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Accomodation in Prague

paulinska 9 | 86
6 Jul 2012 #1
Could any one please recommend a decent, modest rather cheap accomodation in Prague?! Preferably in the old town.
Any advise on things to do, where to eat, bars, clubs & places to visit is all welcome. I'll be there just for the weekend and i'm on a tight budget (If this info helps).

Thanks alot PFers!
ShawnH 8 | 1,507
6 Jul 2012 #2
Last year, we stayed at Hotel Bella. Not in the old town but a short walk to the local Metro Station. Reasonably priced, quiet atmosphere...
6 Jul 2012 #3
Don't miss Lokal for excellent Czech food and beer at affordable prices.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535
6 Jul 2012 #4
The Czech rep. is one of the most beautiful (if not THE most beautiful) places in Europe. You will be mezmerized... :)... lovely to trek!

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