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After spending another 3-months in Europe

pierogi2000 4 | 229
22 Jul 2013 #1
Central Europe is the pinnacle of life right now. It's expanding, improving and yet free and relatively cheap.

Life in Berlin is sometimes a blur

I can't even begin to grasp this city. Thousands of bars, hundreds of parks & museums. Sometimes I get lost and wake up not knowing where or who I am. I meet people and exchange wunderbar stories, I start to challenge all that I previously viewed as important.

Berlin, where you can do anything & everything, whenever and with whom ever. And yet it is all safe, all the time. Being lost and finding myself is at times the most rewarding part. This is my 3rd time visiting in 7 years and I am helplessly in love with this "city". I hope I will one day, sooner than later call you mine.
22 Jul 2013 #2
Sounds fantastic! I will be in Poland and Germany within 2 weeks. Can't wait :)

f stop 25 | 2,513
26 Jul 2013 #3
Now I have to go to Berlin. I want to avoid summer, so it's either fall or spring..
jon357 71 | 21,107
27 Jul 2013 #4
Early fall or late spring would be best for Berlin. From mid-October until mid-March it's not a nice place - really not somewhere to visit in winter.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,016
30 Dec 2017 #5

New Year's Eve in Europe

Francja. W Paryżu na ulice wyjdzie blisko 8 tysięcy policjantów i żołnierzy.

Niemcy. W Berlinie powstaną strefy bezpieczeństwa dla kobiet.

Wielka Brytania. W Londynie postawią betonowe zapory.

Polska. IMiGW ostrzega kierowców przed śliskimi drogami.


France. 8 thousand soldiers and policemen will patrol the streets of Paris.

Germany. There will be women-only safe zones in Berlin.

UK. There will be concrete barriers fitted to prevent car run-overs.

Poland. Polish Meteorological Office warns drivers about slippery roads.


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