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Moving to Dubai

Iwona M 1 | 4
15 Feb 2011 #1
Hi I would like to ask if anyone have any idea how to get along with moving to Dubai. I am Polish and my boyfriend is Welsh so for him was easier to move there as the visa restriction are much different then mines. I was thinking to look for a job in Dubai for my work to be the sponsor but not sure how to really look for a suitable job for Pole. There is many reason I wouldn't like to move but I love my boyfriend and I just wanna be with him. My boyfriend has moved there end of last year and we are thinking to move together we know very well we have to be married to be able to live there together but there was some stuff in internet about people sharing apartments and they mixed genders. I would like as well start my University in Dubai but not sure how people would vote on that. Can anyone give me some answers??? Please. Thank you!
Wroclaw Boy
15 Feb 2011 #2
My boyfriend has moved there end of last year

and left you behind?

If he wanted you there you'd be there with him as we speak. The fact that you are not says everything, im sorry to say but forget about that one sweet heart.

What kind of work is he doing?
Ironside 51 | 11,339
15 Feb 2011 #3
and left you behind?

Yeah! I agree she should get over it that sheep shagging Arab-lover!

I was thinking to look for a job in Dubai

What qualification do you have?If none, there is only one job you could do in Dubai, but I would like you to reconsider!
OP Iwona M 1 | 4
15 Feb 2011 #4
he is not like that!!! He want me there he ask but I am independent person and I like to do everything a bit of my way! so anything helpful except accusing him would be nice if not then sorry thanks for yr answer. What sorts of job you had in your mind?! why does every man thing that every bloody pole would be a prostitute!! I have finished my NVQ Advice and Guidance Level3. Its not him not wanting me there its me who wants do something with out needing his support all the time!! He loves me and even tho flowers every two weeks chat all the time over internet even when his at work and I am at work that proves a lot! He is a Transport Planner. Thanks for your comment very appreciate yr good will
Chicago Pollock 7 | 504
15 Feb 2011 #5
he is not like that!!! He want me there he ask but I am independent person and I like to do everything a bit of my way!

You love him and he loves you? Quit being so controlling, get your butt out there.
SteveSmith - | 9
15 Feb 2011 #6
Be careful, it sounds to me like he is going to pimp you out.
asik 2 | 220
15 Feb 2011 #7
There is many reason I wouldn't like to move but I love my boyfriend and I just wanna be with him.

Why don't you go there for a visit first? Sharing accommodation with your boyfriend would be against the local (muslim) law.

Not long ago there was a story about young British friends, who were cheek kissing and hugging (common way of greeting in many countries) at the Dubai airport and were arrested because of the inappropriate behaviour.
Polcymrounig - | 4
15 Feb 2011 #8
While working in the ME from approx. 83 to 96, I encountered many expats with a similar problem. They solved it, quite legally according to Muslim Law, by obtaining a “civil” marriage certificate. This certificate was then legal in any Arab country. The procedure was amazingly strait forward, frowned upon by the authorities, nothing they could do about it, because of the legality of the procedure. This “marriage” only became legal in the country of origin if it was registered in the consular offices of that country, within a set time period. In most instances the “newly weds” did not bother and upon return to their native countries enjoyed bachelorhood if they so wished. I admit this is going back a few years but it may still be a current practice within the frames of the law in all respects.

This did not allow the couple to snog in public, not even, as accurately mentioned before, when greeting or bidding farewells at airports, bustations, outside pubs, etc.
paulinska 9 | 86
15 Feb 2011 #9
Hi Iwona,
There's 2 sides to your story....a fortunate one and unfortunate one!
Fortunate one:
Dubai is one of best places to live & work, especially within the Gulf (more liberal). I was in Dubai last year albeit for only a week but my Polka loved it and she would definitely love to live out there..only if (big IF)!. My advice is, all factors considered, if the move favours you, then please go out there and enjoy your life - you'll not regret it.

Unfortunate one:
Dubai is unfortunately governed by the Sharia law. Whatever you do, please familiarise yourself with the law before you move. Ignorance is not an excuse in the Arab courts. I would recommend you marry your boyfriend before you move, as this would make your life much easier. Ofcos there are unmarried couples but it's a huge risk that could easily ruin your life - (jail sentences). So play it safe!

Another advantage of marrying your boyfriend, you'll be able to get a work visa courtesy of your husband(to be) being employed in the UAE. You'll not require a sponsor for this.

There's alot of work in Dubai for foreigners. 83% of the country's population are foreigners, so i'm sure with your NVQ qualification, you'll find some work - not to mention the unrivalled tax free salaries.

This is a tricky one. Education is free to ONLY UAE nationals. University education can be very expensive unless ofcos you have a bounty saved somewhere. Arabic is the national language, so you're guaranteed that all courses in major government owned Universities are Arabic based. You'll need to enroll on a year long Arabic language course & this is not an easy language though not as hard as Polish - i can speak Arabic & hardly any Polish!. That said, i've heard there's a few private Universities that have English based courses - Private = Expesive!

Take some time out and weigh all the possibilities, moving to Dubai is awesome but it could also mean a change of life style. You'll definitely be out of your comfort zone as the culture is completely different from the European culture, but what a heck? go give it a try, if it don't work, you can always come back to the Old Lady - Viva Polska!

Out of curiosity, you mentioned your boydfriend is Welsh, Have you been to Wales? Do u live in Wales at the moment?
OP Iwona M 1 | 4
15 Feb 2011 #10
Hey well I live in UK atm me and Richard met in Bham really wonderful time. I mean yes we talk about marriage but I am a bit old fashion and he is the same we would like to do it in a proper way but if its the only option to be together he has mention it actually every day we should get married. He talk about me to everyone his house mates getting fed up I guess of the subject 'Iwona' hehe Thats why I was kind of upset when the accusation against him were drooped with out even asking. He has a very good salary and said he will pay for the University but thats the thing I don't want him to pay everything for me its just not fair! He is very nice person and I just feel needed since Im with him. We are not long together (only 6 months) but whats funny is we have knew it from the first sight we are meant to be together. I am just so appreciate of everyones opinions, options and advise given to me. Does anyone knows any good websites where I could look for job offers?? Not really agency's. Thank you so much
mano83 - | 1
14 Dec 2015 #11
Merged: need to learn polish in dubai

hi guys i live in dubai and i need to learn polish . can anyone help me to find a polish language school or privet teacher

thank you .
Misak - | 1
21 Aug 2016 #12
First get a reallly good books. It is crucial. Just find something on google
21 Aug 2016 #13
Yeah, book are really important. Really good book, and chat witha native speaker is a very efficient way to learn Polish. I usually ask my friend to finde me a new books in poland and the he just usually ship's me them by It's quite cheap and very fast way :)

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