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Polish people in Shanghai ...? :)

Karim 1 | 4
4 Dec 2008 #1

I'm french and I live in Poland.. I come very often in Shanghai for my work...?

I would like to know if exist some spots (Pub, disco, restaurant) where I could meet some Polish people ??

Dziekuje bardzo !!!

PS : Apparently, the smokies to shanghai is a possible place...

Bye !

olak - | 1
5 Dec 2008 #2

You can meet Polish people every second Friday evening of each month, Blarneystone Irish Pub at 5 Dongping Rd.

OP Karim 1 | 4
5 Dec 2008 #3
Hi Ola,

Dziekuje bardzo !

Are You living in China ?

If You want, my GG is 4314673

See You !

22 Dec 2008 #4
hi there, I am Polish, but in Beijing

Eurola 4 | 1,909
2 Jan 2009 #5
All of you should just hook up there and write about your experiences on PF.
skimarcin - | 2
3 Jan 2009 #6
gowing shanghai end of jan 2009 for 4 weeks where I could meet some Polish people . please help me

dziekuje marcin s.
tina34 - | 1
28 Jan 2009 #7
Hi, I'm polish, 35 years old, femele and live in Shanghai-Pudong with my english husband.
I'd like to meet some girls from Poland.

chinczyk - | 32
28 Jan 2009 #8
well,karim and skimarcin,as i know,most Poles who are in China live in shang hai.i even met a guy who spoke stunning good chinese on the internet,and someone told me that he is polish and studies in one of the universities in shang it stands much chance that you will meet poles there

may you good luck
xkubol - | 1
19 Feb 2009 #9
Hi there,
I am Polish, and I was one year in Asia (exchange in Singapore, Korea). I am going to finish Warsaw Univ. of Technology in this semester, so now I am searching for job opportunities in China. Is here somebody, who can help me to find one?
Monichura - | 1
8 Mar 2009 #10
Hallo Tina,
I am Monika from Poland I moved to Shanghai last month and I didnt know any people from Poland so if you want to,we could met,actualy I am 25 and I just started work here.Please sand me

See you;)monika
10 Apr 2009 #11
Hi Tina,

My name is Justine (or Justyna) and I just moved to Shanghai with my husband who is Australian and two little girls. I am looking for contact with Polish girls (in 38) and hope to meet some Polish families too, as I would like my children to learn Polish.

My e-mail is page.justine@yahoo and my mobile here is 1305 2106583.

Do zobaczenia,

23 Apr 2009 #12
czesc dziewczyny,

have been living in shanghai Pudong for more than 2 years now; am 30 years old, and I'd also like to meet some of you, if you feel like it; here's my number 13661615813


marzena3 - | 1
19 May 2009 #13
Hello All

I am Polish too, I moved with my husband from London to Shanghai November 2008, living in Gubei at the moment. I would like to meet some Polish people as well (I have a 4.5 month little baby son ;-) . My phone number is 13916421677 or email me ;-)

Do uslyszenia

pussycatsbear 1 | 42
17 Jun 2009 #14

My beau is in Shanghai now. He is teaching in Lianguiang Uni. where in particular are you in Shanghai?
karlitos - | 1
18 Apr 2010 #15
looking for business partner to open a Polish bar/restaurant
lori 87 - | 1
18 May 2010 #16
hi~ i am come from shanghai .but i live in krakow.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
21 Jul 2010 #17
Whenever in Shanghai we stay at the Hilton and according to the German concierge (victoria?) about once a week there's an expat get-together at the hotel, lots of people and many nationalities. Might be a good way to meet some people from back home. I talked to her a year ago so hopefully the info is still correct. I'll be there in a week and will try to find out more.

I strongly suggest everyone here removes their phone numbers and email addresses and uses the PM feature instead. Y'all are every spammers dream. :)

Oops, never mind, I just realized this is a pretty old thread.
ankamariolka - | 5
21 Jul 2010 #18
hi skysoulmate, which hilton hotel in shg do you mean? the one on the hua shan lu?
it will be fine to meet people again..*:)
cheers AM
skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
22 Jul 2010 #19
Correct, that's the one. I hope my info is still correct, Victoria might be the only one who knew as she was the only ex-pat I'd met there. Not sure who comes to those meetings as I'd always been too busy shopping lol but supposedly the meetings were very popular. I'll try to find out more and if so will post it here... How long are you staying in PVG? Is it a long term move or a temporary contract?
ankamariolka - | 5
22 Jul 2010 #20
*:) PVG.. you mean in SHA? yes.. will stay probably somehow longer in shanghai.. maybe 1more year..maybe 2..or 3..*:))) will see.. but sure, when you get more infos about something interesting to talk to or to do things together..just post it here, will be great to know.

skysoulmate 14 | 1,296
22 Jul 2010 #21
Sorry, yes SHA or PVG - Pu Dong Airport, the code I'm familiar with.

Cool, you do the same, use PM feature if you want. Sometimes I forget old threads...


ankamariolka - | 5
26 Jul 2010 #22
@skysoulmate.. the PM can be use first after 2 "USEFUL" messages posted in the forum*:)
so..i hope this one counts to the useful ones*:) cheers Anka
enkinu - | 3
31 Jul 2010 #23
Hi girls and guys,

Are those Polish "2nd Friday" meetings still going on at Blarney Stone pub?

@Anka: gosh I need 2 USEFUL posts as well...

ankamariolka - | 5
4 Aug 2010 #24
@Michal, just post here the address of the blarney stone pub and you will get the secound useful posting in this thread*:)
and @all others: does somebody know polish stuff store? smoked cheese and kabanosy..??
let me know, pls!
*:)) cheers
enkinu - | 3
4 Aug 2010 #25
Here is an address of The Blarney Stone

PHONE: 6415 7496
ADDRESS: 5A Dongping Lu,
near Hengshan Lu
AREA: French Concession
HOURS: Daily, 11am-2am
CARDS: Local and international cards accepted

Polish meetings are supposed to take place on 2nd Friday every month, which means Friday 13th in August!!!

I don't know about any Polish shops or restaurants. Right now you can get geniune Polish food at the Expo pavilon. I use City Shop (google it, as I can't post links) to buy European and Western food in general (German wurst is closest to Polish kiełbasa I could get here :( )

I think it's a double useful post :)

ankamariolka - | 5
5 Aug 2010 #26
@Michal, thanx for the addy and the other infos.. german wurst is -sadly- not polish kielbasa*:)) and was i am missing mostly are ogorki kiszone*:(

pity! the next pols-meeting i can not do, go to Tibet on monday! yeeaahh will see big big mountain there!
but maybe over-next meeting..will see.
enkinu - | 3
12 Aug 2010 #27
@ankamariolka: I will check tomorrow if it's still happening... Will tell you.

kakcia - | 1
26 Sep 2010 #28
KARLITOS: Have you found business partner yet? Is Polish restaurant running?
8 Dec 2011 #29
yep, I've also heard about meetings at Blarneystone.
On this note, is anyone going this friday?

9 Feb 2012 #30

I am currently in Shanghai until Tuesday 14th Feb 2012. If someone is bored and would like to meet me, I am open to propositions. My mail is gabor87 (at) . I'm 25.

Apart from that I am looking for a restaurant that serves Polish dishes, as I would like to repay my Chinese collegues for inviting me to lunch with Chinese specialities. Can someone help me?

Best regards,

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