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Can't register on this Polish website?

fabolousmsg 2 | 5
22 Apr 2017 #1

I have tried to register on this Polish Model Index.
But it wont work. I get stuck on the registration button (Infinitive Loading sign ....)
I am based in Germany. Maybe this is the reason?

Could somebody please try, with a Polish Internet Access?
Tlum 10 | 156
22 Apr 2017 #2
Make sure that:

- The Hasło (Password) field has at least 8 characters AND at least one capital letter.
- The 'Potwierdź hasło' (Password again) must match the Hasło value entered above.
- The Nick: field is available (click on the 'Sprawdź dostępność' / 'Check availability' to check if it's available).
- Enter a proper 'Kod z obrazka' (Captcha field).
- Set on the two checkboxes to accept the Terms and data processing.
OP fabolousmsg 2 | 5
22 Apr 2017 #3
Thanks for the translation. I've met all the requirements. I got all green check marks on the fields for the data.

Still I get a "loading" circle, when pressing "Dolacz teraz".
It keeps loading and loading. No confirmation over e-mail.

Could you register successfully?
Tlum 10 | 156
23 Apr 2017 #4
I tried to register but couldn't - after entering all the fields correctly, nothing happens (it appears it was successful but there is no confirmation on that). You may try to contact them via the contact form.
OP fabolousmsg 2 | 5
23 Apr 2017 #5
Thanks for trying.

Yes, same here. All data is legit and correct but no confirmation.
Tlum 10 | 156
28 Apr 2017 #6
Must be the issue on their end indeed; tried another browser too ; | The best may be to email them directly, they should know English ;)

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