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This is Where i Milosz Interviews W American Hiphop Artists

Cas Milosz 3 | 6
24 Apr 2016 #1
i say nothing in this post.

this is a man called Sean Carter.

He from a place called Marcy Projects, Brooklyn, New York City, USA.

That chain around his neck is very important symbol that i cannot tell you about here.

But there are very very very very very few people who know what this symbol means and Sean Carter is one of them.

Did you ever hear this number 144,000?

Yeah, Sean Carter is.

i say nothing in this post.

this is a man called Baby or Birdman.

i know the name his Mother calls him and nobody else can say that name besides his Mother.

i have heard this name only once in my entire lifetime.

he from a place called New Orleans, LA and came of age in the 1980's.

i say this only once: there is a drug called cocaine and you know this drug.

there is many places in New Orleans where this thing cocaine is availablle alright.

if you ever find yourself in New Orleans and you want cocaine?

i could yadda tell you 100 houses to get it. do not worry about it.

Baby is a very important man he knows what the word respect means.

funny thing i once saw him in his home.

he was weraing a black t shirt and jeans with holes in the knees.

he was the richest person in that city and he asked me if i knew what time it was.

believe it or not i care no no.

i say nothing. Baby is an enlightened man this i know.

this man is called Wayne Carter.

He says his name is Lil Wayne because he lies about some **** because people are very adverse to the Truth here in the states.

he lies because he is not little you are listening to a Giant and a Divine Spirit.

i do not know anything besides that.

the two tattos under his right eye are because two of his brothers were killed by a wickedness.

those tattoos originated in the prisons in America in the 1980's and the first one of the tattoo tears were done with a Bic pen, a heroine needle and a match.

i first heard his music in circa 1997 i was playing Nintendo James Bond yadda

the album is called Guerilla Warefare and it is focking classic if you have not heard it if you like music it is goodness gracious yadda

Wayne Carter was about 15 years old when he wrote the poems on Guerilla Warefare.

There is a man called Mannie Fresh who made all of the music on this album he is one of the greatest people to ever arrange drums, bass geetar and wa wa peddle evereverever.

i know nothing yadda Wayne is a good entity on planet urf.

this is a woman called Nicki Minaj.

i focking cannot stand her music no way i have heard maybe one song and i turned that **** off no way too no much time worth is yadda

anyhow Nicki Minaj is one of the most beautiful woman i have ever seen i like her eyes bright bright yadda

still not match for me siostras yadda she cool tho her hips goodness gracious

her voice tone yadda it knows nothing but sincerity alright now
johnny reb 48 | 7,000
24 Apr 2016 #2
In my opinion Jonny Cash and Hank Williams are still the best America artists that it has ever known.
OP Cas Milosz 3 | 6
24 Apr 2016 #3
hey now Johnny Reb my dear friend i cannot say i agree with any of that

although yes i do respect what you have just presented yadda.

Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and Bob Dylan are the great great goodiest goods.

yes i do not enjoy comparisons but there is a Slave called Jamima she really a Queen in disguise.

She is the greatest American to ever live i know what her eyes look like i can see them when i close mine.

Anyhow she has a song it has no name and this song is the most beautiful song i have ever heard because he created it when her damn hands were bloody from picking cotton.

i do not know if you have ever picked cotton my dear friend Johnny Reb Jamima was very good at it she see blood on her hands and she say My Lord's name.

Jamima is the greatest American song writer there ever was is and will be.

yadda yadda boogie bot bot

Ay man Jon


what did you find? perhaps you can share a link i have not seen yadda hokey poko pokoj mirage yes

here is a film on YouTube. donno if you know the name Spike Lee he's a King sir yes and this is about Huey Newton.

the setting is Huey is in prison smoking menthol cigarettes called KOOL and the prison owner got paid a booty load of moneys to bring in television cameras and have Huey talk. also the prison owner sold tickets to the public and that is who you see on the rafters looking down on Huey as he spills the capital T rooth Babe alright man it is good film

none of this costs you anything it is fa fa fa freeeeeeeeeeeeeee

zing zing yadda

btw man Huey went to this thing you think is a prison many times these people called poooooppooo lies they could arrest him whenever they wanted to because a pooopooo lies can kill a Dark one whenever he wants to it is very quite easy

but whenever Huey went to prison he was the most powerful person in that thing you think is a prison because everybody in there knew who this man is YES yadda

so when Huey P. went to this thing you call a prison he would be in solitary confinement 24 hours a day.

