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Is anyone in Poland planning a trip in Croatia?

trex143 1 | 2
28 Mar 2016 #1
Hello, I'm from Croatia and I've been in Poland last summer. I fell in love with your vodka Soplica Orzech Laskowy. I can't buy it in Croatia and I was thinking if someone could bring me that vodka when he visits Croatia. We can have liqueur exchange. It would be fun. :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
29 Mar 2016 #2
Where in Croatia are you? I'd happily bring you a bottle if you were on the way :)

(edit : send me a PM, I've got an idea...)
31 Mar 2016 #3
Hey, I am planning a trip this summer.
Once my plan is final i will write to you.
OP trex143 1 | 2
1 Apr 2016 #4
Great..thank you..looking forward to hear from you :)

Could you suggest me any other Polish forums where I could ask the same question?
Crow 155 | 9,030
2 Apr 2016 #5
i would warmly suggest to all who are interested to travel in what is today`s Croatia, that they travel. Considering political development in today`s Croatia, region, Europe and world, who knows, things may change and region may be too hot for touristic travelings, for longer period of time, or shorter, eh, until the new order is established.
Crow 155 | 9,030
18 Jan 2018 #6
Let me upload new information, valuable to all who seek to understand things.

Slovenians view Croatia as "untrustworthy and problematic"

According to a poll, whose results were published on Monday by the Ljubljana daily Delo, 54 percent of respondents said they viewed Croatia as a country that "cannot be trusted," while 24 percent said it is "a problematic state."

Lyzko 45 | 9,288
18 Jan 2018 #7
The Slovenians are calling the Croatians untrustworthy and problematic?? That's a good one. Look who's talking!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
18 Jan 2018 #8
Look who's talking!

Slovenians are generally quite trustworthy. They don't really cheat and steal, and their sense of order comes from Austria, not Italy (unlike Croatia).

It's a very nice country. Crowie's right to post that, because Croatia is a pretty unreliable partner and is also somewhat of an American/German puppet.
Tacitus 2 | 1,392
18 Jan 2018 #9
And how is Croatia's foreign policy related to the question in the first post. I spend my holidays twice in Croatia (during the last 5 years, and I never had any trouble there, the people were very kind.

Btw the reason why Slovenia probably "mistrusts" Croatia is because of a territory dispute, not because of its foreign alliance. Because Slovenia has been a staunch ally of Berlin during the last years, particulary during the Euro crisis.
Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Jan 2018 #10
Its always wise to know where you travel. Plus, there are different kind of trips. See, you know how USA often warning its citizens about countries that possible could be destinations to their trips. So, me myself here, as kind of voice of reason, issuing such an information.

Anyway, the reason Slovenia mistrust Croatia is exactly because of Croatia`s strategic relation to Germany (its not about USA). Current territorial dispute (where Slovenians are right) is just the way how Croatia serving Germany, this time against another Catholic country.

On one side Slovenia, tiny Slavic (100%) Catholic country on the Slavic South. Historically always protected by Serbia and threatened from germanized regime of Zagreb (ie real ethnic Croatia), from Italy and Austria. Today, one of most developed European states. On the other side Croatia, also mainly Catholic country but situation is complex because foreign factor supported Catholic Croats on the account of Catholic and Orthodox Serbs, where is reduction of Serbs in any sense saluted and openly supported and sponsored. Reality of Croatia is unimaginable to all who aren`t familiar with facts and rely on mass media to inform them (one of these days you will heard of this in mass media when all thing explode in the face of Germany and entire Europe, when Catholics among themselves start Civil war within Croatia). In Croatia, things only appears to be normal, on the surface. There, you literally have Nazi regime that forcing its own kind of Catholicism (in our time conflicting even with Vatican, where Pope desperately fights for influence with German financial circles). Language that is used in Croatia is Serbian that is called Croatian. Nobody using `kajkavian` dialect what is only remnant of original Croatian language. Nobody. It finished in museum. Population of Croatia is today 100% Serbian population but 80% are genetically pure Serbs and 20% are mix of Croats and Serbs where highly dominates Serbian genetics. It is so because on territory of what is now Croatia, always lived Serbs, while Croats lived only in Zagreb and surrounding areas. Since division within Christianity there lived Catholic and Orthodox Serbs. Then, when Turks appeared in Europe, they pushed Serbs in heavy internal turmoil (relocations within Serbian realm and also resettling Serbians in realms of other nations). So, Serbs in great numbers settled in Italy around Trieste, in Hungary all the way to Budapest, In Vienna in Austria, in Poland, in Russia, Ukraine and also in Zagreb. Now, considering that Croats were much less numerable then Serbs, they were assimilated by newcomers and practically became Serbs. These are historic facts, other stories are fiction created to satisfy politics.

