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Polonophobia rising in Israel.

LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #61
Then you're merely unfamiliar with the things done by Shia extremists. And they're not extremists, merely orthodox, they follow the Quran and example of Mohammed as written.

Israel may try to influence these groups, however these groups have ideological/theolgical reasons for wanting to murder all Jews. As in the Hadith:

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

Sahih Muslim Book 41 Hadith 6985

Like the shopkeepers in Chicago loved Al Capone, and the business owners in New York loved the Mafia - because they "protected" them - from the Mafia, as long as they followed the rules, set by the Mafia.

You need to study the Islamic doctrine of the Dhimma, where Islam "protects" people.

Are you sure you aren't Islamic propagandists pretending to be Poles or expats? You do know it is considered blasphemous, a sin, to criticise Islam, so Muslims are religiously bound to defend it.
gregy741 4 | 1,239
26 May 2018 #62
Then you're merely unfamiliar with the things done by Shia extremists.

your empty zionist propaganda lies mean little to can keep blabbing your idiocies all day.
facts are Hizbollah and Iranian quds paid heave price ,thousands dead fighting Israel supported al queda. saving countless christian villages in lebanon and syria.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #63
Hizb'Allah - the Party of Allah, devout believers in the Islamic scriptures (and haters of Sunnis for 1400 years):

Q5:17 Kill the idolaters wherever you find them. Even if they are the people of the book.
Q3:85 Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him
Q9:30: "The Christians say the Christ is the son of God ... may God's curse be upon them!"

Your support for an Islamic terror organisation that hates Christians and Jews (for 1400 years) because of the demand to do so in their Islamic scripture is interesting.
gregy741 4 | 1,239
26 May 2018 #64
Your support for an Islamic terror organisation that hates Christians and Jews

manny of this "terror organization" fighters were killed yesterday by Israeli strike,while were on the move to deploy to del zor.
they were sent there to fight ISIS in order to protect christian villages.
the greatest terrorist org,who are responsible for deaths of countless Christians are CIA AND MOSSAD.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #65
You clearly missed the part where these Jihad terror groups strictly follow the Quran and hate Christians and Jews, and follow Allah's mandate to either subjugate or kill them.

Obviously you support these terror organisations. Let's see if the Sharia, in its most cited manual, says anything about Muslims, Christians and the mission of Jihad:

"Fighting for the Cause of Allah (Jihad)

Chapter O9.0: Jihad
(O: Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada signifying warfare to establish the religion.

The scriptural basis for jihad, prior to scholarly consensus (def: b7) is such Koranic verses as:
-1- "Fighting is prescribed for you'' (Koran 2: 216);
-2- "Slay them wherever you find them'' (Koran 4: 89);
-3- "Fight the idolators utterly'' (Koran 9: 36);
and such hadiths as the one related by Bukhari and Muslim that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said:
"I have been commanded to fight people until they testify that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"

I would hate to think that Allah and his greatest scholars have it wrong. I'm inclined to trust the word of Mohammed, Allah and the top Islamic scholars over your opinion. And they disagree with your opinion.
Crow 153 | 10,537
26 May 2018 #66
Time is now to remind ourselves on deeds of Ratko Racow


wtf? Is that muja, is it is? Look, more of them. Well, I want that muja down. All of them. Liberate Serbdom and Slavdom from the scourge.

Serbian General Ratko Mladic interrogates NATO colonel Karremans >>>

Poles knows

Obłęd - Sloboda za gieroja (English subtitles)]
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #67
Again, according to the UN Iran was found to be compliant with IAEA inspectors.

"Compliant" does not equal any time, any place.

they were sent there to fight ISIS in order to protect christian villages.

All this sophistry is a waste of time. Once and for all, Israel has been under attack by terrorists and state armies forever. Israel has shown a remarkable restrain in dealing with them. All that talk about conspiracies, CIA, Mossad, is just kicking sand to deflect and cover up the basics.

