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Warsaw: trial of cop killers

PennBoy 76 | 2,437
5 Jan 2011 #1
Two men who stabbed to death a police officer Andrew Struja face 25 years in prison, because at the time of the crime under 18 years of age.

N. Mateusz and Piotr R. admit to participate in the Feb. 10 incident during which a policeman Andrew Struj, was fatally stabbed.

Witnesses are mainly the tram passengers and pedestrians. One witness saw a fight between men, but did not see the fact of murder, one of the passers-by saw the whole incident, which was attended by both defendants.

Godmother to the murdered Andrew Struja Maria, holds no secret that she regrets that this day nobody helped the lone police officer. She added that Andrew Struj always responded to breaking of the law. Matthew N. accused admits to the task blows with a knife, but said he did not want to kill the policeman. Peter R. accused of complicity in the assassination, said only that he tried to move the policeman who wanted to overpower his colleague.

They killed at the bus stop

The murder took place 10 February 2010 at the streetcar stop in Wola. 42-year-old officer drew attention to two young men who first cursed at the streetcar stop, and then - when they boarded the tram - rushed towards one of the wagons bin. One of the boys - as it turned out, Peter R. - held the police officer, second - Matthew N. dealt several blows with a knife.

Despite resuscitation, Struja could not be saved, died in hospital. A few minutes after the incident police arrested a young man who asked punches, a few hours later his companion. The indictment in this case, the District Prosecutor of Warsaw-Wola sent to court in October last year.

Struj served in the police force for 15 years. He worked in the department of intelligence and command-patrol the capital. Two daughters orphaned. At a time when he was assassinated, he was on vacation. Posthumously he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Order of Restitution and Polish Cross of Merit for Bravery. He was promoted to the sub.

Marynka11 4 | 675
5 Jan 2011 #2
If he was on vacation, he probably wasn't wearing an uniform. Uniform could have scared them maybe.

Such a sad story and I'm sorry for his little girls. Those jerks should be kept in prison for life. 25 years is way too little. I hope it's at least without parole.
wildrover 98 | 4,451
5 Jan 2011 #3
Uniform could have scared them maybe.

I doubt it...these scum would not have respected any uniform....

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