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Polish people in Kuwait

Hiltiboy 3 | 19
2 Nov 2010 #1
Hi all, just wanted to know if there are any polish people in Kuwait, if so would love to met them, make friends and also learn some poloski.
grubas 12 | 1,384
2 Nov 2010 #2
What's poloski bro?
OP Hiltiboy 3 | 19
2 Nov 2010 #3
It mean the language in polish which is polski :)

Hi Guys, any info on this, any one knowing any one here in Kuwait

Hi Guys any one from Q8
Panx - | 1
20 Aug 2011 #4
Hi, there are around 200 Polish living here. I am not keeping too much in touch with the society but they can be met in church in Ahmadi or at the Polish Embassy.
Annika - | 2
25 May 2012 #5
I know some Polish people, but unfortunately they are in Qatar and U.A.E...

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