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Polonophobia rising in Israel.

Crow 153 | 10,537
13 May 2018 #31
USA controls Poland to strengthen US argument when deal with Germany and Russia, even if it may mean destruction of Poland. In return, as favor to Germany, US prevents formation of Intermarium, because Intermarium means that USA losing control.

Israel strengthen US position in other part of the world. In different situation but, by similar principle as in case of Poland.
Crow 153 | 10,537
23 May 2018 #32

Israeli minister tells EU to go to "thousand hells" - should Poles support Israel in EU-Israel dispute ?

I think that Poles needs to support Jews this time.

Israeli minister tells EU to go to "thousand hells"

"Let them go to a thousand thousand hells. The EU is now sucking up to Iran and will help (them) against US sanction," Steinitz

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
24 May 2018 #33
I like you more and more.

Whoever wrote ISRAELI MINISTER TELLS EU TO GO TO "THOUSAND HELLS". are you sure this go to thousands hells is the exact quote. My sources tell me that the thought was expressed a bit differently.

EU vs Israel? Let me think. Hmm, a bunch useless spineless wonders in Brussels vs the smartest and the bravest people surrounded by a sea of barbarians who would kill them in a nanosecond if they knew how. Not an easy call to make. I will be back tomorrow.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
25 May 2018 #34
I am back. Let's skip all that noise about Israel making demands on Poland, or Israelis behaving badly in Warsaw, or how much the US is the Israel's sugar daddy. The main thing is that (1) Israel exists legally, (2) Israel was attacked, (3) the aggressors lost the wars, (4) the aggressors never promised not to do again, (5) the aggressors along with Iran refuse to say that Israel has a right to exist, (6) and scream something like 'death to Israel" and when that gets old for a moment, "death to America".

Now, I have a question: If a thousand people in your village told you every day that they want to kill you, wouldn't you do everything (legal or illegal) in your power to prevent this from happening?

If the US chooses to align itself with Israel and send them money that is their business. It is neither wrong or right, moral or immoral. Just as I don't have to explain why I hate the scum that comes near me from Latin America becaue I want the US to be as white and Anglo as possible. Israel has the same right to decide who is allowed to stay and who is not. It can discriminate on any basis it wants, race, religion, or hair color. The main Israeli sin the world out there cannot stand is the contrast what they have achieved and what the "Palestinians" did. It could not be more telling as to which race is superior. If the "Palestinians" did something more constuctive then blowing up school buses with the Israeli kids inside, they would be in much better shape.

Until Israel hears "you have a right to exist" instead of "death to Israel", them shooting hateful rioters who instantly become "kids" when they get killed for throwing burning tires across the fence, talking about the noise issue is pure bs and a waste of time. Like telling me that I should give up my gun. Ain't gonna happen.

Just curious: How many US patents are owned by "Palestinians" or Arabs and how many by Jews?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #35
I personally salute the EU in this regard for supporting Iran and am.unhappy that
Poland specifically pis isnt doing this because they like israel or hate Iran, it is simple geopolitical posturing - pis' poland has a bad relationship with the eu and wants to do everything to give the US a perpetual blow job. It was the same when liberal po and obama were in charge, it's the same now with conservative pis and trump.

As a pole i view this as a stab in the back against a country that took in thousands of polish refugees with open arms who literally walked on foot from siberia to Iran. To this day theres a small polish community in Iran and tons of monuments honoring poles and cemeteries where my polish compatriots are buried.

And fyi the Iranian government never said that israel would be wiped off the map, they said the zionist government would. Considering how many times the zionists invaded sovereign airspace, killed french engineers building a reactor proven by the iaea to be strictly for energy and not weapons, killed us sailors aboard the uss liberty, massacred lebanese college students.. The list goes on and on... israel has more un resolutions against it than ANY other country - more than north Korea, Syria and Cuba COMBINED

A person cannot be against supremacy, oppression etc and support zionism. To me that is the highest level of cognitive dissonance.

