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Polish people have no presence in China and most people are confused!

IamJack 1 | 3
1 Jan 2011 #1
I was reading many of the threads and posts and it feels like when I was In Poland 30 Years ago.

I left the Poland then to heaven - Canada.

Long story short, it is not, but it looks good. Since than I have been traveling to most Asian countries and now live in China for the past 5 years.

Whats is wrong??, Polish have no presence here and most people are confused, except the rich guys that send their kids to play Chopin.

English and German have enormous presence, socially and commercially, and based on what I read, we Polish are so distracted, and to me looks like a complex - of not letting some things go.

I am at owe here now how my Chinese friends are managing here with all the issues here. But, surprisingly, they live a very devouted family life and all is about having a baby and all gp are helping.

Guys, what is wrong? Are we Poilsh, just so stuborn and worry about little things like a carp for Christmas?

I was reading some posts about Polish in Uk and discrimination, is like what the #$%%, of course it is like that, people are protective of their envirnment, we need to find the space and give space.

I will finish for now, but if there is any Polish expat in Shanghai, please let me know.

Ironside 51 | 11,339
1 Jan 2011 #2
just so stuborn and worry about little things like a carp for Christmas?

Eh? Rather the question was asked by a foreigner
AdamKadmon 2 | 508
1 Jan 2011 #3
I don't understand you. Do you have impression, looking from your perspective, that Poland looks like a resource of cheap labour or hinterland of Germany, or what?
noreenb 7 | 557
1 Jan 2011 #4
Jacek, can't You see that You notice inferiority complex?
I don't understand it. If You want to see a brighter side of Polish reality, just start from Yourself. In the page is somehow described how foreigners (mostly) and Polish people who are abroad, see Poland. In many cases the picture is a bit pale and a bit exaggerated, but for haeven's sake, maybe this is your personal interpretation of the view? Maybe You remember Poland this way, and actually You have a difficulty with noticing some optimistic, new, modern, interesting, fascinating and filled with pride observations of many people who love and admire the country?

Eurola 4 | 1,909
1 Jan 2011 #5
Polish have no presence here and most people are confused, except the rich guys that send their kids to play Chopin.

I am not sure what you're trying to say. 'No presence here", where? in China (since you currently live there), on PF? True, not too many polish posters from Poland. Where do the rich Poles who send kids to play Chopin live? Chicago? Warsaw? Shanghai? London? I'm sure there are a few.

I hope you don't just believe in everything you read here (PF), they are simply opinions of a few individuals, whether they are good or bad, based on their experiences, or what they read in a shady paper or website. Is (was) there an issue with Poles in UK or USA? Sure. But is a mainstream problem? Nope. Few incidents here and there.

So, what's your real beef?
PlasticPole 7 | 2,650
1 Jan 2011 #6
Guys, what is wrong? Are we Poilsh, just so stuborn and worry about little things like a carp for Christmas?

Poland could strategically and logistically make it's presence better known in the next twenty years. The countries with the greater influences. Germany and Britain, have gotten their products out and have accepted a lot of immigrants so people in other countries no more about them.
123z 2 | 29
12 May 2011 #7
I have a friend (polish) with his wife in China , (the occupation i will not mention due to personal privacy). But my friend are mostly base in Beijing, at times they do travel to Shanghai mostly work related travel.

Im sure there are some few Polish there.
sinobread - | 1
30 May 2012 #8
Plenty of polish people and businesses are in China

Just recently Polish restaurant was open on Foshan, Close to Guangzhou. If you need address, I will post

We are working on expanding our European bakery, also managing furniture bizz and limo company

In Guangzhou-Shenzhen several export-import and logistics companies are operated by Poles

in Shanghai, Beijing area most likely are more polish businesses.

I guess, now few hundreds polish people are teaching English, all around China

Go to, you may find more infos

sorry, my mistake, polish-chinese forum is, not com

If you want to find how Polish are living in China or Chinese activity in Poland, visit them

I'm not associated with polish forum, I'm just one of user
OP IamJack 1 | 3
30 Jul 2012 #9
I haven't visited this site for a while.

I am Polish living in China for 6 years working on manufacturing systems devolpments for plastic industries.

Now, I am not only Polish, but Polish / Canadian and the experience I have is from working in Canada.

I have a team of people here that we are very close and they all know me as a Canadian, but also Polish and always aks the question about Poland.

The reason they ask is that they are simple in understanding the world and there is never mention about Poland in news, events, olimpics, technology, politics, etc.

They ask me what Polish people do and and are good at? of course, coming from Chinese they are so competitive now all this huge mass of people have to survive, so they are always engaged in learning and comparing.

