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POLISH People IN SPAIN .......

7 Feb 2008 #1
I just start living in barcelona, I would like to know if polish ppl are living in spain or in barcelona, plz keep sending posts,

Jorge ES - | 6
16 Feb 2008 #2

In our website you can find many people living in Cataluña. There is a forum in Polish, and the language of the website is Spanish.

Alternatively, you can check as well our friends in where surely you will find many of your fellow Poles.

Try aswell, in facebook and nasza klasa.

¡Buena suerte!
15 Oct 2008 #3
Im looking for a job in barcelona and the area. I speak english and have just started study spanish. I can clean, babysit, do shoping... If you need some help please contact me
2 Sep 2009 #4
i am from spain and i could try to help people to find jobs and answer comun questions about spain >.<
opts 10 | 260
3 Sep 2009 #5
I understand that the unemployment rate in Spain is about 18%.
scottie1113 7 | 898
21 Jan 2010 #6
[Moved from]: Polish exchange students in Spain

I have a high school student who wants to go to university in Spain, but it's too expensive for her. Does anyone know if there are exchange student programs in Spain for Polish students? There are lots of them in the US but I can't any information about programs in Poland.

Please help. Thanks
17 Feb 2010 #7
Hi there.
I would like to know little bit more about life in Spain. I'm Polish-Canadian with dual citizenship. Currently I live in Canada, but my wife and I want to move to Spain. Do you think I can get a descente job in construction or even open my own business in this field?

My emai is
marqoz - | 195
21 Feb 2010 #8
if there are exchange student programs in Spain for Polish students

Erasmus - they refinance your accommodation.
Technical University of Gdansk has exchange programs with Barcelona (beware Catalan), Madrid, Alcala de Henares, Murcia, Granada
scottie1113 7 | 898
21 Feb 2010 #9
Thanks. I knew about Erasmus. There were a lot of foreign high school exchange students in the US staying with American families. Are there any similar programs for Polish students who want to go somewhere in Europe. I can't find any.
1 Aug 2011 #10
THANK YOU HASJIES. I'll keep in touch.
shuuday - | 2
4 Oct 2011 #11
hi i 'd to ask you if know sameone call Gosia she live in madrid last time i have saw her was two mathn ago plz help me and save my life .
5 Jun 2016 #12
Hi there,
I am looking for Polish people in Madrid, its with respect to some business collaborations as well as I am interested to learn the polish language. If there is a community or organisation etc. I would be interested in it.

Thank you!

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