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Poland Embassy at New Delhi fraud

6 Aug 2016 #1
My I am Saurav from Nepal. I did my MA from Univesity of Warsaw. For which I had lived continuously in Warsaw for two years. Last year I had applied for Immigrant Visa to Canada after getting back to Nepal. The immigrant officials of Canadian Embassy at New Delhi asked me to submit Police Clearance report from every countries I lived for more than 6 months.

For the same purpose, I visited Polish Embassy at New Delhi (they don't have embassy at Kathmandu) and applied for Police Clearance report by paying 7500 INR. The Lady who accepted my application informed me they are going to send the scanned version of Police Report within one weeks in my email. Then I got back to Nepal.

I waited for seven days. They did not inform me anything. I wrote them in their email address, but never responded. I called them, but they responded me very rudely. I wrote a message in their facebook page after three months. They responded me that it is still in process.

My visa process was already delayed for three months. Finally, I told everything to one om my Polish friends. Luckily, he assured me to help. He sent me the forms and documents, I signed them and Fedexed. Thanks god, finally I got my polish report and now I am in Canada.

But those embassy officials irresponsiveness costed me around $500 on going to Delhi and paying application charge at the time my house was destroyed by the earthquake. Moreover, it delayed my Canada visa for three months and lots of psychological torture.

I am just sharing my experience with the forum members and readers. I also wanted to know whether there is any legal remedy of that.

Thank you.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
6 Aug 2016 #2
That was indeed scandalous. If I were you, I would make a complaint to the Minister od Foreign Affairs of Poland sending them scans of documents with dates indicated to back up your claims or I would do that even without such documents.
Theocean432 - | 1
12 Oct 2016 #3
Merged: About Temporary resisdent card and Permanent Card?

Hi there,
My name is sagar and i am from Nepal. I got work permit from Poland's Company but i haven't got appointment date to face Embassy of Poland in New Delhi. I want to know after i get the visa i will be in Poland. When will i get Temporary card and Permanent Card? How long does it take to get? When can i take my wife with me? I hope you will help me guys.

Thanking you
25 Oct 2017 #4


Hello Friends, Is there anywone succuss with work permit application in New Delhi??

If So explain your experince in here, Specially Which documents you Submited with the Application.

And how long its took to process and the decision.

Thank you.
26 Dec 2017 #5
I am from India and need a study visa for Poland as my semester has already started there. But there are no dates available at the Polish embassy until the next two months. Although I have mailed about the problem to the Polish Embassy, is there any other (legal) way to get an appointment for the same earlier than that?

terri 1 | 1,663
26 Dec 2017 #6
I am at a loss to understand how anyone on a public forum can speed up the process of your visa, especially at Christmas?
Ziemowit 14 | 4,230
26 Dec 2017 #7
I think he should ask his high school/university for help ...
4 Jan 2019 #8
Adam Burakowski Polish Embassador in Delhi is a Con Man. Previously you could pay upto Rs 7000 per date which is available free of charge and now he is selling the dates himself. He has shut the site down and authorities in Polish Foreign Office need to be approached. I will be writing soon to them. I joined Adam Burakowski Polish Embassador in Delhi on Twitter and questioned him and guess what he blocked me!! Mr Adam Burakowski Polish Embassador in Delhi is a Con Man and he is selling the dates now for Rs 50000 only to the external agents he has connection with. Polish Foreigh Office or Polish Home Affiars need to check this guy out.

Everyone note and do it every day without fail because Adam Burakowski's name should appear so many times so that it gets picked up by polish officials in Poland or Polish Foreigh Affairs in Poland and they will be forced to stop this cheating happening with the Indian people. Please also translate your words in google translate and post both english and polish version. The idea is to put his name forward as many times as possible.

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