But, one may say- but Croats say they are Croats. Do they? When Croatia separated from Yugoslavia, there was no referendum. Nazi regime took over on the wings of German support and, support of all major Catholic powers, manipulated Vatican itself, Serbian factor was under pressure and in retreat due to previously happened genocide on Serbs in WWII, Serbian state weak and, there comes modern-day Croatia. But, whenever in history Serbia was strong, Catholic Serbs wanted to be Serbs. When great Catholic powers pressured Serbia and Serbia was weak, Catholic Serbs were more vulnerable to assimilation/Croatization. In our time, how Serbia strengthen, cohesion of Croatian society dropping. Already, Catholic regions wants to secede from Croatia telling that they aren`t Croats.

Complete issue, looking historically at it, actually represent ultimate truth that main problem in the region/on Balkan isn`t conflict between Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Yes, religious aspect of conflicts here exist (as manipulations by politicians) but, without German, French and British malevolent meddling, Balkan could be compared to any region in Europe where for example Catholicism encounters Protestantism. Misunderstandings would exist but thanks to meddling of powers that I mentioned we practically have state of constant war here. Of course, factor of Islam involved Turkey and it added to chaos, again, in favor on those powers that I mentioned and against all people here. In some parallel universe maybe, there would be normal that in one and same country coexist Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim Serbs (ie Serbs Islamized after Turkish invasion). For now, in our universe, that is forbidden.

It's a very nice country. Crowie's right to post that, because Croatia is a pretty unreliable partner and is also somewhat of an American/German puppet.

Thank you delph.

As for US, its not the problem. USA (Clinton`s administration) there only acted to support German interests.

Adding to understanding of situation in the region where you may want to travel. See to what leads pro-German stance of Croatian/Zagreb elite > it creating problems in the region >

Croatia's bid for OECD membership blocked by Slovenia and Hungary

Hungary joined Slovenia in objecting to Croatia's bid for membership of the OECD.

Hungary: "Great relations with Serbia, never worse with Croatia"

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto says his country's relations with Serbia are "exceptionally good," while those with Croatia "have never been worse."

Tacitus 2 | 1,392
19 Jan 2018 #11
I hope you do not expect anyone to read your ramblings. Just clarify, Slovenia's relations with Germany are very close, and Germany is not involved in the dispute between Slovenia and Croatia.

Also you may stop trying to paint Croatia and others as the evil. Everybody outside Serbia knows that Serbia was the villain in this conflict, and eventually Serbians will acknowledge this as well.
Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Jan 2018 #12
My Slavicized English defiantly makes people suffer while reading (go ask Admin and brat owner of web site and his wife). By the principle, no pain, no gain. But why would you read my posts? You have Deautsche Welle.

Yes, Slovenia isn`t immune to Germany. But, Slovenia isn`t germanized as it is case with Croatia.

Croatian reality speaks for itself. It won`t be eternal secret. As for Serbia, you know nothing. But you will learn.
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
19 Jan 2018 #13
What I've observed, Polish, Slovene, and Croatian are widely disparate languages, despite their common Slavic origins. Were I a Pole traveling on vacation to Croatia, I'd try to find a bilingual tour operator or use an interpreter unless I were either fluent in at least one of the two languages or had an acquaintance to practice English:-)

@delphiandomine, I too have heard that Slovenia's a lovely country. Think I might have mentioned a while back on another related thread, that a colleague of mine did a math conference in Bled and found it a charming resort area. He speaks some basic Slovene, however, and the conference was held (surpriseLOL) in English!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
19 Jan 2018 #14
Were I a Pole traveling on vacation to Croatia, I'd try to find a bilingual tour operator or use an interpreter

It's not that bad. I've gone to Croatia 5-6 times on holiday, and beyond my very limited knowledge of Croatian, I've never found it difficult to communicate with locals. Speaking Polish is more than enough to get by, even in places like Livno in Bosnia which has a heavy Croatian majority and little tourism. Only the accent can be difficult to deal with, and it's much easier in Bosnia than anywhere else.

