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Accommodations in Kiev, finding a suitable place to stay

BLS 65 | 188
5 Sep 2010 #1
I am planning a trip to Kiev and am having difficulties finding a suitable place to stay - does anyone have any suggestions? I prefer staying in flats which are owned by individuals - I try to steer clear of hotels as well as the companies advertising dozens of properties. Any constructive input would be greatly appreciated - thanks!
wildrover 98 | 4,451
5 Sep 2010 #2
I am afraid i can,t help much with flats in Kiev , i stayed in the hotel Ukraine when i was there...

Its a great city , great people . you will love it...

There are lots of websites advertising flats and apartments , but i can,t point you to any which i know to be ok...

It might be worth asking on i am a member there and have hosted a couple of will find somebody on this site that lives there that can help you out with finding a decent place...

I just had a look on the site , and there are loads of people in Kiev willing to provide accomadation and act as guides etc....
den_fcdk - | 28
10 Aug 2011 #3
Hi, all!
I m from Kyiv & i wonder is Ukraine and especially Kyiv - a popular destination to the Polish travellers?
What do people think about our country?
I have been to your country (Krakow) & i loved it! People are very nice & the city is really interesting.
Also, i know that our Lviv is very popular among polish tourists. But what about Kyiv?
Best wishes! )
southern 75 | 7,096
10 Aug 2011 #4
Try have some nice apartments in the center(near Kreshatik).
4 Mar 2012 #5
Who wants to visit the charming capital of Ukraine in June - Welcome. If you are afraid of high prices for a hotel in Kiev. Unrealistic ticket prices cause you to panic. You've come to the right place. transfer to Borispol (Kiev airport) - Stadium - Borispol (Kiev airport). Or do you want to stay in Kiev for a few days - all for you. There are any options. I do not tour agency. I am a person who will help you to attend matches in Kiev and the city just to remember the best side.

Accommodation, breakfast, free internet, how to get to the stadium can go into the cost of the ticket at the stadium! Only Kiev.

P.S. Preference is given to groups of 2 to 4 persons.

Email me: moorstefan3@gmail
pawian 176 | 15,392
4 Mar 2012 #6
I prefer staying in flats which are owned by individuals

I heard a resident of this block of flats on the third floor has rooms to let.
tatyana ukr
27 Mar 2012 #7
Hostels in Kiev and Donetsk w w w alexgroup com ua

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