And fyi mazur youre looking at it ass backwards. Let's say 100k latinos from the south sides that you hate so much went to your suburb of Palatine, kicked you out, stole your home without compensation, and killed your family members and neighbors in the process youd be pissed. You'd be looking from the borders that you've now been pushed and cursing the people who confiscated your home. The youth would be rioting, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails against the security forces and doing what they can to make the peiple who STOLE their homes lives more difficult. And fyi - the UN takes Palestines side especially when it comes to settlements, not Israels.

Before 1948 jews and arabs lived in peace, when it was still called Palestine. That all changed once the british started arminf militias due to their debt to the zionist Lord Rothschild from bailing their country out back in ww1 (balfour declaration)

Go to israel - specifically Jerusalem. I've been there. And trust me the way Palestinians are treated even after having their homes stolen from them and family members killed theyre still being extremely reasonable. The reason why they don't recognize israel is foolish to most including me as an outsider but to them Its symbolic because it basically says that theyre saying its okay that their homes were stolen with zero compensation and now theyre saying no big deal.

Theres a difference between wanting to remain a certain type of state and violently oppressing minorities. Israel is the real terrorist. **** them and their zionist leaders.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
25 May 2018 #36
I personally salute the EU in this regard for supporting Iran

EU supports Iran not for some noble principle but because the EU likes making money. EU is nothing but a piece of paper. If and when things go bad, it will be the US doing all the heavy lifting, with the EU cheering on. NATO should be a profit center for the US by being paid all the expenses of having an army there plus a decent profit. Instead, EU is on the American defense welfare costing us dearly. Just look at the individual NATO contributions. If that has changed it's thanks to Trump not because they decided to be more fair or generous.

The Iran deal the mulato a-hole signed does not keep Iran from getting nukes. It only delays it. To Israel and Trump that is a deal breaker. When the Iranian government chants "death to America" I am willing to assume that they mean it. That Poles found Iran friendly in the last century matters nothing today.

Palestinians are hated everywhere. This is why Jordan kicked them out and why no Arab countries with all that space want them. They are like the Roma Gypsies.

Why the Brits did what they did way back may be an interesting story. It's like what happened to the American Indians. Tough crap. It's done and nobody is going to give NY back to them. Instead of living in reality, they rot drunk at their reservations with unemplyment at 80% or higher. Palestinians should get a clue from that and move on except, like I said, nobody wants them.

I will never forget the sight of these bastards dancing in the streets after 9/11.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #37
And why shouldn't Iran have nukes? Unlike israel, who also has a nuclear weapons program, it actually allows IAEA and UN inspectors. In fact, israel has NEVER allowed an inspection of its facilities. Iran on the other hand has had more inspections than any other nation and found by the UN to be compliant. That money that Obama was criticized of 'giving' wasnt a donation, it was returning assets that were theirs, then frozen thanks to the zionist lobbies which lord over the us, and they wanted back after it was unfrozen. When I was accused of stacking and a bank froze my accounts I pulled them out as soon they were unfrozen and never did business with them again. With Iran its no different.

And actually Palestinians theres around 2 3 milliom living in Jordan and even more in lebanon and syria. They weren't all kicked out - only those who established plo training camps as Jordan wished to remain neutral. Amd theres tons of palestinians living in the us too inckuding chicago. Take a drive down touhy going up to western and youll see arabs livinf next to jews in peace. Thats because in the us people dont steal each others homes and disposses people by the millions. Israel never stipped doing that and they dont plan to, thats why settlements are being built faster than ever since we have a ziomist ass kisser as commander in chief. As much as i prefer him over hillary, he has his tongue so far up the zionists ass its ridiculous. Atleast obama did his best to resist their nonstop extortion and demands. Which brings me to my next point...

Palestinians didnt commit 911. Almost all the hijackers were Saudis. And the Saudis have a wonderful alliance with Israel and of course the us. In fact theres a lot of proof that israel had a hidden hand in 911. For one, a group of mossad agents were arrested on the gw bridge with blueprints of the towers.

If you're going to blame people for 911, blame israel and the Saudis, not Palestinians as they had nothing to do with it.