Slovene is much tougher though, but it's still easy to read for a Polish speaker.

Everybody outside Serbia knows that Serbia was the villain in this conflict, and eventually Serbians will acknowledge this as well.

In fairness, it's not quite true. Croats were guilty of crimes too, especially in Bosnia, but there were also war crimes committed before and during Operation Storm. I don't remember the exact name of the place, but there's a Serbian village near the Maslenica Bridge that was wiped out by Croatian forces for no apparent reason during the war.
Tacitus 2 | 1,392
19 Jan 2018 #15
In fairness, it's not quite true. Croats were guilty of crimes too, especially in Bosnia, but there were also war crimes committed before and during Operation Storm.

Yes, they commited crimes too, but the worst one were not done by them, and most importantly, they had the right and history on their side. The break-up of Yugoslavia was inevitable, and what Belgrade did was wrong on every level. I am not painting Croatia and Co. as saints, but their motivation was understandable and my post was a response to the grotesque lies written by Crow.

Nobody would deny that the Allies did their fair share of atrocities, yet nobody would be taken seriously if he claimed that the Allies were the evil ones and the Axis power acted in legitimate self-defence to protect the world against Communis,/Jews (as e.g. Nazi-Germany did).
Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Jan 2018 #16
Yes, they commited crimes too, but

Man, secession was illegal, without referendum, removing Serbs from Croatian constitution (I explained you that Croatia was complex state- state of Croats and Serbs, with the reason), violating Yugoslavian constitution, forming Nazi regime, attacking federal army, attacking local Serbs, invading Bosnia and Herzegovina and forming alliance with worse Bosnian and Arab mujaheedines.

Invading Bosnia and Herzegovina. I repeat, invading Bosnia and Herzegovina. At that moment already another country. Few days ago, this was final verdict and conclusion of court in Hague. I was shocked that they were able for that final act of truth.

Do you understand? Its officially confirmed. Croatia, actually Nazi regime there, was aggressor. Not Serbia.

Not to mention that in single military action 250.000 Serbian civilians was wiped out (ethnically cleansed) from Croatia and thousands killed in process. EU and NATO supported it. EU and NATO supported it.

So, what `but`??

Nothing that Serbians did in that bloody war imposed on them can`t be compared to evil done by Croatian Nazi regime and Bosnian mujaheedines. Nothing.

My people was harmed and devastated in a world where order was destroyed and we warned on that. Nothings matter anymore I`m afraid. Tide is coming as an answer, reaction on action. Winner will write history and strongest shall prevail.

So, travel people, travel while you still can.
Tacitus 2 | 1,392
19 Jan 2018 #17
If you want any credibility here, you'd better stop refering to Croatia as "Nazi-Regime". I don't use the term for Serbia, and their actions are certainly more deserving of the title.

violating Yugoslavian constitution

Even if that was true, the Croats had no reason to feel any attachment to Yugoslavia or its' constitution. Yugoslavia was an artifical construct that was based upon the supression of non-Serbs and only worked as long as Tito survived.

ew days ago, this was final verdict and conclusion of court in Hague. I was shocked that they were able for that final act of truth.

Of course, the Serbian leadership was also (or would have been in the case of Milosovic) been convicted for the same reasons. With the added problem that Serbs are responsible for the worst atrocities (Srebrenica) and later continued to commit crimes e.g. with Kosovo.

