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Ania from Poland looking for job vacancy in New Delhi

anakanka 2 | 36
27 Mar 2011 #1
hi to everyone.... my name is Ania and am planing to move to New Delhi and settle down over there.
. At the moment i am working with BPO company based in poland as financial analyst providing service for american client... i also have background in hotel industry and marketing.

I spent some time in india and did my internship there ... working with local people... so culture...habits to day life style ...its not new for me anymore...

I would really appreciate any advices regarding - how to start searching.. where to apply...and so on...

thank you for your time and any comments will be apprieciated!!
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523
27 Mar 2011 #2
Although I am unable to be of any help to you ... as I am basically a Polish as you are. But will this place be of any help to you in this quest?

Don't you think you rather post your Résumé in any of the Indian Job sites? In this effort your, umm, Indian friend can be of help to you? (as far as I can remember).

However, ofcourse I don't mean the post is wrong. There are millions of WRONG posts here everyday. I find your post informative and adequate.

Here is a little effort I made to help my fellow Pole:

:) ... the rest you must try with your friend in India :) ... this will help you find a job and find more commons or understand/ideas while moving into a new world. I hope I was helpful.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
27 Mar 2011 #3
You have been helpful like always!!

the reson why i post my question over here is that i rather would like to post my resume to adequante job sites than spread my personal info to whoever.....

Please guys do not take it wrong way .. but i just experienced myself how it feels to be a white woman among many indian people... Once again do not misunderstand me ... I do love people, country, culture ... but like everywhere there are bad and good people... less or more tricky who will want to take andvantage from you.

Lodz_the_boat... so when can we meet up for masala tea in indian scenerio?...

take care

Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523
27 Mar 2011 #4
Lodz_the_boat... so when can we meet up for masala tea in indian scenerio?...

I don't know ... are you in Lodz? I'm a Pole by the way :D ... and I'm always there to help anyone who is a Polish and have good tastes (in my view).

I don't like too much spice, but I do try it out sometimes (I can cook and I've had some experience in Indian/Bangladesh food in UK and Bangladesh itself where I went on a trip financed by my previous employer).

Are you in Poland yet or already in India? I think the Polish Embassy needs to be more helpful to its citizens.

Please guys do not take it wrong way

I don't! I wont! ... You are a Pole, a rarity here ... and wherever you are, a true Pole will always be in his Polish sister's aide. Have a very nice, safe and fulfilling trip.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
27 Mar 2011 #5
are you in Lodz?

nope... i am in krakow... finalising my master this year and working to gain some more experience before i leave for my life time travel which is India... ;)

I wish my eployer could finance my trip but looks like doubfull...saying at least :P

so what are you up to in Lodz? plaqning next trip to india? or at the moment stuck around in poland?
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523
27 Mar 2011 #6
Its home. Also I like my city.

I have nothing to do with India really, but I like the culture and the history. The food, music ... etc.

I wish you all the very best.
harign - | 1
1 Apr 2011 #7
hi ,

can you send your resume? I can trt to get u job or meet you with consult who can find you very good job.
We can speak on skype- harign for further.

1 Apr 2011 #8
Dear Anakanka,
Lot of companies provides job offer after successfully finishing your internship program. Found couple sites providing info on internships as well as jobs. Check this out,
Thought of sharing this information with you. Hope it will be really useful to you.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
3 Apr 2011 #9

Thank you so much for shering those webpages with me! i will deffinitelly have a look and hopefully find something interesting!

Thank you once again Q!!! and btw.... congrats!!!! india qon worldcup!!


rajeevranjan - | 1
20 Dec 2011 #10

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OP anakanka 2 | 36
1 Jan 2012 #11
rajeev.. thanks a lot.. if u still have some position open contact me on priv ;)


2 Oct 2012 #12
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12 May 2016 #13
myself Alok Barua you can call me jack as well and i am working in embassy so in India in new delhi you can get lots of job for yourself just try to grab it and keep sending your resume and you can send me your resume as well so that i can help you out in getting a job as i have good contacts in new delhi

my email id:- barua.alok2008@gmail. com

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