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Are you Polish living in Denmark? ...Tell me your story

Kari_L 1 | -
17 Jul 2013 #1
Why did you move to Denmark?

- How long do you plan to stay?
- Where do you live, work, study, relax, shop, go on holiday?
- What did you eat for dinner yesterday and where did you eat it?
- What do you miss most about Poland?
- Which country do you think of as "home" for you now?
- In what ways do Danes differ from Poles?
- In what ways are they similar?

My list of questions goes on and on... In short, I want to know anything and everything you're kind enough to tell me about your life as a Polish person in Denmark.

Why do I want to know these things?
I am writing a novel in which two of my main characters are Poles living in Denmark and I want to know them inside and out. I want them to be so real, you could meet them on the street. But mostly, I want to be true to you, the Polish people of Denmark. I want to write something you would want to read, or at the very least not throw down in disgust.

Of course, my plot is fictional and I already have a strong vision for my characters, so I'm not looking to steal your personality or life for my book. But I'm hoping to get to know the Polish aspect of my characters' identity by getting to know you and how living in Denmark has shaped you. I am an immigrant to Denmark myself, but I'm American, so I'm only halfway there.

Thanks in advance to all of you willing to share the little details of life in Denmark as it is for you.
Meathead 5 | 470
18 Jul 2013 #2
You should write about what you know and not about what you don't know.

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