Both sides proved the savage and backward nature of the Balkans, but at least Croatia managed to turn around and their actions can be partly excused as the inevitable consequences of war.
Crow 155 | 9,030
19 Jan 2018 #18
You know when will you understand? When you see how Croatia dissolve from within and how Catholic Serbs finishing it and coming to us and we coming to them as brothers after agony. Then, you would be puzzled even more when see how Bosniaks- Islamized Serbs again want to be Serbs and they also joining with us- finally aware that they have nowhere else to go after being malevolently manipulated, when you see how Montenegro coming and rejoining us. When you see how we repel German, Franco and Anglo meddling.

On Kosovo, too. Racowie shall prevail because Sarmatia must survive in all Her diversity.

Then you will understand. Or maybe won`t, even then.
Crnogorac3 4 | 820
20 Jan 2018 #19
What is the Serbian government doing to counter the aggressive Croatian propaganda in Poland? Which is presenting to the Polish audience a very biased and one-sided view of events surrounding the war in ex-Yugoslavia.
Crow 155 | 9,030
20 Jan 2018 #20
Our government? I presume they doing something but time is needed.

But what you expect? Traditionally Poles have sympathy for Serbs. But imagine tremendous impact on them, when they themselves just awakening after nightmare of communism, facing situation that literally all major Catholic powers in the world stand up against Orthodox Serbs (no matter reason). Then, not only Catholic powers but what is comprehended to be `West`. In its entirety. Plus, they see that Russians helping to Serbs.

Now go convince them. No amount of historical positive relations among Poles and Serbs, no amount of love can endure that. Still, they offered and offering significant resistance. Truly significant. Many positive examples in Polish media and Polish political scene that few times was severely shaken due to `Serbian question`.

So, we must help them to understand. At the same time, what works in favor of the Serbs is the truth. Only Serbs can talk truth. All others must invent and lie. Not to mention that attempt to brake Serbs represent just one stage in this new project of Drang Nach Osten, Poland itself being targeted. With Poland today pressured by those who yesterday attacked Serbians, Poles beginning to realize proportions of the game.
Vesko Vukovic - | 83
20 Jan 2018 #21
What is the Serbian government doing to counter the aggressive Croatian propaganda in Poland?

I think 1 Crow is enough to take down and dismantle any anti-Serbian propaganda in Poland. I would not exchange Crow for even 10 Croat NATO propagandists. ;)

Which is presenting to the Polish audience

I think Polish audience will be in pure awe and amazement once they see this "masterpiece" of Croatian cinematic capabilities.

Something similar to this level:
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
20 Jan 2018 #22
As far as politics are concerned, there's always Tito, Croatian on his father's side, Slovene on his mom's, honored by both nationalities and a partisan leader who fought against the Nazis to become first president of one-time Yugoslavia:-)
jon357 74 | 21,935
20 Jan 2018 #23
Croatia .....Serbs...... Bosniaks........Montenegro...... Kosovo

They all seem to loathe each other. Primitive.
Crow 155 | 9,030
21 Jan 2018 #24
As far as politics are concerned, there's always Tito

you forgot to tell that he was communist leader. Communist dictator. Not like Stalin. Britain was behind him so Tito had a unique style. Plus, Tito considered himself Yugoslavian.
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
21 Jan 2018 #25
Indeed he did, and why not then?
Crow 155 | 9,030
23 Jan 2018 #26
When Serbian say.... ``Croats committed genocide on Serbs in WWII`` or ``Genocide on Serbs during WWII happened in Croatia``... Serbian in his mind don`t have modern day Croatia in its entirety but exactly think of Zagreb and surrounding area as Croatia. Why Zagreb? Because that is ethnic Croatia in original. Because it was there where some 150 years ago on Catholic conference was decided that all Serbian Catholics have to become Croats. Because there, in WWII, Nazi ustashe were organized. From Zagreb they set in trucks and moved in other regions of German puppet state of Croatia, to commit genocide on Serbs. So, those ustashe from Zagreb agitated among Catholics (and among Muslims) and more or less successfully inspired formation ustashe on local levels- in Lika, Banija, Kordun, Slavonija, Bosnia, Herzegovina. They tried to rise local ustashe in Srem but they failed. Genocide on Serbs in Srem happened but only by those who came from outside. So, most of ustashe was recruited in Zagreb and neighboring areas. But most importantly, genocide on Serbs never happened in Dalmatia. Never. No matter every agitations. Catholics in Dalmatia showed resistance to ustashe Nazi ideology. At that moment, speaking of Dalmatians (and most of other Catholics of what is now Croatia), still were not Croats. They felt mostly to be Serbs or parallel with it had local Dalmatian or other regional identity.

