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Roman Polanski accused of unlawful sex with a minor

WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
6 Nov 2017 #271
@Dark diggler

In reference to your comments about some of things that happen in Orthodox Jewish communities, I for one, am aware of this.

There are some heavily Jewish areas of London for instance where as you mentioned, Jews have their own ambulances, their own floors in hospital, their own schools, and even their own form of 'civilian policing.' Men and women also have to walk on separate sides of the street.

It is interesting that people will often moan or complain about Muslims or Eastern Europeans not assimilating with British culture or keeping in their own communities, but Jews having their own laws in their own communities doesn't bother seem to bother anyone as much.
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
6 Nov 2017 #272

As Judaism tends to be strictly matrilineal, no surprise that the likes of Polanski, New York's mayor LaGuardia along with a slew of others were deemed half-Jews, rather than actually as Jews:-)
mafketis 23 | 8,416
6 Nov 2017 #273
but Jews having their own laws in their own communities doesn't bother seem to bother anyone as much

Most of that is due to Jews not proselytizing or expecting non-Jews to conform to their behavior. Muslims do proselytize and expect non-Muslims to conform to muslim norms whenever they can force them.
Lyzko 25 | 7,139
6 Nov 2017 #274
Jews DO proselytize, only not in the same manner nor in the same degree as Christians! In Brooklyn, for instance, there are constantly "Mitzvahmobiles" nearly on every corner blaring "Yerushalayim shal zahav" (Jerusalem of Gold), accompanied by young men asking every other passer by, "Shalom, are you Jewish?" etc..

It is true though, that apart from such "secters" in areas such as Borough Park, Queens etc. proselytizing is normally gently frowned upon in mainstream Judaism.

A word about Weinstein as well as the egregious practices of the mega-moguls of Hollywood. The fact that most were and even are Jewish is not by definition the reason they behave abominably. However, as their ancestors were never eased into W.A.S.P American society, they felt they needed to push, shove and steamroller their way into the sacred haunts of American Christendom in order to be accepted.

This then left precious little time for gradual acculturation, after all, so they thought, the squeaky wheel get the oil:-)
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
6 Nov 2017 #275
but Jews having their own laws in their own communities doesn't bother seem to bother anyone as much.

True. It's part media, part control of the government. Also, the Jews aren't bothering people with marching down the street with Talmudic Law 4 UK signs nor are they circumcising British goy soldiers in the streets, groping random women, nor are they committing record levels of crime, terror, etc. The Orthodox keep to themselves, are polite to outsiders, and generally just don't get involved. However, many Jews especially in France are now leaving for Israel because of increased racial tensions between Muslims and religious yarmulke/kippah wearing Jews along with Israel's subsidized housing in the illegal settlements.

Jews DO proselytize, only not in the same manner nor in the same degree as Christians

They proselytize to OTHER Jews not to goys, urging them to be more religious, vote a certain way (for Trump among the Orthodox communities), etc. Converts to Judaism aren't regarded as 'real Jews' - except for perhaps in the most liberal reform sects... especially if they don't have a Jewish mom..

UNLIKE Muslims, who demand conversion, death, or money for not being a Muslim (most would call that extortion). Ask even 'conservative' Muslims - meaning not totally radical and extreme, but religious and they'll tell you that they desire Islam to be spread all over the world and for sharia law to be the law of the land. In countries like Egypt, Niger, Afghanistan, the majority of the population supports Sharia laws, separation of women and men, and other ideas that are against western liberal values. That's why they must GO if they're not going to abide by European society's laws and customs.

I remember when an old Jewish family friend was all sick and started spending thousand of dollars in donations planting trees and shrubs in Israel because he thought that would atone for his sins lol.

Miles off topic, stick to the thread title please
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,034
6 Nov 2017 #276
They proselytize to OTHER Jews not to goys, urging them to be more religious

While I don't condone Muslims or Christians who try to convert others by force [at this point it's Muslims more than Christians, let's be honest], the fact that Jews don't bother trying to convert goys as you say, while admittedly less annoying for those who don't like to be hassled, kind of shows how they see themselves as chosen by race and the others, non-Jews, are seen as inferior who will never be God's people.