one time he was in solitary for many weeks and he barely got a piece of white bread or water.

the wicked guards would even put things in his water like arsenic, rat poiisen, way too much salt alright

do you hear me man if this doesn;t make sense please screw your wanky back on alright good sir later man yadda

okay dear jon jon dot com one last thing about this thing you call a prison

this thing you think is a prison is actually safer than any neighborbooboo HOOD for a Dark person

why do i say this gee golly

are there any guns in this thing you call a prison

yes there are in the prison you call it there is a big big room

it has 4 walls and there are gun gun no fun shat **** there are so many of these i cannot put a number on it alright

the peeeppeep you call prisoner know this but in that room there are still a less number of death's hands than there are in Amerikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka on the streets

this is Troo man i have lied to you as many tiems as i felt like it but this is no l i e yadda

this is my cousin Razzy Raspy alright

his great great Granny's house hasn't moved from its foundation in a place called Seattle i cannot say any more without lying to you

anyhow those rings on his fingers do not ever leave his fingers

to be square with you i have never shared a physical presence with my dear brorbo and seen those rings being taken off his fingers

i have not seen this interview so judge for yourself alright

we truthfully are not that close but it is still love love yadda

anyhow if he ever takes these rings off his fingers and you are in his physical presence do you know what happens

yea neither do i alright there ya go Raz is not doubt about it

oh snap when you hear Raz say that name Gabby

she is very important woman in Seattle

very beautyiful woman i'll get to that later but Gabby good beauty person

okay when Raz say "my homie Av, he's Russian"

this is untrue this person named Av is actually Ukranian.

Americans do not foqking understand difference between Russian and Ukranian it is alright alright

Av has some very hilarious tattoos but i cannot laugh at them he carry big un onion man he from Ukraine he know things yadda

alright last thing i like this eeee nternet thing yes

here is Raz being interviewed by a man named Gene

Gene knows about wine is very wealthy and he knows things i do not

Raz is the focking cool man okay listen to this i have no words yadda

btw johnny reb poko ojo peas pokoj of course

this is the voice of hungder tak tak to you

i have been staring at this bit of rice and a cheese i just picked up from the Temple

the cheese is good its sharp cheddar the cows name is momo she lives in a town called Tillamook yes

do not ask me how i payed for this cheese i will lie to you and it will be a new lie every time you ask me this my money is not funny dun dun yadda

anyhow i had this thought and it is a very harsh judgement of you and i will not apologize to you for this alright

of course i should not say this okay man

you said you are color blind earlier.

i do understand those two words and i do understand what you mean by them and i do understand that you feel like being color blind is a good thing.

this is simply wrong my friend yes do not worry about it

why do you feel like being color blind is a good thing? please do not answer me i do not care to hear it

i myself love color i do not know why anybody on God's gray speckled chinny chiny sweaty nipple lovely planet would want to be blind to color.

like when i was a wee yungin about 3 feet tall my favorite question miss beauty lady called a teacher would ask me is what is your favorite color.

naturally mine was red but this kid named Chong liked Black and i decided that i like Black as well.

then this kid dunno name said she like Blue and i say i like Blue to.

do not get me started on indigo violet and pooooorple alright then

goody goody okay this is very dangerous what i am telling you man -- i hope to never be blind to color

yadda yadd alritht now health and wealth always

btw one last thing before i leave

i need to walk to the next town and have sex with this woman beauty beauty name yadda wooooow

truthfully i would rather put my nose into a pooorple tulip vagina than hear her moan

this is not love i am terrible alright yadda

anyhow this is a beautiful woman named Jhene Aiko

she do aloooooooooota things things very well sexy beauty woooow yes sir

This is a song from a man called Hollow Tip.

this man lived 3 doors down from me in an apartment complex in a place called North Highlands.

to this day i do not know what Hollow's name is on his birth certifeecate.

but anyhow this song is my favorite song from Hollow Tip.

i do remember when he first recited this poem it was a beautiful night in the Summer time.

yadda yadda this is what my heart sounds like.
johnny reb 48 | 7,000
25 Apr 2016 #4
i need to walk to the next town and have sex with this woman beauty beauty name yadda wooooow

yo bro.....fw of dem vodkaie n lemonadies n an eight n u be jammin' wid yo poom poom
OP Cas Milosz 3 | 6
8 Jun 2016 #5
Johnny rep I be back in town and I checked and vodka is legal in United States now!

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