When a country is facing anihillation, NOTHING is off the table. Got it? Nothing. So let's skip all that bs with quoting ancient events and wisdoms. What counts is what is today.

Today, all I want to know is this: Would Isreal be off the map by now but for the IDF and their nukes? SImple question calling for a simple answer. No lectures, please.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #68
You nor i are experts on Iran nuclear weapons and the agreements implementation, the IAEA is. And if the experts in charge of making sure that Iran is complying with the deal say that theyre being compliant, I'll take them at their word. If 'any time any place' are part of that agreement or not it makes no difference as they were found to be compliant with the original agreement.

Lebanese christians support Hezbollah, just as the majority of Syrian christians support assad.

I posted a bunch of links showing christian support for Hezbollah and idk where it now went so I'll repost. You're claim that christians in Lebanon do mot support or do not Hezbollah is bs.

You know quoting the Koran means nothing to me..for every 'anti Christian' quote you find in the Koran I can find two in the talmud....

You're just butthurt that israel isnt going to get its way anymore and karma is coming to bite the us and israel in the ass. The same guy who lead the peace companies and killed thousands of us occupiers is now in charge of Iraq - and he got there through the us own democracy that they tried to spread. If that isn't sweet sweet irony I don't know what is. And karma too....

Now Iran is free to do business with the eu. A big chunk of that money is going to go right to arming Hezbollah and building nukes - the us broke off the deal even though Iran was found to be compliant so now theyre free to enrich all the uranium they want. God bless them!

Although the us may be lead by leftist cucks, atleast theyre not genocidal maniacs like us leaders.

And the world wonders why poles are against Israel's extortion schemes and non stop guilt trips...
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #69
Now Iran is free to do business with the eu.

God bless both. And the US will do what the wants and see as good for the US. If Israel gets some benefit from the US actions, so be it.

You still did not address the most fundamental question: Under the Mulatto handshake with Iran, will Iran ever be allowed to get nukes?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #70
I don't know I'm not an expert on the Iran deal, what I do know is that it pushed back enrichment. However enrichment is only half of a nuke program and I do not know what stipulations the deal called for in terms of developing delivery systems. However, seeing as the iaea found Iran to be compliant with the deal, I didn't see much reason to cancel it aside from zionist posturing by trump - and all these things will sorely hurt him in the re-election. His supporters are dropping because of his foreign policy and zionist ass kissing. You'll see in 2020. It's not that theyll vote democrat, but they just dont vote for anyone.

Exactly so by your own logic when a country is facing annihilation, nothing is off the table. That's why the Palestinians launch rockets, strap on suicide vests, stab settlers, etc because everyday the zionist government takes more and more of the west bank - their country - apecifically Jerusalem by constantly expanding illegal settlements and destroying peoples homes without compensation. This isn't some event that took place once decades ago, it happens every day.

Honestly imo the Palestinians are still pretty calm esp those in west bank considering all the bs they put up with. Just like the nazis called the AK terrorists, it's all relative. Had the nazis won ww2 the ak and government in exile would probably designated terrorist groups. Ones man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and to me hezbollah, Palestine are fighting for freedom. They're using jihad and Koran sinply for propoganda but you can't seem to see past that. The fact is hezbollah is part of lebanons government as they hold.seats in the parliament and other houses and the new PM is very friendly with them. If started a christian paramilitary quasi government group group id also hand pick some quotes out of revelations or some crazy scholars to help brainwash the more religiously inclined members to sacrifice themselves. It's all part of business and marketing its really that simple.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #71
I don't know I'm not an expert on the Iran deal, what I do know is that it pushed back enrichment.

"Pushing back" is kicking the bucket down the road. By the time the s*** hits the fan, the Mulatto will be just smiling like a fool that he is and somebody else - Israel and the US - with have to deal with the consequences of his moronic ideas from the past.