But anyway for all this talk of Orthodox Jews, it isn't them who are committing these types of crimes in Hollywood. I'm pretty sure Polanski [Jewish/half Jewish, whatever] or Weinstein are not Orthodox or even remotely religious.
Crow 139 | 8,630
6 Nov 2017 #277
Minor? What then happened to major?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
7 Nov 2017 #278

No they're not orthodox Jews but nonetheless hasidic/orthodox conservative and even reform all use the same scriptures namely the Talmud Torah and some get into kabbalah. According Jewish law it is permissible to have sex with a child and non Jewish women are nothing more than shiksa - that is goy ******. A jew is allowed to kill them and their life is worth only a fraction of the Jews (source :Talmud, sannhedrin)

Man I should've been born Jewish. Then I could say I'm not an *******/racist/xenophobic/homophobic I'm just Jewish and no one could say sh1t lol.
27 Nov 2017 #279

also why do you call it unlawful sex with mi or in headline. why cant you people give me same respect and simply call what i did for what it was: polish kid ignored all his life by fems getss et up by cops for simply trying to meet a 12 yo girl in hickland of california without doing anything against anyones will and simply wanting to be wanted? why not give others this respect and make such headlines.
mafketis 23 | 8,416
27 Nov 2017 #280
you are broken and need therapy, get some ASAP or you will continue your very self-destructive behavior and end up in an early grave
27 Nov 2017 #281
Dont you ever wish you were born hispanic, latino or italian? dont you wish you had it in you to actually go up to females you domt know in a book store like emptik and say hello like they do and start talking to them, get them to smile laugh and even possibly go home with you? dont you wish we were part of that culture and not the one where other foreigners steal are girls while we best each other up due to frustrsrion or have to jack off to porn all day or have some far wives or ones we dont think are that hot but settle for? I mean I couldnt believe my eyes I remember in california in abrns and noble me being alone walking around all day hoping someone would smile at me or say hi, this ugly brown dude was just taoking to them left and right without even being invited without them even giving him eye contact. How is thst even possible? They just have something in them thst to me would probably be the hardest thing to do on earth besides just go up to someone and assault them in public with all i suffered due to trying to be tough (prison over a gypsy who attacked first in Umerica).
27 Nov 2017 #282
I don't get it evrytime ai even open my mouth to say czesc in Poland ai feel they want to attack me or poke my eyes out, often they wont even respond or laugh to thme mselfes like Im some foreign specimen just for wanting to get to know them. Sometimes they even act rude or insult me just for trying to make eye contact. And ven the zdziry or sluts or hos just want to us me or do as little as possible for as much as possible or extort me for alcohol with no sex etc.
27 Nov 2017 #283
like I said I walk around all day spending my moms my ney going to bars on nowy swiat and koszyki and coffee shops hoping just to meet that one person who will have sex with me.
mafketis 23 | 8,416
27 Nov 2017 #284
spending my moms my ney going to bars

spend some of that money on a therapist. work on yourself and become a better version of yourself that people aren't repelled by. your problems are all of your own making, a therapist can help you figure out how to stop your current self-destructive behaviors (I'm completely serious)
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
27 Nov 2017 #285
zaw it's not about being a hot Latino it;s about not actin like a sexual predator
27 Nov 2017 #286
What are you talking about? all male species are oredators and the successful primates who get to mate have to act like that. whether it is with money or raw strength and intimidation of co petitors we dowhat we can orend up like me or other lonely and miserable dudes. Look at all the allegations of even charley rose lately, and syccessful male with females can be co sidered a oredator. You dont thi k Trump is one?
28 Nov 2017 #287
See I am old you guys even photgraphing young girls isnt porn or illegsl in some places. Hexk polanski was doing it to 10 yr olds in usa so why cant i start a modela gncy as a front for naked pics of 15-17 yr old lolitas in poland where the aoc is 15? should work right and I can finally also start making money.

