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I m looking for Polish people IN India

77Malgorzata 1 | 3
5 Aug 2012 #1
Im from Warsaw and looking for somebody form Poland in India. I want some infomation about indian medical plants. Can anyone could help pls let me know.

many thank
Szlachcic - | 36
6 Aug 2012 #2
good luck finding them in that crowd.. lol
p3undone 8 | 1,135
6 Aug 2012 #4
77Malgorzata,I imagine there has to be some polish people in India and I think the medical field would be a good place to search.
OP 77Malgorzata 1 | 3
6 Aug 2012 #5
anyway, im looking for information about coleus forskohlii ,,,
margaretka - | 3
15 Aug 2012 #6
What kind of information are you looking for ? I heard that the Coleus Forskohlii is good to treat high blood pressure. Would you like to buy it?
OP 77Malgorzata 1 | 3
15 Aug 2012 #7
thank u for reply.
i think i found somebody who will send me. now he is in Kerala but he promised to help me .
well ,it is very easy to buy pills of coleus from ebay but i dont like taking pills and i need plant cuttings, that it will start new plant in my garden.

my question : is it difficult to buy coleus forskohlii fresh plant? do u now how much does it cost?
many thanks
deepu - | 5
1 Oct 2012 #8
My uncle is into medicines/chemical trading business. He knows many medical plants since he works directly with them.

Let me know if you need more information.

27 Jan 2013 #9
Hi, I can help you with it, I am Indian traveling between London, India and Poland.

Email me on migration24@gmail

In English pls.

Merged: Polish people or community in India


I would like to meet Polish people or know about Polish community in India. If possible New Delhi.

If there are any Polish people in New Delhi or any where in India, Please get in touch with me @ migration24@gmail
Bieganski 17 | 896
27 Jan 2013 #10
When do you hope to migrate to Poland?
subhas - | 1
2 Jan 2015 #11
Hi , is there any one interested to work as interpretor in Polish language for polish group visiting India (Delhi, Agra Rajsthan). Plz contact <| >

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