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What people in Netherlands think about "polaks"

Lenny88 1 | 7
7 Mar 2013 #1
Here's the video:

I just finished some chat conversation with an Dutchman and he was talking about polish criminals, drinking and fighting with each others. He said: "Example, Venlo a state in the south.... you cannot go there at night Polaks everywhere drunken and fighting brrrrr its worse than a movie. We have to hunt you like rats"

So the truth is probably lies somewhere in the middle.
Looker - | 1,135
16 Jun 2014 #2
I noticed a bad image of Poland in Netherlands. Part of it is complete false - not only exaggeration about flood of Polish criminals (I'm not denying, that a few exist there), but other silly claims in Dutch media, for example Polish hooligans as communism fighters and famous gangster as a Poland's political prisoner:

Fans in Poland fighting the remnants of communism, are fighters for truth and democracy. On the eve of Euro 2012 are therefore persecuted by the authorities and some media, like Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine - the image of Polish emerges from the document which issued the Dutch public television. About the film announced naTemat one of the readers.

16 Jun 2014 #3
Never mind what other people say. You are what you think you are.
Looker - | 1,135
16 Jun 2014 #4
Good point...

Hi are there any polish food shops in Arnhem Holland

Hi would some now if there any food shops in or around Arnhem Holland. I am keen on all these nice things such cleb, bee gee ... I now spelt wrong but hey thanks from a hungry dutchman.

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