anyway read this:

28 Nov 2017 #288
ukrainians did it with ls studio, never gor prosecuted, polanski did it, why cant i do it with girls above the aoc in poland?
mafketis 23 | 8,416
28 Nov 2017 #289
why cant i do it with girls above the aoc in poland?

because they sense you are broken, get therapy and fix yourself, there is no hope otherwise.
Ktos 17 | 456
28 Nov 2017 #290

Correction! Polish did not defend that pig Polanski, it was the Jews who live in Poland and speak (finally bothered to learn) Polish who defended Polanski.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,550
28 Nov 2017 #291

Yup. They'll never give up their own. The worst ones of them all are the murderous traitor michniks.
28 Nov 2017 #292
You dont understand what it is like. How else would I not be broken? I was perseduted, discriminated against, made example (thats what they call their discriminations in thst lannd) for being Polish and born in a diff country. How would you feel when you yourself told the girl before meeting, where you backed out offirstmeet yet she (or at that time her moms cop friends who took over her profile) still added you and acted like they want you so bad saying no you wont wven talk to me anymore?? and simply was punished for liking or being attracted to younger girls and virtually nothing besides this yet you seepola ski get womuch respect for being called unlawful sexwith mi pnor when you didnt even do that andwhat happened in a hick county in uemrica aff tec you everywhere later in life and just for fighting bar cowards in group they gave you a atrike there and laterforchoking out a gypsy white trash who attacked you first gave youamulti yearprusons wntence and took your family's money they didnt earn in court (I was supposed to pay no restitutuon yet they charged). and kept you till max at 80 percent and deported you thus locking you up in immigration court months longer?

then. esides this women if ore tou, teen firls if ore tou, youve been if ored or simply didnt k ow how to act around them your whole life. You get punked sometimes in bars by other dudes and dont fight. lack the wh adter what happened in usa. how would you like ur life?
Paulina 9 | 1,448
28 Nov 2017 #293
why cant i start a modela gncy as a front for naked pics of 15-17 yr old lolitas in poland where the aoc is 15?

Because it's illegal in Poland.
It doesn't matter whether those Ukrainians were prosecuted in Ukraine or not. We're in Poland 2017, not in Ukraine 2004.

What are you talking about? all male species are oredators and the successful primates who get to mate have to act like that.

Maybe you don't understand what the term "sexual predator" means.
Most good men and boys (I'm using the word "good" instead of "normal" because these days I don't know what's "normal" for men and boys anymore) don't prey on women/girls, they woo them. Do you know the difference?

As roz wrote, your problem is not that you aren't a Latino or even that you aren't handsome enough. There's plenty of not very good looking Polish men in Poland who aren't great seducers and yet they have wives, girlfriends, etc.

As for "settling for" not very attractive partners then plenty of people do this, that's life. If you aren't attractive yourself then it is likely that you won't have an attractive partner, unless you have something else to offer, like a great personality, money/social status or whatever, I guess. Unattractive women have to settle for unattractive men too. And they have to live with it, because there aren't many male prostitutes. Men have it better, as always, so stop your whining and do something to be a better person and, as a result, more attractive to others.

with all i suffered due to trying to be tough

I don't know if you read my comment in Random Chat, so I'll write it again: mafketis is right - your behaviour is self-destructive. You need a therapy - and I don't only mean for your sexual interest in children but also because, judging by what you wrote in another thread about your violent sexual preferences, you most probably suffer from PTSD (as jon357 mentioned earlier already). It will ruin your life if you don't address that in time. You may end up hurting or raping someone and you'll go to prison again. So, if you don't care about the wellbeing of girls and women around you, then at least care about yours enough to get help. It's not a shame to get help from other people when you need it. So, please, do it - for your own good.

Zawkwkwmwm , there are plenty of men who were ignored by girls when they were boys and yet they don't go for 12 year old girls. There are plenty of women who were ignored by boys when they were girls and they don't go for teenage boys either.