I am Polish at heart but can't say I am proud, just born in Poland under comunist area and left Poland in 80's as many Poles did.

In my 6 years in China never came accross a single Polish busness person or any other person, except a girl in a bar claiming to be tour guide. Plenty of Brits, Americans, French are loved for their cousine and breads, etc.

Anyway, this could be my inferiorty complex as someone pointed out in a thread. But I love here, and the opportunity and excitements working with local people on new technologies. I just hoped for us Poles to be more international and not a back wood country that we are perceived to be.

Just some thoughts

ylzmichal 3 | 13
9 Mar 2013 #10
Well I'm a senior school student in Guangzhou, I must say that Chinese generally hold favorable impression towards the Polish people, but they are unaware about Poland as in most Chinese' view, Poland is only an Eastern European country partitioned for three times, with little significance for China and the world.

There are many reasons we didn't pay attention to Poland, all Chinese knew that Poland was partitioned for three times and fought heroically against the invaders as our gov't used it as part of our patriotist education, so in our view, Polish are brave people with glorious history of fighting but petty history as a state, and no significant dominance and a humiliated sovereignty, making Chinese people consider Poland a small and poor nation although it was not the case.

Poland was the first democratic country that got rid of the Communist regime, this made the gov't aware of to much discuss about Poland, actually about many Slavic countries. They wanted us to memorize Poland as a country against western powers rather than a country against communism, that's why we seldom mention today's Poland which thrived after the Communists were overthrown. If we knew to much about today's Poland, or Poland's development, Chinese people will, urm you know that. If the Chinese people are still considering Poland a country that always follow USA and didn't have much significance, it will do the government good. Pope John Paul II is Polish, he opposed communism, and he is the leader of Catholicism, and Chinese Catholics are a problem for the government as well as we sought for unification with the Holy See while the government imposed bishops upon our Church in China without Vatican authorization.

And there aren't many Polish here, and your diplomatic missions didn't do much things in promoting your culture and commerce. Poland is insignificant for China in today' lives, also, Poland is a country which didn't play a very important role after all compared with those countries mentioned in our news, like USA, France, etc.. I really hope one day your mother country will become stronger and more dominant, so that our news mention you everyday.

I have to say that currently more and more students who are interested in politics and history are paying attention to Poland. I'm studying at one of the best high schools in Guangdong province which is expert in liberal arts and I have some friends around to discuss about Poland sometimes. I know about Poland and so I often mention about her at school like a civillian propagandist for Poland, mentioning it at speeches and classes and conversations and microblogs. Everyone knows Poland after my efforts and they knew that Poland is indeed a respectable state in many ways. Make more friends with Chinese and especially those who are interested in history and politics, and tell them more about Poland, Poland and China have lots in common after all.
Paulina 13 | 3,474
9 Mar 2013 #11
Ylzmichal, are you a Catholic?
What is the attitude of Chinese Catholics towards those bishops imposed by the government?

I know about Poland and so I often mention about her at school like a civilian propagandist for Poland.

That's cool and very nice of you, thanks :)
ylzmichal 3 | 13
9 Mar 2013 #12
Well we didn't like them if the bishops didn't make any reactions towards the government's mandate assignments, most of them will show reluctance to it.

Currently, bishops in China are legitimitized in this way: Assigned by the government, sanctified by the local high ranking priests, and then informing the Holy See. The Holy See always gets angry, but unless the bishop showed great disrespect to the church when accepting the governmental assignment, they will be accepted by the Holy See.

Most of us hope that the Holy See can be able to appoint our priests, at least to reach a consensus with the Chinese government so that we can practise doctrines freely, maybe in the way like Vietnamese Catholics.

However, more and more Chinese youths baptized into Catholicism simply for a curiosity towards western culture, they don't pay much attention to doctrines or papal loyalty... Elder Catholics are more concerned about it.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
9 Mar 2013 #13
@ylzmichal: Very interesting explanation. Not so obvious here in Poland, but I must say that logical and one could expect such a behavior of Chinese government. I am curious what made you interested about Poland despite all of that? Are you studying the language or it's something else?
ylzmichal 3 | 13
10 Mar 2013 #14
Polish history is quite impressive, that's the major starting point.
7 Jun 2013 #15
Poland is awesome now, maybe all the losers left. Name another country that is Christian, white, peaceful, low crime, beautiful girls, awesome non-GMO FOOD, low cost of living.... Hmmm POLAND IS IT.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
13 Jun 2013 #16
Belarus, Lithuania, Slovakia? Finland?

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