Oh and immediately after the towers fell somehow the investigation into the 2 TRILLION yes trillion that disappeared from the Pentagon was put on hold.and never resumed. The pentagon comptroller at the time was rabbi dov zakheim, who had a great relationship with the zionist majority owner of the twin towers who mysteriously upped his insurance policy right before 911. Oh and dont forget the messages sent out to fellow jews 2 hours before the attack by Israeli company odigo

Report on it from an Israeli source:

You say you hate muslim terrorists who bombed the us, namely al qaeda. Well it's been long proven that al qaeda and its off shoot al nusra front were treated for years in Israeli hospitals. You can read about that as well...
If you hate the people who caused 9/11 then hate al qaeda, hate the saudi establishment who supported them and supports rhem to this day, hate the Israeli mossad who supported them then and the Israeli state who nursed al qaeda fighters using your US tax dollars to nurse these people.back to health...

While Americans go broke paying for healthcare and college israelis get it for free - thanks to us subsidies
LDeJongh - | 30
25 May 2018 #38
Iran is interested in global Jihad and the imposition of Sharia by way of violence, as well as the death of all Jews.

This is in the preamble to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran:

"An Ideological Army

Accordingly, the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps are to be organized in conformity with this goal, and they will be responsible not only for guarding and preserving the frontiers of the country, but also for fulfilling the ideological mission of jihad in God's way; that is, extending the sovereignty of God's law throughout the world

They do not have peaceful intent. You overstate the degree of 'inspections' they have had, and the fact that this money has been used to continue in their aspirations as a sponsor of terror.
johnny reb 32 | 6,826
25 May 2018 #39
Careful Dirk, you're going to have the F.B.I. knocking at your door and put on the list with Snowden.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
25 May 2018 #40
And why shouldn't Iran have nukes?

Because we said so. Why did the US drop two nukes on the Japs? Because it could. Like why dogs lick their balls.

All those interlocking secret connections can give a person a major headache and the truth will never be known. For over a year, they have been looking for a collusion.

I never hate my enemies with the exeption of the illegal Latinos. What I hate is the locals here who for political gain make us vulnerable. The 9/11 19 were visa overstayers, got flying lessons in Venice, Fl, and were once stopped for a traffic violation. The cops didn't do anything because they were not allowed. All that because the US has a bunch morality drive idiots who would not allow then for the FBI to talk to the CIA. Now how f***** stupid can a country get? Is Mossad allowed to talk to the Israeli cops or their version of the FBI? I pray they are.

Israel does all kinds of things that the rest of the world goes apeshit over. Like profiling at the airports. Oh, my god, profiling? They reinforced their ElAl cockpit doors some two decades before 9/11. What did we do? Nothing because the airlines would be upset.

The damage done on 9/11 is nothing compared to what the illegals do here and are still welcomed with open arms. How Israel treats its enemies does even register on my Richter scale. If they treat a wounded terrorist, good for them and Mossad. They may be doing it to make the guy talk later. A dead terrorist is useless.

Every country does what it can for its own benefit. This is the underlying presumption at least. If Israel can get away with lying about their nukes and Iran can't, so be it.

Finally, the fact that Israel can bamboozle the US into giving them all kinds of money, discounts, and weapons, even after Liberty, goes to their credit for being cunning and smart enough to pull this off. When facing death I would do exactly the same and a lot worse.

Once I said this and meant it: If a little pinky on my daugther's hand is about to be cut off or 100,000,000 Chinese die to save it, the Chinese die. Unrealistic but it faithfully reflecting how I feel about such matters.

Again: How many patents owned by the Palestinians are registered in the US Patent office and how many by the Jews?
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
25 May 2018 #41
Why did the US drop two nukes on the Japs? Because it could. Like why dogs lick their balls.

You want to know why?

Because over 62000 young Americans had already died fighting these fanatical lunatics, over 14000 at Okinawa alone. could you possibly expect America alone to bleed its youth dry by continuing to fight Island to Island then incur huge losses fighting on the Japanese mainland.

Because it could. Like why dogs lick their balls.