Nobody is exterminating Palestinians. Palestinians are doing their best by themselves by wallowing in squalor and hating Jews and us.

We can pick up that subject when they quit throwing stuff across the border and say: Israel has a right to exist.

Or resettle. Just as the Germans were told to get the f*** out of Poland after 1945. Why? Because Poland was victorious and decided that having a German minority would not be in Poland's interest.

I wonder how many were agonizing over the Germans' civil rights being violated then?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #72
As much as i dislike Obama, he atleast was logical enough to understand that every country has a right to defend itself. So yes he gave them some breathing room till the next zionist ass kisser comes along. And actually if trump thinks cancelling the deal will prevent Iran from enriching uranium and testing missles, he's sorely mistaken. In fact thats one of the first thing the Iranian regime proclaimed agter the deal.was cancelled - the us broke the deal so they're no longer bound by it and will.enrich uranium immediately.

I know your not a student of business so let me explain how contracts and negotiations work. Almost no contract or deal is permanent. Almost all have a set term whether it's months, years whatever. So in that sense every contract has a time limit as things change in the future. That does not mean its kicking the can down the road. And like with every deal, whether it's for your cable and internet or a billion dollar deal, the idea is to renegotiate favorable terms for both parties so another deal can be signed as the original deal ends. As the Iran deal came to a close, the idea as with all deals and contracts was that the parties would negotiate again and come up with another 5 10 year or whatever agreement based on factors of that time. Most likely the us would keep its sugar baby israel safe by using us tax payer dollars as a bribe to israel to stop iran from enrichment and missle testing with iaea as the compliance specialist.

Unlike the Palestinians, the germans had germany to go back to when they left poland after ww2. And unlike Palestine, they weren't being invaded from all sides and facing daily violence like the west bank and Gaza. Lastly, unlike palestine they had numerous wealthy benefactors bending over backwards to rebuild their country. The only ones helping Palestine are Iran and to a lesser extent syria and lebanon. Yet the zionist media complains every time they receive aid from Palestine. So israel can receive 10 billion a year in military aid, not to mention all the other forms of aid, from the u.s. to 'resist their enemies' but Palestine, Lebanon and Syria arent allowed to receive military aid from other countries for the same reason - to resist their enemies. Doesnt seem very logical to me.

And fyi poland didnt kick out all germans. They kicked out only the settlers that hitler sent after 1939. The Germans that were in poland before ww2 namwly the silesians were allowed to stayed and are in poland to this day.

And Arabs and Jews lived in peace and relative prosperity before 1948. They lived side by side without problems - much like arabs and Jews do on Chicago's North side. When Palestinians including christians, were forcefully driven out all their possessions were taken. They can't even build.a proper home because israel refuses to issue building permits to non jews - including christians.

If someone came to your house, took all your stuff, claimed your home for his own and all your assets youd be living in squalor and having the people who did that to you too.

When trump said thay the us would pursue a strategy where they wouldn't get involved in conflicts, wouldn't send tens of billions to other countries all around the world and would put America first he lied. He never planned on not getting involved in the ME and propping up other countries. The zionists and military industrial complex would never let him - and he knew it. It was another one of his b.s. promises.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #73
The Palestinians are doing fine in exterminating their own in Jihad for the sake of Allah, as per the charter of Hamas and their Islamic beliefs. And the Palestinians are being paid for it by Hamas as well, although sending civilians and children to a war zone is a war crime for which Hamas has faced barely a mention.

So how many gays or adulterous women were stoned to death in Israel this week, or did that only happen in the Islamic world? How many women were arrested and jailed for being raped? Where were Christians jailed or killed for blasphemy against Islam this week? How many apostates were killed or beaten for leaving Islam in Israel this week? We know the answer to that, that's all in Islamic countries only.

Next you will be telling us how Poland is living by Old Testament law and stoning people to death, except we both know who still lives that way. And you love them for it.