What I want to tell you. It is that enormous pressure on Serbian ethnic being, constant investments of Germanic foreigners against ethnic Serbs. Austrians made a deal with Vatican- `We claim Serbian territory, you claim their souls`. In situation when Serbian Nemanjic imperial dynasty, itself originally Catholic, wanted independence from Pope and wish for independence led them to became Orthodox (by the logic, eastern Romans weakening and as Orthodox we are more independent), it was logical to Pope to support every Serbian opposition. Then, in all that Turks appeared on horizon bringing Islam. So, Serbians founded themselves tear apart between Catholicism, Orthodoxy and Islam, while at the same time tried to preserve connection to the pre-Christian Slavic faith. It is tragedy of history.

So, see, when Serbian say Croatia and speak about Croatian genocide on Serbs, its not same what people outside of the region comprehend as Croatia and Croats. People outside think about Croats as defined people, but its mistake. People outside think that it was Catholic-Orthodox conflict, while think of Serbians as solely Orthodox and Croats as solely Catholic. No, Croat identity is just suitable to foreigners. Croat identity is very similar to situation of Ukrainian identity. Not defined but, dependable on to say that way seasonal influences. It is foreign powers that tries to direct that identity how suits to their, foreign interests. One day maybe, after enough time, there would be separate Serbian and Croat identities but right now, this story isn`t finished yet.

Travel to Croatia but be informed what is Croatia. Because truth must be said.

Its not often that USA extradite their own citizens to judiciary system of some foreign country. This is about Azra Basic, Muslim woman from Bosnia that was member of Catholic ustashe fanatics. Led by Nazi-Muslim ideology she founded herself deeply involved during Civil War in former Yugoslavia. After the war, she escaped to USA.

If you think how is unthinkable that Muslim extremist can, side by side, fight together with Christians against other Christians, you would learn that such a thing can represent reality.

Within next article is video. There is warning how video could be upsetting. On video you can see how Muslim woman Azra Basic member of Catholic Croat ustashe formation committing crimes on Orthodox Serbs by drawing crosses on their backs with knife and cutting throats to some other Serbs (NOTE: Court in Hague in dramatic turnover of events, freed Serbia from accusation that Serbia was aggressor in Bosnia and in the same time, having strong proofs, declared Croatia to be aggressor in Bosnia- so these ustashe were part of official forces of Croatian state).

article and video below within article:

Extradition from USA >

Spot this. Article by German author and let me tell you, rare example how are Germans capable to tell truth > one more good insight what you can expect in your trip to Croatia >

Croatia described as "land of hatred and intimidation"

Croatia as a country fostering a climate of hatred and intimidation, and one "increasingly moving to the right" - while ruled by "a radical political discourse where the keywords are 'enemy, homeland, nation, and, treason'."

To your especial attention I suggest this quote from same article >

"In the national heroism narrative, the role of the enemy is reserved for the Serbs - unless they give up on their national identity and declare themselves to be Croats," Deutschlandfunk said in its report.

See? In Croatia, Serbians are enemies until they become Croats. Its more easy with Catholic Serbs. They just had to suffer cultural genocide and be witness of open genocide on Orthodox Serbs and they frightened in masses accepted to be labeled as Catholic Croats. No, they actually never accepted. Nobody asked them and they were silent, in fear. With Orthodox Serbs was more difficult. 1/3 (700.000) was massacred, 1/3 converted to Catholicism and then Croatinized and 1/3 ethnically cleansed.

Interesting how one tiny region- Zagreb and its surroundings, with support of certain powers, stretched its Croat name and with it newly formed national identity onto the Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Lika, Banija, Kordun and western Srem. Proof how everything becoming possible when one have support of real powers behind himself.

But, things change and new winds blowing. Winds that bringing truth.

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