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Languages you [dis]like

WielkiPolak 54 | 1,000
10 Nov 2012 #1
It might be unfair or harsh, but I was on the bus today and heard a women speaking to her child. The child was talking a lot, very loudly, and it was in another language. I found it unbearable to listen to. It got me thinking what languages I do not like. Nothing against the countries, I just think the language sounds awful.

I would put Dutch, German and most Scandanavian languages up there with ones I do not like.

How about ones you like the sound of.

I like Spanish. I also like the sound of other slavic languages, such as Ukrainian, Croatian and even Russian. Not Bulgarian though.
isthatu2 4 | 2,694
11 Nov 2012 #2
Portugese, ugh, I dont mind how the South Americans speak it,it sounds OK then,almost Spanish,but the natives of Portugal,its just so gutteral and,yuck. Its almost like some one from Hungary or Bulgaria was talking drunk gibberish with words of made up German thrown in.
Wroclaw Boy
11 Nov 2012 #3
i dont dislike it but Italian is annoying, the way they end every word with accentuated vowels.
polonius 54 | 420
11 Nov 2012 #4
I don't dislike any language, but I fund Dutch and Czech somewhat amusing. Portuguese as well as Chinese and Korean sound strange. I espeally react that way when I hear TV news readers speak. Xhosa (an African 'click' language) is really weird.
jon357 74 | 22,480
11 Nov 2012 #5
Tagalog sounds good. Xhosa does sound weird. I like the sound of Czech. I can't abide the sound of Latvian or Lithuanian - even worse than Finnish and Estonian. Dutch sounds like somebody vomiting. Welsh and Scots Gaelic don't sound very nice but But I can listen to Irish all day. Same goes for Maltese.
Natasa 1 | 578
11 Nov 2012 #6
Hungarian. Beautiful country, beautiful people, horrible sounds.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
12 Nov 2012 #7
All languages are wonderful. Finnish sounds particularly attractive (to me).
strzyga 2 | 993
12 Nov 2012 #8
Not much to say for German, but the Austrian version I listened to once on some radio, driving through the country all night long, was just hypnotizing. Or maybe that was the voice of the speaker, I don't know :)
13 Nov 2012 #9
I like Brasilian Portugese, sounds predaciously sexy

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