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Polish people in New Delhi

15 Jan 2011 #61
i know it might be difficult.. but the most important is i have the right man by my side

Wishing you both, happiness and success on your new adventure.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
16 Jan 2011 #62
thank you so much!!!! not many ppl are by our side... mostly i hear negative comments...

welcome on our discussion board!!

Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
16 Jan 2011 #63
! not many ppl are by our side

Not many people find love. Many of them have been battered ... many of them are hopeless with themselves. All together, they will never appreciate something good happening, one of the reason is that it didnt happen with them.

Remember, negativity took birth from negativity. Be happy.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
16 Jan 2011 #64
Well.... would be difficult to find a person who is more positive about its relationship than me :)

there are many obstacles... the biggest one seems to be culture... and still open question whether his parents will accept me...

long distance relationship and the fact that we do not see each other like 6 months .... looks like tiny little problems compare to life and culture obstacles...

but hey... love is the strongest power which can face everything... isn't it ??
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
16 Jan 2011 #65
the biggest one seems to be culture.

In today's world it seems this factor is in a patch of an evolutionary change. Cultures are coming closer with the aide of technology and media and globalization, etc - the line is blurring. Just remember that any relationship can survive when both the parties are ready to make some adjustments in their lives for each other. If you cannot even do this much (or him) then probably the relationship wont last. And for such people, which relationship really ever lasts?

still open question whether his parents will accept me...

Why will they not? All parents really worry is their son/daughter's stability in their decisions. My mother was very skeptical about my marriage (I am Polish, she is not). But eventually we did convince. You need to be aware of his parents and be respectful in a natural way. Is it something very big? Just be respectful, and polite. You are a girl who their son have loved, this alone is not insignificant for any parent.

If they are aggressive parents, no girl (even from their own country) will ever be happy with them.

Very less is changed in today's world when two people are from different countries. Other than perception and past values which we often wonder whether applicable even today (and they are not), most things are similar.

If he loves you and you love him ... remember that being aware of each other, adjusting for each other, sharing with each other is something that will last for an entire lifetime. Not always you two might thing of a thing in the same way, sometimes anger can come. But any relationship to be successful, you need to manage it in a manner which keeps LOVE intact at the top of all. This is very much possible for two people who decide to do so, and are honest with each other in their commitment and dedication.
isthatu2 4 | 2,703
16 Jan 2011 #66
and still open question whether his parents will accept me...

Indian parents tend to want the best for their sons,you seem lovely,Im sure you will be fine;

Mind you,if you do run into problems,remember ,a bit of flattery can go a long way;

Oh,and theres our shared history in ww2 if you want to get serious for a minute;

All the best,and my love to mother gunga if you get there :)

oh,yeah,but whatever you do,watch this and take note :)
OP anakanka 2 | 36
16 Feb 2011 #67
hey guys!!

I just wanna share my happines with you :) as many of you were crossing fingers for me and my indin partner... so he is coming to poland to visit me !!! finally after 7 months of not seing each other... you can imagine how excited i am!... my university and full time work keep me very busy but it does not change fact that i simply miss him... and day after day with passing time its more and more difficult to stay in long distance relationship... but our time came up!!

this is the most beutiful moment when you see you love after such long break... the only positive side of long distances is that once you finally see each ther.. you both feel like faling in love for the first time:)

So thank you for being with me in my difficult moment and cheering me up!!

love you India!
gouravgyl 1 | 14
11 Mar 2011 #68
wish u all the best anna.. and hae a good time with ur partner...

hence i lost my partner .. she was a ***** to whom i loved eh!!!
25 Apr 2011 #69
Just saw this thread while I was googling something else.......

I have been in relationship with a polish girl for last 2 1/2 year..........I was born in India & moved to london 8 years back. she is from krosno & living in london from last 6 years.

we just got married last month in DELHI. she has been to india before & again this time & we both love it there.

life cannot be more beautiful.....when you are with the one you love

so guys cross all the boundaries & believe in the mutual feelings you have for each other rest all works around that, family/culture.....etc

we both live in London at the moment & will be moving to delhi after 3-4 years.

OP anakanka 2 | 36
22 May 2011 #70

life cannot be more beautiful.....when you are with the one you love

totally agree.. :) maybe it sounds a little childlish but once i hear this kind of positive feedback from others it gives me more confidence that things in fact can work ..even between people from totally different cultures and background...!!!

I would say that its a little easier if at the beginning you try to settle in neutral country.. in my example we are trying india.. which is going to be a huge step to do for me .. and i know its not going to be easy way to do.. but i am full of positive energy and predictions so you have to only cross your fingers for me!!

thank you for your cheering up post!! nice to read :-)

good luck to you guys!
3 Jul 2011 #71
Helloooo I found this forum while looking for polish people in New delhi! I'm currently in Poland but im looking for a job beginning in September/October and I started thinking about going to New Delhi as I have some friends there. Anka you lived there so I guess you can tell me the most. Would you mind having some private conversations about life there and all? If yes I would give you my email then.

