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Polish people in Malta

zobbi 1 | 2    
8 Apr 2010  #1
Hi Just wanted to start this thread for any Polish people who are living in malta, or plan to go there or even for those who have been there and would like to share their experiences...
pawian 126 | 6,548    
17 Jul 2012  #2
Shyt, Poles are everywhere...... even in Malta.

Come on!
Annama - | 1    
24 Jan 2016  #3
Merged: Looking for someone...

I'm trying to find a group of polish men who were in Malta september 2015.
They were 6 -7 men in their 35 - 40's. I think they had a holiday.
They were in St.Julians - St.George's Bay

I know this is like looking for the needle in a hay-stack...this is all I have...:/

But how many groups of good friends went to Malta in September last year from Poland? ;)

One more thing...Is there some other forums in Poland I can search for people?

Annama :)
25 Oct 2016  #4
Good evening,
I'm working for Globalair Travel in St Julian's and I'm looking for a Polish Representative who would like to cooperate with our Company.

The job is flexible and well paid, with possibility to grow.
If you are interested or know someone that could be, please contact me at 99992299

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