dead and was substituted by the marxist/atheist/multiculturalist ideals of the Frankfurt School ...

I don't understand why you are claiming a culture is not strong just because it changed over the last 200 years. Of course there are hardly any aspects alive, but only because these so called " aspects " have evolved over time. Besides that, I am sure you would find quite some aspects that are still exactly the same if you would just search for it.

I also don't understand what 'the Frankfurt school' has to do with this, if we are talking about the same school, the school I know, is about finance and management.

InPolska 9 | 1,805
25 Feb 2016 #74
@Labrador :) and Levy: No, no need to be polite since a lot of Poles go to France for shopping and on holiday and a lot of Poles have relatives in France (one million mostly in East and North France) so they know (contrary to Levy;;)

Besides France is not that exotic for Poles ;), they all know about Napoleon (even in their national anthem, Poles mention him), there are a lot of French words in Polish, some Warsaw neighborhoods have French names...

I wonder how a xenophobic Brazilian living in Saudi Arabia who has never lived in France can dare talking about what he had no knowledge of. It beats me. I don't know re Brazil and re Saudi Arabia (don't give a sh... Anyway so don't invent thingd

Levy: stop talking about what you don't know about! Pitiful!
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
25 Feb 2016 #75
It is perhaps good to remind the participants of this discussion what this native Belgian said about the French vs. Polish people (page 1 of this thread):

the French who often looks down on others by excessive self-esteem, oftent thinking they are superior to the rest of the world.

Not surprisingly, this view is often held by the people of Poland.
InPolska 9 | 1,805
25 Feb 2016 #76
@Ziemo: it really shows how stupid you are! You base your theory upon ONE troll who is as Belgian as I'm Chinese. The proof; he wrote about his "French" accent and NO French-speaking Beligian would say/write that they speak with a French accent. (French speakers of Beligum do speak with BELGIAN accents which are different).

French bashing was invented by Americans because of French nationalistic policies of de Gaulle, who kicked Americans out of France and was neither on the American side nor on the Russian side. France in those days was completely neutral and Americans could not swallow it. Futhermore, Chirac was against war in Irak ...

However, grow up and trave! The French are welcomed everywhere. I have travelled maybe to 50 countries, have lived in several of them and NEVER any problem.

Believe me, all the bs you say about France, we, in France, we say the same bs about the other countries, including yours! Do you want to hear? ;)

As to socalled Belgian, let me tell you that Belgium is considered by the French as the "surburb of France" as tiny and boring country. So no reference :)
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
25 Feb 2016 #77
My personal experience is that Polish culture is closer to the French culture than the English one, for example. My wife who doesn't speak English or French felt much more at home in France than in England. I myself who speak both languages would also say that France seems to be a less "different" country for us, Poles, than is Britain.
Ktos 16 | 436
25 Feb 2016 #78
Polish are still to have, sexual/racial revolution

Sexual revolution?? Oh yeah I forgot, we have sex with clothes on. What country are you from?? Catholic Poland does not mean sexually reserved or repressed, Phuck, it amazes me how little most of you know of Poland and how misinformed you are. I travelled the world and I found Poland to be in reality very frivolous country, only to a narrow thinking short sighted observer with like minded attitude towards the Eastern Europe this will be omitted. Poland is not Victorian, do not put my country into the same basket with the religiously obsessed and sexually repressed Anglo Saxons of the medieval period (they remained that way for this day and so have Americans). When I went to the beach in Germany, I could not stop laughing seeing those shy Germans desperately holding a towel around their waste with horrified look on their faces praying that the holy towel does not fall off to reveal their "shameful bits". Polish are nothing like that, we have more sexual freedom, we are more relaxed about sexual matters and we can talk about anything and joke and sing songs with sexual content with no hangups. You are so misinformed, go educate yourself first before you blabber something like that again. In regard to sexual matters Poland is indeed very close to French culture.
25 Feb 2016 #79
French Catholics and nationalists are usually okay people.
The Freemasonic, angstheist, anti-Catholic, liberal and/or far left weirdos I cant stand.
Also all those North African and/or Muslims there... not good.
Ktos 16 | 436
25 Feb 2016 #80
Same here.

All who says that is France similar to Poland are totally mentally malformed, ignorant, imbecilic, stupid, evil, disguising, maniacal and retarded.

Cha cha, good one. True, but it has to be said that there are some similarities especially among Polish aristocracy, there is some Polish-Frensh history of French migrating to Poland and often mixing with aristocratic or rich families and it was customary in Poland in the 19th century to follow French fashion, it was more easily absorbed since France was not an occupant and was seen as a sophisticated country. I would not say that everything we copied from French was exquisite but it was much more worthy than what we are doing now, copying Americans and their stupidity.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
25 Feb 2016 #81
You base your theory upon ONE troll who is as Belgian as I'm Chinese.

InPolska, si vous aviez lu les messages de Moolighting en entier, vous n'auriez lui jamais appelé un "troll".

Here's another quote of Moonlighting, this one comparing French and Polish cuisine:

France and Poland both have good cuisine

And another one comparing French and Polish women:

find Polish women more elegant than French ones, and Polish people in general not so big-mouthed, warmer and with better manners.

Hélas, the Belgians prefer "the Polish" to "the French"! C'est la vie, ma chère ...
25 Feb 2016 #82
Hmmm...Polish culture is very different from French but I see the love for French things around, the perfumes, the pastry , the clothes , the elegance Polish love it all as do French.
Dakota - | 2
23 Apr 2017 #83

Culture wise - view of Polish people regarding French culture?

What is the view of polish people regarding french culture?
23 Jul 2019 #84

Polish surnames in France

I work with health insurance data from France and there are loads of people with French personal names and Polish surnames. I guess they descend from those who escaped either the 2 world wars or Polish Russia. Is Poland doing something to promote its popularity in France considering many Poles and their descendants helped form the modern French state?
Crow 160 | 9,195
23 Jul 2019 #85
Alright already. French originate from Polish settlers from time BC. Link exist, sure. But today`s France is romanized and succumbed to foreign culture. Poland and Poles didn`t succumb.

Take this example. In France, when Gypsy took Catholicism they consider him to be French. In Poland, such a thing is impossible.
Lyzko 42 | 9,501
23 Jul 2019 #86
Chopin aka Szopen straddles both cultures; claimed by France (after all his father Nicolas) as well as Poland (Polish mother, born in Zelazowa Wola).
Wincig 2 | 227
24 Jul 2019 #87
Yes, but Chopin, despite his "French sounding" name is definitely Polish, not French.. His love of Poland (and its struggle to become independent) transpires in all the music he wrote.. That shows that it is more the place where you were born/where you live that makes one's identity, rather than the "blood linage".
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
24 Jul 2019 #88
i dont see anything about France and Poland to compare. France owned a large chunk of the world and told the people there that their ancestors were 'Gauls' - Poland never had any colonies. (sorry, have been reading Ryszard Kapuscinski)

French are mostly mixed race, Polish are not.

France has carried out savage colonial wars, Poland obviously has not.

French people don't wash, and Polish do.

Need i go on?
Crow 160 | 9,195
24 Jul 2019 #89
Add to the list that French stealing history to Poles, while Poles don`t doing that to French. I would also add a fact that French used to manipulate with Poland/Poles throughout history, while Poland never manipulated with France.



In my country we have great monument to Chopin. It nicely says he was Polish. Not a single word of France.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,861
24 Jul 2019 #90
Yes i love the way France has 'stolen' Maria Sklodowska by trying to turn her into some kind of 'add-on' to Pierre Curie, when in fact he was her assistant.

Ditto with Chopin.

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