Let me know when Saudi Arabia builds a church. I wonder where they got all these crazy ideas they live by...

Hamas lives by Islamic doctrine, as does the Islamic Republic of Iran, as do the Saudis, the Islamic State, Boko Haram and others - the correlation between their beliefs, actions and the content of the Quran is 1:1.

Allah calls for the Jews to be killed. Not only Israel - ALL Jews. And it seems Hamas and Iran are busy putting Allah's directive into practice, but I imagine Israel is supposed to just roll over and die to make the Jihadis (and you, a terror group supporter) happy.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #74
There's no marriage licenses for gays in Israel. Neither are there for non-Jewish couples. So if the love of your life is an Israeli man or woman and you want to get married there but you're not Jewish - too bad.... Personally, I'm not a big fan of gay marriage so in that sense, props to Israel. But to refuse to give marriage certificates based on race/religion, that's very 1910's U.S.A and something no other modern democracy does...

The Islamic world is messed up - there's no doubt about that. Nonetheless, the crazies in the Islamic world does not justify actions of the Zionists in confiscating people's homes - including those who aren't Muslims, namely Christian Palestinians, building settlements deemed to be illegal by the UN, massacring kids who throw rocks at tanks, etc.

Also, many of their attacks are in revenge for those who attacked them first. There's nonstop drone strikes, bombings, etc of innocent people in the ME by NATO forces. There is little care for collateral damage. If a drone hit my house and killed my families I'd grab an AK and seen vengeance too. Any man with a set of balls would.

Allah calls for the Jews to be killed.

Just as the Talmud calls for non-Jews to be killed, stolen from, have their organs taken out, usurped, etc.....

the correlation between their beliefs, actions and the content of the Quran is 1:1.

Same with the Israeli establishment/Zionists and the Talmud...

Where did I say I love Muslims? No where.... I said I support Palestinians and other groups for resisting an aggressive occupier. To me, they are the same as the Polish AK who resisted the Nazi and Soviet occupation of their homeland. I may not agree with some of their methods or their strategy - especially with refusing to recognize Israel as I believe many of them are counterproductive, but nonetheless I can understand WHY they think or do certain things...

Its easy to talk sh1t from a computer screen but until you walk a mile in a person's shoes you really don't know what's going through their mind. I've been to Israel for only a short period of time. I'm not an Israeli citizen, nor am I jewish. Most of my info comes from my own reading and from my gf who is Jewish. She grew up Orthodox but left the community and is mostly secular but still keeps high holidays. Anyway, I've seen how Palestinians have to go through half a dozen border checks within 2 miles every single day on their way to work, I've seen streets where only Israelis are able to drive on - to me that's just like 60's Jim Crow or apartheid S.A. I've seen the border wall and how on one side you have big spacious condos and villas while on the other shanties built one on top of another - and even those get constantly destroyed and are built without permits. There weren't any attacks or riots while I was there but the IDF constantly shoots teenagers just because they threw a rock at them or their tank. To me that's just a total pu$$y move....

And FYI many Jews are very much against Zionism - especially certain Orthodox communities and leftist Jews. In fact, Torah abiding Jews believe Israel shouldn't even exist as the Torah states that Jews are to not have their own homeland until their messiah comes.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #75
There are scholars on this forum who imply that Islamic Jihad groups like Hamas, or Islamic countries (like the Islamic Republic of Iran) that explicitly base their constitution on the Quran, are not following the dictates of Islam and the Quran. Soon we'll hear from them how Islam has nothing to do with Islam

While this is fascinating to observe and all, let's clarify the special relationship Islam has with Jews and Christians, as per the Sharia. Unless the Sharia has nothing to do with Islam, and these devout Muslims don't follow it. Who knows what wisdom these scholars will impart next.

When non-Muslims are subjugated under the Sharia, they become Dhimmis.

The Dhimma, a small extract from the Sharia.

