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Polish people in New Delhi

OP anakanka 2 | 36
20 Oct 2010 #31

well i know that india is not really safe place... no worries i never hang around alone :)
in fact cannot wait to be back in delhi... well only couple of months left !!!
bimber94 7 | 254
20 Oct 2010 #32
I'd recommend the Tibetan enclave, Majnu-ka-Tilla in Delhi as a really cool place to stay. Cheap too.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
28 Oct 2010 #33
well..... i heard some completly different opinions about places you have mentioned.... any way its all about being carefull and i think that this simple tip is enough to keep you safe ...

by the way.... guys did not you hear about any polish companies which expanded their business to india??... I am slowly starting to look for a job in new delhi.. currently working as financial analyst -BPO sector. but also have experience in such field like: marketing and sales..hospitality..used to be management trainee at one of luxury hotels in delhi...

if you have any recommendation let me know:)

see you in India.... count down has started !!
bimber94 7 | 254
28 Oct 2010 #34
As I know India as well as any tourist, am curious where you are these days. Presumably travelling around or in Puttaparti? Also, I plan to be in Delhi in 2012.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
30 Oct 2010 #35
i am stuck in poland.. krakow itself. this year finalising my masters and also working with BPO company.

planning to visit india in feb for around month or so and by the end of 2012 pernamently settle down in delhi... lets see what life will brings :)
bimber94 7 | 254
5 Nov 2010 #36
You aked about Polish companies in India. I'm no expert here, and have only heard of Polimex.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
17 Nov 2010 #37
so where are you from /?? and what s gonna bring you to india??
Hiltiboy 3 | 19
17 Nov 2010 #38

Hi Anak, its a very brave move you are making, moving to India, I know not many polish girls would make it they would rather refer to move to US or UK, I am happy for you, I hope you find a good life in India.
bimber94 7 | 254
19 Nov 2010 #39
so where are you from /?? and what s gonna bring you to india??

I'm a Brit of Polish parentage. My attraction to India? My previous life, probably.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523
19 Nov 2010 #40
I once have visited India and its neighboring country - Bangladesh.

Apart from the blistering summer heat, and the crowed that can be seen consistently in some locations (almost all location for Bangladesh), I found the people quite friendly and many beautiful places to visit (specially the white sand beach in Bangladesh).

I have not spent too much time in India, but spent more time in Bangladesh - thanks to my previous job. Too bad I had to leave that job due to ambitions ...

I think India is a nice place to stay if you find the mixture of a few right ... but is that not the case with any country?

I can only wish well, rest is being aware - positive and confident.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
11 Dec 2010 #41
thank you for your warm wishes:)

you are completly right about picking place to live.. i would add one more thing... this is not beutiful views which makes places unfogetable... notice that actually people who we meet on our way makes moment memorable... and i do believe that all depends of circle of ppl u r surounded... everything else will go smooth if you keep positive way of thinking :)

good luck to you too!!

I'm a Brit of Polish parentage. My attraction to India? My previous life, probably.

well,,,,, then lets stay in touch and qwho knows maybe one day we can drink masala tea together ;)

Hi Anak, its a very brave move you are making, moving to India, I know not many polish girls would make it they would rather refer to move to US or UK, I am happy for you, I hope you find a good life in India.

Well i also do not know many polish ppl in india .. actually during my stay over there i have not met any ;) lets see what life will bring... i will try my best to addopt to new circumstances.. the question is whether this new circomstances will addopt to me ;):P lets see!!
desperado - | 2
12 Dec 2010 #42
My best wishes for Your stay in India.. I am an Indian staying in India & welcome you to our country!
First of all, I m sure you'd want to try the food here, it's gonna be too spicy. (I hope I m not scaring you) but I a sure you'll love it. There are good people & bad people all over the world,so if you god forbid,happen to bump into some bad experience don't judge everyone to be the same.. Since you will appear different from people here, get ready to handle people being drawn to you unnecessarily! (Don't be too generous or good to anyone,not all are same) New Delhi has very bad traffic management so get ready to hear loud honking,people screaming while driving! It's very common sight. I can tell you about places to visit.. I m little far away from Delhi but would love to help you in any ways I can..
OP anakanka 2 | 36
19 Dec 2010 #43
thank you so much for your tips.... :) actually I have already been to india and spent some time over there ... obviously 3 months is not enought to say that you knwo the way country is organized... but I was working with 2000 indian ppl among whom I was the only european so ... I think nothing can scary me :d I know that all over the world you can meet people who will be part of your life and those who you wish you would never meet!!!! but its not related to india only!!! all world is constracted that way !!!

