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Learn Polish in Delhi

dhiraj sarin 1 | -    
16 Feb 2017  #1
I want to learn Polish in delhi, please let me know about it since i will going to Poland in april. Looking for a early response.

Learn Polish in Delhi


Dhiraj sarin
DominicB - | 2,600    
16 Feb 2017  #2
Not very much point in that. That's only two months away, and you won't learn much Polish in that time. Enroll in a Polish for foreigners course once you get to Poland. Be prepared to spend A LOT of time and hard work, though. Polish is a perversely complicated language, and it will take you several years to learn to speak it fluently. Saying even the simplest things requires a good deal of grammatical knowledge and practice. It's not a "plug-and-play" language like English.

How long do you plan to spend in Poland?
Ziemowit 9 | 2,863    
16 Feb 2017  #3
Polish is a perversely complicated language,

Yes, I would call 'complicated', but I wouldn't call that 'perversely'. What sort of 'perversion' did you find in the Polish language?
DominicB - | 2,600    
16 Feb 2017  #4
Just using the correct form of the number "two" in Polish is a great example. And all the imperfective/perfective pairs are another, as they all have to be learned individually, with no perceptible rhyme or reason. The amount of phonetic manipulation of word stems that you have to perform on the fly is staggering. The time you have to spend from starting to learn the language to being able to speak it sorta fluently is quite long, especially compared to a mostly "Kali jeśc, Kali pić" "plug-and-play" language like English.
Ziemowit 9 | 2,863    
16 Feb 2017  #5
Well, the number two is just a minor exception. Otherwise Polish seems to be quite regular in its supposed irregularity. Look at this simple sentence, for example:

Ja noszę kalosze
Ty nosisz kalosisz
On nosi kalosi
My nosimy kalosimy
Wy nosicie kalosicie
Oni noszą kaloszą

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