Such non-Muslim subjects are obliged to comply with Islamic rules that pertain to the safety and indemnity of life, reputation, and property. In addition, they:

A reading of the history of Jerusalem under Arab control is enough to dispel myths of the joys of Islamic rule. It is much better there and free under Jewish control today.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #76
Right, because having Christian churches taxes and their properties confiscated, having Christians refused marriage licenses, having Christians homes and cars destroyed in 'price tag' attacks with ZERO recourse from the Israeli police or courts to bring justice, having Christians refused permits to build a house on their own land, and all the other things sure sounds like the situation is much better....

The fact is this - the US/Saudi/Israeli alliance is getting weaker and weaker everyday. The US is not the future -that belongs to China. They're already ahead of the US in terms of economics and geopolitics and it's only going to increase. The US dollar is being treated like never before. The cancelling of the Iran deal may have indirectly set in motion a series of events that will only further diminish US-Israeli's dominance and the petrodollar. The EU already, with the exception of lone Poland, is already against the US and countries like Hungary, Austria and Italy are cozying up to Russia. Even France is accepting Russia's place in Europe now. More and more countries are paying for oil in euros and yuan - not dollars. In fact, the share of yuan backed crude oil contracts has already increased to 12 percent of global trading since the US backed out of the nuclear - and this is just since 2 months ago when the future contracts were launched.

This is yet another example of US-Israel shooting itself in the foot - they tried to drive out Assad and destroy the Shia corridor, yet it's now stronger than ever and all Israel can do to resist it is launch a few airstrikes which is a strategy that will NEVER allow them to take the ground - they'd need ground troops for that and they're way too big of pu$$ies to send in ground troops for fear of being treated like they were in 2006 when they tried to occupy Lebanon only to retreat and be sent packing.... they thought the Iran deal would help Israel and the US - yet all its done is further isolate the US and enrich oil producing adversaries like Iran and Russia - not to mention China whos currency is gobbling up more and more of oil trading everyday.... they US wanted to destroy Saddam's Iraq because his army was too big for Israel's comfort - so they made up this B.S. story about WMDs and it cost America trillions and thousands of lives - which they're still paying for and dying... only for the same guy who lead the Shia uprising now the most important person in Iraq... and this trend is only going to continue... like all empires, America's is now experiencing a period of decline. All it can do is grasp at straws and try to force nations to keep the petrodollar, lest they be punished financially or even occupied and invaded. The thing is so many countries are against the US to where now those are just empty threats. The US is an empire of debt, China is building its empire by pushing real capitalism and building up nation's infrastructure and buying their raw materials. The US offers 'democracy' instead to poor countries - which always results in tons of deaths, civil wars, and US taxpayers footing the bill. China doesn't have this problem because the countries they're invited into the countries they go into - similar with Russia/Iran in Syria. Even the Philippines wants nothing to do with the US' imperialism and aggression anymore. Instead of caring about its citizens and taxpayers, the US has spend decades and trillions of dollars protecting Israel and destroying nations all around the world. So yes, as a US taxpayer that doesn't make me happy. This WAS a great country, and it was been gradually degraded to the point where now its tens of trillions in debt, is isolated all around the world (Iran at this point probably has more friends than the US - at least in the EU that's certainly true now..) and Trump's rhetoric isn't going to fix it.

That is what happens when hubris and arrogance meets karma and sweet sweet irony...


I don't know why you keep talking about Sharia.... No one cares.... Palestine is not under Sharia, Lebanon is not under Sharia, only Saudi - a strong Israeli and US ally - and to an extent Afghanistan is... only the craziest muslims, like US and Israeli allies namely Saudi Arabia, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, etc. desire sharia. Most muslims do not...
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #77
That's a fascinating degree of ignorance of Islamic culture. As I predicted, soon I would be told how Sharia has nothing to do with Islam and devout Muslims. Sharia is the Islamic code of conduct, which includes social rules and Islamic law (but not limited to).

