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Polish Community - Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Sin8 2 | 17
3 Nov 2008 #1

I will be relocating permanently with my company from London to Dubai. My husband who is Polish will be relocating there with me shortly afterwards.

Is there a polish community in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any organisations?

We will be there from January 2009.

24 Jun 2009 #2

Am no polish, but my wife is. We live here in DXB.
Yeah, there are poles here (not in record numbers as brits & aussies)
shoot me a mail anuroopkv@yahoo incase if you need any assistance.
Konrad - | 1
10 Oct 2009 #3

I'm Polish, relocated to Abu Dhabi looking for friends here.
Please send me a message:

Ionnat - | 1
18 Oct 2009 #4

I also look for polish friends in Abu Dhabi. Age group - 25-35. Please drop me a

2 Mar 2010 #5
My name is Paulina and I am thinking of relocating either to Abu Dabi or Dubai in a short while (mid 2010). I was wondering is there a polish comunity and how to find firends? I am polish looking for Polsih Society or any community centre. Drop me and e-mail if you can, any info would be much appreciated! paulakuc@hotmail

jonni 16 | 2,485
26 Mar 2010 #6
Try Dave's ESL Cafe, the UAE forum. There are one or two Poles there and there will certainly be other expats who know Poles and maybe could put you in touch.
29 Mar 2010 #7
when an arab goes poland,he is suspected everywhere at airport,in streets,people look at him like he comes from other planet,or the strange look in thier eyes which says( what you are doing in our country),,i went there like a tourist,,,here i see that poles are everywhere in arab countries and they are respected there,,so my message to you to tell your people that we are kind with you,so ask them to be kind with us,and also let your some newspaper to stop insulting arabs and moslims,,because arabs have nothing against poland,and there are many polish women are married with arabs and they live with them in thier countries and they are happy with them,,except some cases,and this can happen everywhere,,,thank you to make your opinion and not to repate what some newspapers in your country say about us,,with all my respect to you
enkidu 7 | 623
29 Mar 2010 #8
sami: so my message to you to tell your people that we are kind with you,so ask them to be kind with us,and also let your some newspaper to stop insulting arabs and moslims

that is very kind of you, I will tell my friends how kind peple moslims and arabs are. i think that would be breat if you ask you peple to cut down an amount of roadside bombs and stonings.
29 Mar 2010 #9
i know that there are many educated people in poland,so my education will not permet me to answer you,

i see you are in england ,so again i say welcome for nice educated poles to arabic countries

if you insult me i will not insult you,my education,

i do not know realy if you present polish people
Polish Tutor - | 80
29 Mar 2010 #10
Hi guys (sami and enkidu)
I am Polish person living in Poland and I have a request to you (both I mean)
There are so many pleases where you can be rude to each other.
I do not understand why you have to be so but if you have to you could choose another place.
Or what is much better I think stop insulting each other and help to build this forum.

Thank you fo your understanding
29 Mar 2010 #11
thank you polish tutor,

if you read my lignes ,i did not insult anyone,i came to this forem because i wanted to have idea about the poles who had experiences in arab countries,because when i read in all polish sites,i do not see any positive thing about arabs,you saw that i did not want to go far with that enkido and i did not answer,itis important for us that you say the positive things too,thanks again and have a nice stay for all poles who work in arabic countries
2 Jun 2010 #12
It is not a propaganda page but site for meeting people and building communities.
If you are educated enough, you should read better between the lines.

Don't generalise, everyone is an individual!
30 Jul 2010 #13
I am a Polish male (middle-aged) and will be arriving in Abu Dhabi this coming Monday 2 August for up to 3 years. I will be looking to buy a reliable car (4-door sedan or SUV) with low mileage and in an excellent condition. If you have any leads for me, please post a message to this forum. Thanks in advance!
PennBoy 76 | 2,437
30 Jul 2010 #14
so my message to you to tell your people that we are kind with you,so ask them to be kind with us

Seams fair enough
21 Sep 2010 #15
I am Polish and I live in Abu some time already. I am very happy to be here. there are many nice placec and Nationals are really nice and helpful people.

I also would like to get in touch with other Poles. I am working in Real Estate company, so if anyone needs help with getting or changing a house it will be nice to help you. ans speake a little polish :)

if you have any questions please write on my email:

take care for all

13 Oct 2010 #16
HI I am Joanna, I come from Lodz. already some time I live in Abu Dhabi and work for Real estate agency. If anyone had any questions or informations about the city itself, living here, or searching for flat/house here it would be nice to help you. There are not many Poles here so that would be nice to know someone coming here.

Wish you all a nice day

28 Nov 2010 #17
hi, anybody here who can help me? i am looking for a polish interpreter who is based in Dubai. if you can recommend somebody pls email me their contact details @ heather20sg@yahoo

thank you.
jonni 16 | 2,485
28 Nov 2010 #18
a polish interpreter who is based in Dubai.

