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Polish communities in Latin America?

clifborder4fm 20 | 35    
7 May 2013  #1
What Latin American countries have known Polish communities and which of them have a higher concentration?

Grzegorz_ 52 | 6,184    
7 May 2013  #2
Mainly Brazil and Argentina, also most of other countries but no more than a few thousands in each of them.
Ironside 46 | 8,792    
18 Feb 2017  #3

A lay Polish missionary killed in Bolivia.

A message on the Salvator Missionary Facebook page asked for people to pray for her.
"At the moment all words are insufficient," the post said. "We ask you to pray for Helena, her family who have been plunged into pain, as well as our entire community

Kmieć, who arrived in Cochabamba about two weeks ago, was working at the childcare centre, run by the Polish order of the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mother of God. She had planned to stay for six months.

She was stabbed on Tuesday, and died despite efforts to save her. (24/01/17)

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