Now tell me how the members of IS are not Muslims, and how the people shouting "Allahu Akbar" and blowing themselves, their children and other people up are Mormons, or Israeli stooges - anything but Muslims.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #78
As I predicted, soon I would be told how Sharia has nothing to do with Islam and devout Muslims.

Except you never were.... never did I say that Sharia has nothing to do with Islam.... I stated that Palestine, Lebanon are NOT under Sharia law... only Saudi Arabia's legal system is basically sharia. You criticize Sharia and Muslims, yet one of the best allies of Israel and US is Sharia ruled Saudi Arabia....

Sharia is the Islamic code of conduct, which includes social rules and Islamic law (but not limited to).

I'm well aware of what Sharia is and isn't. And it is not the legal code of Palestine or Lebanon. As I stated before, it is limited to being the legal code for Saudi Arabia - a key US/Israel ally...

The Bible is supposed to be the code for life for Christians. Yet Biblical law is not the legal code of majority Christian countries. If it were, no one in Poland would be able to wear jeans and a t shirt as biblical law forbids wearing two different types of cloths...
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #79
Have you thought of publishing a "The Collected Rantings of..." series?

Some time ago I did research on Jerusalem and compiled notes. I'll break this into 2 sections.

How did Arab Muslims treat Christians and Jews when they ruled over Jerusalem for 19 years from 1949 until 1967?

While Christians faced hardship and oppressive restrictions, Jews were banned entirely from the holy city.

In 1947, the United Nations approved a plan to permit both Jews and Muslims to govern separate sectors. Israel accepted the plan but the Arabs refused it and sent their armies to attack Israel.

The Israelis won what they called their War of Independence. An armistice was signed by both Jordan and Israel in 1949.

Even though the armistice promised "free access to the holy sites and cultural institutions and use of the cemeteries on the Mount of Olives", Christians and Jews were denied religious freedom and faced persecution at the hands of the Arabs when Muslims were in charge of the eastern half of Jerusalem. The Jordanians banned Jews outright.

The western half of Jerusalem was governed by Israel and the eastern half by the Jordanian Hashemite Kingdom. The Jewish Quarter and many of the most sacred Jewish sites were located in the eastern half ruled by Jordan and local Arabs.

The Arab governing bodies persecuted the Christian church and its followers during the same 19 years it ruled over Jerusalem.

"Christian residents, like Jews, did not have equal rights," noted pastor John C. Hagee, founder and chairman of Christians United for Israel.

Jordanian and local Arab edicts prohibited Christians and later Christian churches from buying land and houses in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Arab Muslims restricted the number of Christian pilgrimages permitted in Jerusalem and Bethlehem during Christmas and Easter. They imposed strict rules on Christian schools, including mandatory teaching of the Koran.

In 1952, Jordan proclaimed Islam as the official religion, including in Jerusalem. In 1953, Christians were constrained from buying or holding land near holy sites. In 1955, all Jordanian schools were overseen by the government and only government-sanctioned textbooks could be used. In 1964, Churches were prohibited from buying land in Jerusalem.

Churches were barred from funding hospitals or social services in Jerusalem.

All fun and joy, as we can see. Utopia for all.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
26 May 2018 #80
desire sharia. Most muslims do not.

They do just ask them, I know that most British Muslims would say yes, these are the rules that every Muslim is taught to live and abide by , respect and promote.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #81
Feel free to tell these nice people you list that the Sharia is optional and they really don't believe in it. See how long you stay alive. They will tell you that the Sharia is superior and above all man made laws and constitutions, and they don't need to follow those blasphemous laws of the Kafir. Besides, the Sharia is already fully written and ready to implement, the rest is administrative details.

Why do you keep raising the Old Testament when making comparisons to Islam? Do you compare stereos from 1931 with ones of today, and have you never heard of the New Testament?