OP anakanka 2 | 36
15 Jul 2011 #72
aniav feell free to contact me... with pleasure will share and pqass on my knowledge about india ;)
15 Jul 2011 #73
I hear the food is good.
3 Sep 2011 #75
Hello Ania,

Ohhhh I am so happy to see this forum as I am in love with girl who is from Warsawa,Poland & now it has been more than 2 years now...In the beginning it was so hard to be in touch but thanks to my company that I am gettin very frequent business trips to Europe & she travels as well,ohhh how much I love Warsaw I cudn't express ! During Easter this year we together made a trip to Krakow,Vienna,Bratislava & Prague ! it was wonderful & soon after that I got a business trip to Warsaw & WOW ! this time I explored soooooo much but all alone :((( as ewa was in Argentina for her Master thesis...Poland is a very beautiful country I must say

We are now very serious about our relationship & we really want examples like you to make it possible as the only difficult thing for me is Parents !!!! I know they love her soooo much & when she was in India ,they loved her so much but they fear if she would be able to adopt to culture,grrrrr I knw she can as she loves India so much & very much adjustable,so I need motivation from u

if you can please add me on skype,it would be so kool to share ur experience prash_roxx (Skype)

& shout at ME IF YOU NEED ANY HELP IN INDIA !!!!!! I am travelling since I am in job so I have contacts almost every part of country...

na-zdrowie,pa !

4 Sep 2011 #76
Hi if you have still requirement for Polish language, please do let me know as I studied Polish language in Warsaw. I am native Hindi, born-brought up in New Delhi. My email address is indyskykoni@hotmail, right now I am in Bratislava, Slovakia Republic on vacation.

7 Oct 2011 #77

We are provided Foreign Language Translation / Interpretation services to different MNC in India . Some time we have the requirement of Polish Language Translator / Interpreter / Translation , if you are interpreted in any kind of part time job plz do let me know .

Kapil Singh
Xinhua Language Solutions
New Delhi - India

email - xinhuaindia@gmail
21 Oct 2011 #78
Hi, I am looking for Polish language expert in Delhi. Please contact me immediately on amod1517@gmail
indyslon - | 1
30 Oct 2011 #79
Hi Amod,

I would like to know that still do you have opening for Polish Language Resource. As I know Polish Language and right now I am in Delhi.



I would like to know that still do you have opening for Polish Language Resource. As I know Polish Language and right now I am in Delhi. Part-full time jobs are fine for me. My email ID is indyskykoni@hotmail, you may contact directly.

znakomita - | 1
5 Jun 2012 #80
Hi Ania
its been already a year sine someone left a last post here but i was just wondering if you manage to find anything in Delhi?

Im looking for a job there as my boyfriend is working for british high comission and i would love to move to India.
Please let me know if you have any tips and advices.
8 Sep 2012 #81
TREVEK,Hello First of all I would like to introduce myself to you, Hello my Name is Radhakant Biraj Debata. My Nick Name is BIRAJ DEBATA. I am an Indian National. I am an Male. I am 35 years old. I am Married. I am from India. I am from A Political Family. My Mobile number is 09776028714.
5 Sep 2014 #82
New delhi is a good place to live in if you hav good friends or you make local friends ( both genders)
Some ppl have a perception that new delhi is a pathetic place due to it's climate or culture... ( or any other excuse) ...their bells ring when they realize that the city is located in the subtropical centre nd therefore it has extreme weather conditions. has london its colder there cz its in the north.

the ppl of delhi are nice and humble provided you dnt make racist comments.
culture is rich ....delhi's natives would be friendly nd helpful
Zofia Lichota - | 1
2 Apr 2015 #83
Anyone from Poland is staying in Delhi right now? I am planning to come from August.
5 Jan 2016 #84
Thank you for everyone's input . Im sam and im british and indian as well. No matter where i go , i dont call any country cesspol . I can see that there are some judgemental people . Criticism of Asiatic countries is seen in common . Lets say, eveey country cannot be heaven dude. Some people have done bad in the country , doesn't mean all are bad . The way you jump to conclusions is very sad . I , for a change would like to tell you that me and my gf made really good friends with some indian guys (age 21) and they were more than polite and well behaved. You just need to pick the right location . Go to the good societies of new delhi . Make local friends and enjoy with them. Im sure if you follow that , no place ever would be a fkin cesspol for you.
kiano90 - | 1
17 May 2016 #85
Hello everyone,
I'm reading Ana's story and feel like i'm reading my own. The difference is that i'm with my fiance for 4 years. He's from New Delhi , we met in England, where both were studying. Last November for the first time i went to India. And now i'm planning to go again. Last time when i was there , was bored a lil bit. No friends- no polish friends, but lovely new indian friends. I felt quite lonely and lost. Now i'd like to find a job over there. Maybe some of you guys can recommend me something? I can work at school or at the kindergarten. Also would be amazing to meet some people living there , with whom i can see the city and talk :) Maybe also you can give me some advice about applying for employment visa?

Will be grateful for any news.
Please let me know if any of you can help me .

Regards Natalia
15 Apr 2018 #86

Anyone from Poland in Delhi? I am coming next week :) Wish u a good day, Sandra

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