thank you one more time!!!!

gouravgyl 1 | 14
20 Dec 2010 #44
i am indian but got and i have polish wife her name is Ania(My Ani) MAciag:) i love her alot:)
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,523
20 Dec 2010 #45
Take good care of her then. Good wishes.
OP anakanka 2 | 36
20 Dec 2010 #46
whats the cooincidence... my name is also Ania:) my boy is calling me : bacchi or guryia:)
gouravgyl 1 | 14
22 Dec 2010 #47
oh my god :o its really co incident i also call her same .. actually our story is on very senstive stage . ryt now she is in poland and i am in india at the moment we got married in india. we love each other alot .. some things are moving in our life like hell.. but there is nothing bad in our relation ..

i call my wife as Ani and she called me with Guru and i made my name with her Guruani:)
yes lodz i am caring abt her as much as i can ..
thanks for your wishes.
plz pray for us :)

well i would like to let you more about new delhi.
hence i live in punjab and i am punjabi. the thing is , delhi is the capital as u know well, it is good as well as worst to live becasue of water problem . crime is also there but it is also up to you if you will give green signal by yourself.

India is the one of best tourist place to live and visit. once person visit india like to visit multiple time and stay here. In india many of foriegner mostly europian likes to go to himalya because of its so intersting place . rest Wish u all the best Ania for your future travel.
bimber94 7 | 254
22 Dec 2010 #48
Best wishes to you for Xmas.
Wahe guruji!
gouravgyl 1 | 14
23 Dec 2010 #49
@ Bimber ..

Thanks for ur wish and welcome as well hehe, and i also wish to evertone in this chat room for marry XMAS
well, i will go to church in downtown the main city church to celebrate the xmas and pray to jesus :) as i alws like to go there. . . :)

OP anakanka 2 | 36
23 Dec 2010 #50
Please all of you accpt my sincere seasonal wishes:

May the sparkle of the Holiday Season Shine for you all year along!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Seanus 15 | 19,670
23 Dec 2010 #51
My tour guide was in India. She said that many of her tourists spend a lot of the time on the toilet after sampling local curries :)
bimber94 7 | 254
23 Dec 2010 #52
Ahh, Indian toilets! Fond memories. :D
Seriously, I once had a serious Indian girlfriend. Her toilet was a laugh!! The door was a swing-to off the ground, exactly like in cowboy saloon bars. You couldn't see the face of the person, just a shytting ar$e.
gouravgyl 1 | 14
24 Dec 2010 #53
@ bimber really indian toilets are superior lol
OP anakanka 2 | 36
24 Dec 2010 #54
whats the nice feedback... i got qafter my christmas wishes.... christmas spirit is all around including indian toilets lol :P
gouravgyl 1 | 14
25 Dec 2010 #55
you should try it ..
OP anakanka 2 | 36
29 Dec 2010 #56

you think i did not ??

:D still recalling this moments ... ;)
gouravgyl 1 | 14
30 Dec 2010 #57

Great .. so enjoy for upcoming new year with indian toilet hahahahahahahaha
OP anakanka 2 | 36
5 Jan 2011 #58

thanks so much for your wishes :P hope this dream will not come true :P lol
gouravgyl 1 | 14
13 Jan 2011 #59
hahaha u are so funny .. wishing negetivey lol , hmm well, good opportunity for u. u were having work permit in india or what ? how u were staying ?
OP anakanka 2 | 36
15 Jan 2011 #60
i was doing management internship in marketing department at one of the top 5 stars hotel in delhi.... 3 months in india passed so quickly that i eve not did not notice when i was back in poland:)

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