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Sikorski or Komorowski for president?

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4 Apr 2010 #32
Not a bad choice, given that Tusk wants to change the constitution to make the President all but ceremonial. I suspect that Komorowski also fits the job perfectly - not likely to rock the boat, stable, uncharismatic, reliable. Look at the German or Italian Presidents - does anyone even know who they are?

This is certainly interest of Donald Tusk to win such job for Komorowski. The problem is that such project wont make this state to work any better. From both evils of representative "democracy" if prefer presidential system. Otherwise there is nothing above party interest. I'm already sick and tired of following political loyalists arguing about issues without any importance to average citizen. This theatre is extremely boring and frustrating, actors are of poor quality and there is no chance for any better.

Anyway I see a substantial difference between German presidents that I recall and Komorowski. German president seemed to be more of professors without very strong bound to political parties. On other hand, who the hell is Bronislaw Komorowski? Since communist regime collapsed he was already there is politics. But in fact I don't know anything about him. Of course he was in "this and that" party before, thus it appears that he is an professional politician. A guy without any useful skills. Perhaps if he would not manage to stay in mainstream politics he would live from one salary to another. How could I respect such president?

What is worse the guy never abstained from how I call it "spit war" among political parties. He is just average political apparatchik, not a material for president.

Ok, I just checked his professional background. A historian without any achievements, I think perfect illustration of my point above. By the way, the number of historians in Polish politics is way too great.

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