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Polish teenager pregnant after rape - A recent result to an older story

AntV 5 | 629
1 Nov 2012 #31
You certainly didn't, otherwise you'd know all about the harm done by teenage pregnancies.

I said it was through Biology and philosophical I changed my view, not Sociology. It was realizing that life begins at conception, that then led me to the philosophical. If that ball of cells is a human life, which Biology clearly tells me it is, then abortion is the killing of that human life. For me to accept that as legitimate, was for me to then have to accept, on principle, that the willful killing of innocent non-combatant human life was legitimate when someone with authority and power determined it so. Which also meant that human life was not inherently free, or equal in dignity and value, because it was subject to the determining control of those who were more powerful. In other words, we were completely subject to the desire of others. It is might makes right. And, if that's legitimate, then so is Nazism, Fascism, Totalarianism, etc., etc., etc.

So, I disagree with your assessment, Delph.

So you agree that he should also be fired for failing to carry out an abortion when the woman's life is in danger?

No, I don't agree. I'd agree if he decided to nothing simply because the woman was pregnant and he didn't want to risk the life of the baby. He should do everything he possibly could to protect the life of the mother. The mother's life is as valuable as that baby's-no more, no less. But, to willfully abort the baby is another story. Thankfully, these cases are so rare (and I know I keep saying this but it's a myth that this is a daily dilemma). Aborting the child will result in the certain death of a life. Not aborting the child does not result in the certain death of a life. Again, all legitimate means should be employed to protect the mother's life, and in the course of those legitimate means the child is aborted then it's a tragedy born of licit action. However, directly aborting the child (and, by the way, there are women who die and are harmed in professional, sanctioned abortion clinics from the abortion procedure, so it's not like a woman deciding to get an abortion is free from serious risk, including death) isn't licit.
polonius 54 | 420
1 Nov 2012 #32
The EU structrures are domianted by decadent European leftists who try to force their hare-brained allegedly 'progressive' utopian view of reality on everyone else. Stalin and Hitler also had law courts, so why should the PC dictatorship be any different?
AntV 5 | 629
1 Nov 2012 #33
And, Polonius, isn't that the interesting, yet ironic, thing about so-called progressivism? It ultimately leads to a totalitarianism. I think it's due to the progressives confusing liberty with license. Relativism with freedom. And, the abandonment of Natural Law; afterall, when everything is relative, there can't be anything objective.

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