It simply isn't natural. It isn't normal. For example, for me personally, teenage boys simply don't exist sexually. Not because of the laws and society pressure. They're simply too young. No matter how mature or how well physically developed they are for their age. I can tell that they're too young nevertheless.

Maybe something bad happened to you when you were a kid or a teenager. Maybe you were abused or you were sick for a very long time, I don't know. Either way your problem is more serious - a psychologist will help you discover the roots of your problems, will help you and you will feel better. Hopefully, you'll be able to lead a normal, happy life. Don't you want that? If you think your life sucks, then wouldn't you like to improve it? You clearly don't know how to do it, so you need help with it.

We're trying to help you here. Can't you see that?

I don't respect Polański. I suspected he's a serial offender. Sexual predators always are.
I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he was still doing it nowadays.
I do think Trump is a sexual predator, judging by the info I've found. So is Bill Clinton. And Roy Moore. Weinstein is one and others. Those men are either rich or powerful or famous, acclaimed and respected and that's why they were getting away with it for years. They were getting away with this because our societies are flawed in more than one way.

But the fact that they were getting away with this doesn't mean that what they were doing was OK. It was very wrong. They've hurt many people. They've probably damaged many of them for life. And quite a few of those men are paying the price now for what they were doing for years. Westein is a nobody now. A total zero. And Charlie Rose lost his job.

Hopefully some kind of change is coming.

Dirk diggler, as for "never giving up their own" - do you think it only pertains to Jews? lol
What are your thoughts on Roy Moore and on the fact that he still has support among Republican voters and the President of the United States (rapist peados defending each other - no wonder, really). Do you know what Trump himself is accused of (even CNN didn't report about the worst stuff - it was mind-boggling for me)? And he won the election! For someone living in Poland - it's mind-blowing. Seriously.

I'd like to ask all the men on this forum, including zawkwkwmwm, to read this article, from the beginning till the end (and maybe do some soul-searching, hopefully, just like the author did):
28 Nov 2017 #294
and btw at least amdmit this. Unlike the polaks, the ukrainians of 2004 were geniuses, bold as fuk, got away with it, made toms of money doing something they lovr. something i nor many if any polaks got to do. photogrwphing nakrd sluts lolitas is something few men in entire lifetimes do. so whether you like me or my vires i give them full respect. all men are same whether polak or ukrainian. i would love to live in aa country i can do this.
mafketis 23 | 8,416
29 Nov 2017 #295
You dont understand what it is like. How else would I not be broken?

Let's get one thing you have the cause and effect reversed. You are NOT broken because you can't have sex with children.

Rather the fact that want to have sex with children and are obsessed with that idea (as well as being obsessed with petty gangsters and soccer low life hooligans and homeless street bums) are all evidence that you are broken.

To paraphrase from Bojack Horseman... You can't keep doing this. You can't keep doing ****** things, and then feel bad about yourself like that makes it okay. You NEED to be better! YOU are all the things that are wrong with you. It's not sexual rejection or any of the ****** things that happened to you. It's YOU.

Get. Therapy. People on this board can't get to the bottom of when you started to go off the rails or help you figure out how to heal yourself. That's a job for professionals.
29 Nov 2017 #296
Lol you saying that you and the people here are trying to help me yet you constantly ban me for expressing my opinion or an opinion different from the dissenting opinion on this site and basically are silencing my right to free speech about topics that make the old people on here uncomfortable (but arent really taboo among the younger generations as I have even heard young people discussing aoc laws in a cafe in zpoland off of Marshałowska street).

Fact is what zi want and am attracted to isnt abnormal in any way nor are 15/16 yr olds considered children anywhere outside the u.s, even in anglo saxon common law based england. your country is extreme in every way and especially how hypocrytical and how unfair it is. so eone like polanski for instance there gets the benefit of the doubt and respect in their media induding cnn and the people on here to be called simply someone who slept with a minor even the title of this thread shows this. but the multitude of poor or college based who have no economic standing yet young males get labeled right away rapists by thst media or mollesters for not even sleeping with a willing person much less doing what polanski did.

