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Best Portable Pool and Swimming pool care in Poland at Auchan supermarket

8 Jun 2015 #1
Hey guys, the sun is out and it's hot.
Just wanted to let you know of a good deal at Auchan supermarket
Got a pool for 99pzl, 3m wide by 76cm high.

Kids had a blast, water was a little cold.

I got a net to scoop up all the bits, a pool cover and a chlorine floating dispenser.
Is there anything else I need. I see the pool has filter pump connectors. But really is it needed?

I found allegro sell pool pump filters for 59pzl and solar heaters for 90 pzl you attach to the pump.
Is the solar heater effective?
Should I buy a ground mat for the pool?

Thanks in advance
jon357 74 | 21,955
8 Jun 2015 #2
Dunno what the solar heater's like, but ground mats are usually a good idea. Which Auchan was it?
befranklin 1 | 41
8 Jun 2015 #3
Yes you will need the filter, hopefully it is a efficient one. Be sure to keep it clean, it's probably the paper filter variety. The get clogged fairly quickly. Keep all the junk and vegetation that you can. All that stuff will eat up your chlorine. If a test kit is available get one to monitor the water quality. questions just ask.

Is the solar heater effective?

hopefully the solar pump is a by-pass pump and how efficient it will warm the water depends on how much surface area you have on the panels.

Should I buy a ground mat for the pool?

I'd get on only if it protects from puncturing the pool, it's a good idea prevent rocks and stuff from weakening the bottom.

FYI I was Chief of the Recreational Waters Program in Los Angeles County, California for 15 years responsible for inspection of 18,000 commercial swimming pools.
OP PoolKid
8 Jun 2015 #4
Its all of the Auchan shops I think are running the promotions on pools. I have seen a huge sign saying the entire pool with pump was 299 (this is the stand up one) marked down from 465 or something.

I must say their prices are very cheap.
I think Auchan and Ladybird is my two fav shops now in Poland.

The problem I have with the pump is the pool is now located on a allotment. So when no one is looking it might just get some feet.

I heard the filters only last about 2 weeks. Do people put a timed switch on the end as too not have it pumping day in and out. When I was a kid we had a huge builtin pool and we had a timer on the pump.

But in all I think it was a great little investment. I am amazed at how cheap the prices are here for goods in Poland.

The solar heating mats are a good Idea, But I am in two minds. The solar mats need the sun to warm the water as it flows in them. Electric heater are 200pzl on allegro. Choices hmmmm.

To tell the truth I do see allot of foreigners in Auchan. More so than any other shop, but most I belief are students and the prices are really low

OK thanks for all the advice.

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