Islam started its violent history ~700 years after Christianity got its start, but feel free to attempt to assert that Mosaic law is still practiced today. Seen many stonings in Poland lately, or is that something Islamic countries have cornered the market on?

The Sharia makes for interesting reading. You should grab a copy and see what it says about beating women (beat them), Jihad (kill those Kafirs), subjugation of non-Muslims (make them pay protection) and so on...
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #82
I know that most British Muslims would say yes

I see these fools marching with Sharia 4 UK/Belgium/etc signs all the time. The fact that the UK allowed them to set up parallel legal structures in the form of Sharia courts just shows how cucked the country is... but that's another debate.

The Jordanians banned Jews outright.

Just as Israel bans marraiges between non-Jews, Jordan is allowed to do what they want in their own sovereign country.


Much has changed since them. At least Christians churches aren't taxed by the Palestinian Authorities, unlike by Israelis. And FYI, Christians make up a significant minority of the Palestinian population. Any Zionist policy that negatively affects Palestine also negatively impacts fellow Christians.

Have you thought of publishing a "The Collected Rantings of..." series?

And like other unintelligent people, they start with insults when they get agitated in a debate... maybe you should consider publishing 'The Collected Zionist Ass Kissing of.....'

Well i'm off for a short vacay... ill be back Tuesday see you all later have a good weekend
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #83
Research, not opinion. Or a series of rantings.

Jerusalem - Part 2

Arabs took tombstones from the 2,000-year old Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, which was protected by the armistice, and used them to pave roads or for latrines when they ruled Jerusalem from 1949 to 1967. The site was heavily desecrated.

From 1949 there were no Jewish homes, synagogues or businesses in ancient Jerusalem.

Jewish homes were occupied by Arabs and Jews lost their businesses. Most fled to the western half of Jerusalem or to other parts of the Israel. Israelis or Jews of any nationality were segregated from the Muslim section of Jerusalem for these 19 years.

An official 1967 report by Israel's Minister of Religious Affairs found "wanton disregard of the religious rights of others," according to news reported at the time by The Jewish Telegraph Agency. The most sacred ancient Jewish shrines had been desecrated or totally destroyed by the Jordanian army or local Arab residents.

Jews were limited to a glimpse of the Western Wall, one of the holiest sites in Jerusalem, from a perch at nearby Mount Zion.

Actor Paul Newman, who was half-Jewish, came to Israel to film the epic movie "Exodus" and tried to get into the Arab sector of Jerusalem. The Oscar-winning actor was denied access.

Arabs moved into Jewish homes built in the 1880s and 1890s by Jews. Around 17,000 Jews had to leave the areas under Jordanian occupation.

Jerusalem was eventually reunited into a single city and opened to all faiths in 1967, following Israel's Six Day War.

And lest we forget, because somehow this place run by mullahs was mysteriously overlooked as a country with an Islamic constitution based on the Quran. It's like some supporters of Iran want to give them a pass...

This is in the preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

An Ideological Army

I think that last bit means *everybody*. Fortunately, it seems we are in line after Israel and can enjoy some popcorn while we wait for our turn in their Jihad.
OP G (undercover)
26 May 2018 #84
Jews and Arabs are close cousins and it's showing... both are frekin nuts.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #85
Doesnt seem very logical to me.

This sentence says enough about your approach in this matter. You want things to be logical, fair, just, and equal. This not how the real world operates. That is a commencement speech.

Once you used the word "hypocritical". We use this word as a tactical weapon to win an argument, not to modify someone's world view because nobody will. They will cringe when caught being hypocritical but that's it. The idea that I should treat my family or the country the same way as I do all others is beyond naive. I never will, and I will always be proud to be a hypocrite. The opposite is treason, treachery, disloyalty, and betrayal. Yes, I got these synonyms from the Internet.

Summarizing: Israel can have all the nukes it wants and can afford. Iran not so much. Why? Because we like the former and don't like the latter. Let's hope the US has enough fist to make it be so.