Dubai no, but Riyadh, yes.
Between2rivers - | 2
12 May 2011 #19
I am an Arab, educated in Poland and left Poland in 1990 but still have wide contact and go to Poland often. To Sami and others, there are different people everywhere in our world. Some one who are very nice and high educated and other who has no idea about other nations, cultures, and they are maybe racists. Not forget they are a lot of nice polish, you know polish people had and still have very heavy economical situation, a lot of them still poor, salary is very law, therefore maybe they do not like strangers, but if you speak polish you can find a lot of nice people, nice women. If you go to Poland, not stay in Warszawa or other large town, but go to county, there is more beautiful and nicely people.

The other important think her, it is big Jewish propaganda agonist Arabs in Poland, but a lot of polish do not like Jewish.

I will relocate to AB in august.

Have a nice day.
DG1 - | 1
25 May 2011 #20

I am living in Dubai and my girlfriend is Polish and living in England as she can't visit on holiday. She is 23 and having problems getting a tourist visa. Can anybody know the best way for her to come on holiday? Thanks
Between2rivers - | 2
29 May 2011 #21

You need bay a visa by hotel reservation, also when you book a hotel room, you tell them that this women is polish and she needs a visa, do not tell them that she is your girlfriend, it is forbidden in UAE.
ramciek - | 1
15 Jul 2011 #22

Are there any Poles located in Abu Dhabi? I relocated recently (male, age: 30, konsultant-informatyk) and it'd be nice to meet fellow rodaków :)
You can reach me at ramciek(at)gmail


Polacy w Abu Dhabi | Polish comunity in Abu Dhabi
7 Sep 2011 #23
Thank you very much for the kind words about Poland and the Polish people. YOU ARE SO RIGHT ...this is jewish propaganda and insults done by jews to polish people and Poland, and also to other countries specially to Arabs, I spend some time in Dudai in 2005 I did not see any hates I see wonderful Arab people,

the jews trying to put hates between other people to pull as apart....We should see their plans, ...but you should know or maybe you know, there are many jews on this blog insulting us and create problem on propose. Best to you from Florida, USA.....mojaflorida@yahoo

Hi Joanna,
I'm Polish American most likely in a few months will be relocating to Abu Dhabi, and working in Cleveland Clinic.
Please let me know I understand you are working for real estate renting or selling How much cost to rent fairly good apartment in Polish community if there are any.

Thank you
Jen Enmeier
email: jenenmeier@yahoo
27 Oct 2011 #24
Hi ramciek.

My name is Dorota. I am Polish. I live in United States for last 20 years. My family will be moving to Dubai in December, 2011. I am looking for nice apartment and also some Polish nice people. Also i have two boys 10 and 11 years old so i have some question about schools? Can you e-mail me so we can talk little. Thank you so much.

Hi Paula.I am Polish and as i previously sad i live in U.S.A at this time but we are moving to Dubai shortly in December. I was wondering if we could talk so maybe you can give me some advise and maybe we can meet there. My e-mail address Thanks
STomkow - | 1
6 Nov 2011 #25
Merged: Polish Community in UAE - Dubai

Would be interested in meeting up with any Polish people who live in Dubai, have just transferred here and my husband who is Polish will join me shortly.
27 Nov 2011 #26

Am Polish Living IN UAE Sice 10 Years Am 21 Years Old And looking for some Polish People To hang out This is my email Sam3r_pl@yahoo
8 Feb 2012 #27
Hi Joanna,
I am Polish moved recentaly to Abu Dhabi with my family. We have been living in Italy before. I would like to get to know some Polish families living here. I have kids 10 years old daughter and son of 19. I would like to get some advices about schools. This is my email address: purwin68@gmail My name is Ewa.
rudolf - | 1
20 Feb 2012 #28
Merged: Polish Community in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Hi there,

My name is Greg.
I'm from Poland but I have been in Ireland for almost 6 years.
I have been working as Graphic Designer.
I'm planning to move to UAE.

Would anyone no what's the best way to get a job over there?
Is there any polish community in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi or any similar organization?

I would be very grateful for any information.


Maria68 - | 1
27 Feb 2012 #29
There is request for grafic desiners in uae. If you search well,you will find .I moved here to Abu Dhabi with my family one month ago.

I didnt meet any Polish living here yet,but I am searching for . I wish you good luck.
I was trying to paste one link with offer of job as graffic desiner ,but ati spam system refuse it.
So try alone to find site
14 Apr 2012 #30
I am looking at Poland to recruit for roles I have in UAE and Kuwait, does anyone have any contacts for hospitality agencies in Poland that can work with us to find great people?

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