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Filipino living in China. Poland visa Inquiry.

14 Mar 2012 #1
Hi! I'm thinking of going to Poland to visit a friend of mine. I'm not Chinese but a Filipino, but I'm currently living here in China and I hold temporary resident visa here. I'd like to ask the ABCs of the application. If there are any Filipinos here who applied for the visa outside the Philippines, please lemme know or anyone who could just help me with this. I'm thinking of flying next year...yeah, still a long time. Thanks in advance
pspgmr6 - | 9
15 Mar 2012 #2
Hi Marcsky,

Since you are a temporary residence card holder in China, you can apply thru the Polish Embassy there. It will be a big help if your friend can provide you a formal invitation (Zaproszenie) as one of your supporting document.

You can also refer to this site:
OP marcsky
1 Aug 2012 #3

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