Like I said before, I have never to females of any age just got naked without permission or them taking my clothes off first and just jumped in a hot tub to join them or came out of a bathroom with my birthday suit on. I could have easily done it. When I still lived in Santa Cruz I invited an 18 yr old so it was perfectly legal there over after talking to her as she sat on a bench outside of my home. We drank a glass of wine then she left and nothing happened. I didnt even attempt to kiss her or twke her undies off again like polanski did to the 13 yr old. nor did i even offer to twke nude pics of her again like polanski did to a 13 yr old nor did i get naked without permission and sit next to her like again polanski did to the 13 yr old in the hot tub.

not once unlike polanski or the ukrainians did i take naked pics of 12 yr olds, or even 16 yr olds in sessions where I could make money off of it on tumblr or wordpress. so again why do you keep misrepresenting things and me and all I ask for is for you to give me the same respect polanski got in this thread title. is this too much to ask? call it for what it is. me liking teenage sluts, not the good girls, who almost any guy searching for porn or addicted to porn like i am and how i grew up likes. hence why its the most popular keyword and type of porn and why that duke porn star is so popular at 18 and why her at that age being on facial abuse is so amazing that she could handle it coaching on a cock at such an innocent age. but guess what? they arent innocent, so quit calling them children you old man.

all I ask is for you people not to lie or misrepresent things and give me the same respect you and your media give polanski thats all. you could describe what i did 8 yrs ago as attempted sex with minor then and it wasnt even thst but ill go with it, ill go with the worse you can call it which would be thst because all it really was was attempt at some risk some adrenaline some fun by feeling wanted and hanging out with a young chick. but even if you call it attempted consentual sex with minir Ill go with it because it would be giving me the same or close to same respect you people and this coward world gives polanski.
29 Nov 2017 #297
and I want to do porn or somehow whether somehting similar to facial abuse but here in poland with 28 yr olds or naked or almost naked pics of 16 yr olds with domtract agreements or posisbly their parents consent get into the taboo. thats what sells porn anyway is twboo, whats more taboo the more money id make. and i am no hunter or good recruiter heck i cant even find women on the street who are hot who would tslk to me or go out with me. thats why porn is my only hope. they would come to me like thst porn star from duke who herself xontaxted the facial abuse people and googled how to become a porn star herself. it would be like being a drug dealer where all the young girls who like to get high and junkies xome to you and are willing to do what it takes to get it. i wouldnt have to be miserable or try hard anymore it would be like living the life or a hot girl who has dudes hitti on her or doming to her on her terms.
mafketis 23 | 8,416
29 Nov 2017 #298
i wouldnt have to be miserable or try hard anymore

Au contraire, fulfilling your abnormal ideas would just make you more miserable than ever. No such thing as a happy addict or happy obsessive.

saying that you and the people here are trying to help me yet

I cannot help you. Only can help you by realizing there is something wrong you with you and seeking appropriate help (professional therapist). The desire for age inappropriate sexual partners is not your problem it's a _symptom_ of your problem which were probably caused by abuse and or trauma inflicted by caregivers when you were a child (just a wild guess a therapist can help you get to the bottom of it).

Get therapy or find yourself in prison and/or an early grave.
29 Nov 2017 #299
ao what is age appopriate to you? I dom get it if the age of consent says 25 here why is that not appropriate as kong as shes a slut herself or a prostitute or like thst duke porn star already i to weird sex or porn herself anyway?
29 Nov 2017 #300
typos I meant 15 not 25. So id you say what you say and for some weird reason think I am sick for wanting a 15 or 16 yr old why arent you or society or media even mentioning polanskis sex life and relationship with kinski when she was 15/16 when he was like 50 yrs old and I am only 33? how would i be worse than thst and why csnt one like me if they liked such an old man in him?

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