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Moving to Spain - where is the Polish community there?

charlie2483 5 | 21
20 Nov 2012 #1
Thinking of moving to Spain, can anyone tell me were the best place is to go in the south or on the Med coast where there is a Polish community?

also is there good schools there and any work there?

Are the Spanish people friendly and what is the average rent for 3 bed flat or home?

I know that there is a lot of questions but thought people on the forum who live there will know best


Iwona & Charles
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,720
20 Nov 2012 #2
There is 25 per cent unemployment and the Spanish people are essentially ' take it or leave it'
The only friendly people are from Morocco or Ecuador.
They work in the fields for 20 euro a day.
Rent would be about 600 euro a month but you might get something cheaper from some Brit who is running home
and desperate to rent out their place.

The schools do not encourage creativity or discussion but are good enough.
20 Nov 2012 #3
south or on the Med coast where there is a Polish community?

There are Poles all over Spain. The real question is why are you moving to Spain weather or business opportunities?

If it is for the weather then I would suggest Costa del Sol the least expensive places are Benidorm and Fuengirola a two bed flat will run you at 500/600 Euro a month. Jobs I guess the only type you will get this time of year is telemarketing English or Polish, the local expat paper is go to the classified ads for jobs and do your market research.

In the north you could try Barcelona there are lots of English speakers there, with lots of foreign companies one of the local expat papers is the although there are others as well.

Good luck
Nacjonalista 4 | 96
20 Nov 2012 #5
Realistically can you find a job in Spain?
21 Nov 2012 #6
If you look hard enough and apply yourself, you can find a job anywhere in the world.
OP charlie2483 5 | 21
21 Nov 2012 #7
i will be branching out my companies into spain and hope to make it there
21 Nov 2012 #8
Mmm being a regular visitor to Spain for business and pleasure, I would not recommend investing in any new venture there unless you are willing to buy a distressed business with established marketplace. As someone on here pointed out the unemployment rate is currently sitting at 25%, among graduates exiting uni it is 70%.

That goes for Italy as well.
28 Oct 2016 #9
On the Meditteranean Coast, people are not so friendly, but go inland and you will find friendly people with more opportunities.
I am think more of regions like La Rioja, temperate climate but more jobs available generally. This region has lower unemployment than others. The capital, Logroño is nice. The outlying areas such as Santo Domingo are nice towns with nice people.

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