The nukes in Israel's hands are purely defensive. Iran's? Who the hell knows? They are just a bunch of medieval nuts driven by the hate of everything non-Islamic.

End of the story.

Almost forgot about those chants, "Death to America". Those are the words you get from a sick pos who lost all ability to reason. Even Stalin or Mao never said any such thing publically and on tape, but I could be wrong.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,944
26 May 2018 #86
You want things to be logical, fair, just, and equal. This not how the real world operates

Logic and fairness, justice, equality are entirely different things. Logic is based upon reasoning, modality, reference, etc. You as a supposed philosophy major ought to know that...

Of course the world isn't fair. I'm the first person to look for exploits and opportunities and use them to my advantage - fair or not. However, 'fairness' has little to do with logic. I didn't say that the situation is 'unfair' what I said is that it is illogical, lacking reason, to criticize one country for being supported by an ally but praise another for the same action.

But on that note, just as it isn't 'fair' when an Israeli bombs a hospital, school or other civilian target, it also isn't 'fair' when an innocent Israeli gets stabbed by a Palestinian or one detonates their suicide vest in a crowd. But that's life - and the actions of a country, government, group, religion, etc. that you belong to and identify with may end up affecting you as an individual - fair or not....

I will always be proud to be a hypocrite. The opposite is treason, treachery, disloyalty, and betrayal.

You're more messed up than I thought....
And no the opposite of being hypocritical is being honest, straightforward...
In fact treason, treachery, and disloyalty as closer to being synonyms of 'hypocritical' than antonyms....

"Death to America".

Chalk it up to free speech. And the Soviets used those words quite a bit - including Khrushchev in public - even at the UN

The idea that I should treat my family or the country the same way as I do all others is beyond naive.

No one is asking you or expecting you to do otherwise. I place my motherland, Poland, and my family above all others. But since you say that, which country do give priority then? America or Israel? Because to me it seems like you're placing Israel waaaay ahead of America (certainly above your motherland which you've rejected) - considering your apologist attitude towards the USS liberty and the fact that your tax money is being sent abroad rather than being invested within the US

Or could it even be Russia????

I think you're simply having an identity crisis and have become extremely bitter in your old age... simple as that... You've abandoned your motherland which you now hate, but then praise communism and apologize for Russian crimes, claim to love the US so much and Israel, but downplay Israeli attacks on US sailors and say its no big deal that tens of billions of dollars of US tax money are shipped abroad....

You just full of cognitive dissonance man... I'm not even going to bother replying anymore... there really is no point. I'd have a more lucid conversation with a wall.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #87
You're more messed up than I thought....

Anybody who would treat and judge his family the way he would strangers is mental and needs help.
LDeJongh - | 30
27 May 2018 #88
Free speech, or a sign of intent and forced indoctrination? There is no free speech under Sharia, and as we know, Iran is an Islamic Republic under the Sharia.

Iran has an Islamic constitution based on the Quran. It's like some supporters of Iran want to give them a pass by overlooking these facts...

In the preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran they state that they are intent on Jihad on a global scale.

I think that last bit means *everybody*.

gregy741 4 | 1,239
27 May 2018 #89
they are intent on Jihad on a global scale

  • and whats that?:
LDeJongh - | 30
27 May 2018 #90
So you don't dispute that Iran is a dangerous Islamic threat to the West.

That's propaganda that you support, just as you support Islamic terror groups and have sympathies for their cause. Simplistic memes don't fare well vs the facts.

Shall we examine the history of the Islamic Crusades across Arabia, Asia, Africa and now Europe? Will you paint the people who fought against the rise of Communism and Islamic Jihad as the bad guys? Of course you will, you have sympathies for the Jihadis, and a poor knowledge of history.

Feel free to debate me on Islam and Jihad. You support people that stone women and gays to death for religious reasons - so maybe it's time you learned a little bit about them.

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