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Roman Polanski accused of unlawful sex with a minor

SigSauer 4 | 413
3 Dec 2017 #391

Dude, would you just crawl back into your hole already? Seriously, I thought this insane stuff you were saying was legit trolling, however it seems you're serious. I'll be in Warsaw in 3 weeks, please let me find out where you're going to ******* scumbag
3 Dec 2017 #392
I don't even need to say anything. and you people claim im sick or abnormal for wanting the same age girls as eveyr other male and in a country where its legal? Why sont you just admit youre jelous or too oldabout someone who has a chance to get what you never did?

"Już na początku kariery w Hollywood, kiedy to w 1993 roku zadebiutowała w dramacie "Zauroczenie" w roli seksualnie agresywnej 14-latki z obsesją na punkcie znacznie starszego sąsiada, w komentarzach na jej temat wyczuwało się kąśliwy cynizm. "Narodziny gwiazdy" ogłosił na okładce "Entertainment Weekly" w 1995 roku, z sarkazmem przedstawiając aktorkę, która zdaniem magazynu została gwiazdą przypadkiem, na fali popularności kultowych teledysków Aerosmith i dzięki kilku nagrodom MTV Movie Awards"

they wouldnt be making mocies about such topics if there wasnt generla interest not just from me but many others.
SigSauer 4 | 413
3 Dec 2017 #393

Yes you're right, my bad......Give me your home address so we can talk about how to score hot 16 yr old girls together...
3 Dec 2017 #394
So youre from Kiev right? What is your opinion of LS studio and the fat it existed right in the open in your home city like a legitimate business with underaged girl sets like girgins and nymphets make your dreams come true or pretty animals lol, and no one cared or did anything about it an dit was so accepted in your culture no even then or since has done anything like it even in Poland? And what would you do if it was still in operation there and you knew its location or main operator's home address? Youd storm on in there and beat them up or light it on fire lol?
SigSauer 4 | 413
3 Dec 2017 #395

No, I'm from the United States. Yes, all one would need to do is let Praviy Sektor know what that organization was doing and they would pray to God to be arrested by the Politsia. It's unfortunate there aren't similar groups in Warsaw to deal with a piece of human garbage like you.
3 Dec 2017 #396
I know about right sektor and admire some of their work. Btw, the main ukrainian who ran ls (alexander chursin) i dont believe ever did time and in fact he must be somewhere in kiev living the life from getting fat rich off his previous business (alex models) and later businesses using the same models like pink teens etc. his name is known so im sure his address wouldnt be hard to find. he lived the life, got rich hung out with hot chicks he probably with at least some scored with, and is now wlaking around totally having gotten away with it in Kiev.

so why dont you find him or let right sektor know? lol btw the fact is mafia groups knew all about the business and even govt people hence why no one was ever prosecuted and hence why itr emaiend in opersiron in the open in a rented business space in kiev. i really dount they didnt know about the business or he didnt pay taxes if he rented office space he must have declared it.
3 Dec 2017 #397
here is more info if you dont believe me how legitimate of a business it was in Kiev:
jon357 63 | 15,068
3 Dec 2017 #398
here is more info if you dont believe me how legitimate of a business it was in Kiev

Have you though of moving there?
SigSauer 4 | 413
3 Dec 2017 #399
Yes, please think about visiting. I will arrange a very nice tour of the city for you, have a few friends in Azov battalion I think they'd love to hear about your business idea. Have you ever been to the bottom of the Dnipro river before?
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
9 Jan 2018 #400
Prosecutors in Los Angeles have formally declined to charge fugitive director Roman Polanski in connection with an allegation he molested a woman when she was a minor in 1975, saying the statute of limitations has expired.

I wonder if the statute of limitations has run out on the other six minor girls that accused him of molestation.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,536
10 Jan 2018 #401
For minors there is no statute of limitations in most states. Some states have extended this for adult sexual assault for 1st degree but not 2nd or 3rd.
Joker 1 | 1,458
27 Apr 2018 #402
Today Bill Cosby was found guilty. It looks like he will die in jail, oh well, another one bites the dust!

These ppl are serious about hunting down sex crime perverts. When they get their hands on Polanski, its over for him as well.
johnny reb 24 | 4,293
15 Nov 2019 #403
Some states have extended this for adult sexual assault for 1st degree but not 2nd or 3rd.

This was 1st degree in Switzerland.
Another rape victim comes forward.
This guy needs to be brought to justice.

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