What a disgusting, flippant and disrespectful comment to make
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #42
Careful Dirk, you're going to have the F.B.I. knocking at your door and put on the list with Snowden.@ johnny reb

I'm sure i'm already on a lot of lists - what's one more... The cops come to check up on me regularly as it is and I'm just waiting for them to send some rookie who oversteps and I sue their department again...

They do not have peaceful intent. You overstate the degree of 'inspections' they have had,

So what even if they aren't for peaceful purposes? Who decides who gets a monopoly on nukes in the middle east? And the fact is those inspections were by the IAEA - the same UN agency that inspects nuclear facilities all over the world - except for Israel who refuses to allow UN inspectors. Plus, Iran has had more of those IAEA inspections than any other country. If I were president of Poland i'd start a secret nuclear program on day 1 - that would make the Russians and Germans never invade us again without their cities being wiped out. And if anyone complained, I'd merely say that Poland is following the Israeli example because we believe it is the right way. No one would then criticize us without criticizing Israel - which they are too scared to do out of fear of being called 'anti-Semites.' The response to everything would be 'we're following Israel, we're doing what Israel is doing, Israel taught us what to do, if Israel can do it why can't we.' etc etc.

If they treat a wounded terrorist, good for them and Mossad.

They are only treating them because they are a 'useful idiot' - a proxy. They treat them because they are Sunni radicals (Al Qaeda/al nusra) fighting against Israel's arch enemy the Shia. And the Shia won this war - Assad is still in power and the Shia corridor is bigger than ever - which makes Israel go nuts and me and other anti-Zionists very happy. Even though they are treating the same people who committed 9/11 - who you literally just said in your last post 'you'll never forget the damage' And now you're rationalizing again - 9/11 'wasn't as bad' as what the illegals do in this country... A murder of 2 doesn't negate a murder of 1. I'll ask you again, would it be okay if someone killed a child as long as he spares the life of the father and the mother? Would it be alright if they kill the mother but keep the father and child alive? Or how about just the father?

I never hate my enemies with the exeption of the illegal Latinos.

Why do illegal Latinos bother you so much? It's a small percentage that commit violent crimes. I personally love them as they do the jobs that Americans - including Polish Americans - don't want to do and do them well and super cheap. I work with these guys everyday and in fact that's one of the reasons why I started learning Spanish. In fact, most of the workers in our construction company are Latino because they are far more reliable and work far quicker than any one else - including other Poles who although have superior craftsmanship are far more expensive, complain about everything, and rarely get the job done on time. A few more years and the Poles will make the same demands as the obese unionized Americans who want $300 a day plus benefits just so that 7 union guys can watch the 8th guy dig a hole. I see that bullsh1t everytime I'm on the road in the summer in Chicago - aka road construction season...

If you hate illegal Latinos than maybe you should stop buying dairy products so you can stop paying their wages. Most of the milk, cheese, yogurt, etc that you consume comes from dairy farms where illegal Latinos make up the majority of the work force. You might also want to give up hiring people to landscape your property, cook your food, and do all the other jobs that whites won't do because they're too difficult and low paying and blacks won't do because they'll make more money off welfare/disability.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
25 May 2018 #43
What a disgusting, flippant and disrespectful comment to make

Totally. Look at how he's bashing Poles and Americans, but not a word of criticism for his Russian masters.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #44
If a little pinky on my daugther's hand is about to be cut off or 100,000,000 Chinese die to save it, the Chinese die.

Quite grim... I guess that's where we differ. I may be a shrewd and selfish *******, but I don't wish death on anyone who doesn't kill innocent people first

Again: How many patents owned by the Palestinians are registered in the US Patent office and how many by the Jews?

Totally irrelevant to the conversation. I can't speak to specific Palestinian inventions, but some of the Islamic ones I can name off the top of my head are algebra, the numbers on your keyboard and your phone (Arabic numerals), the toothbrush, coffee, musical notation and the 'do re me fa so la tee' scale, the scalpel and hundreds of other surgical instruments, and I'm sure there's a lot more if I searched around... Al-Jazari alone made hundreds of thousands of inventions like the crank shaft, clocks, and is often regarded as the father of mechanical engineering/father of robotics.

Look, I don't like the hordes of muslims coming into Europe - mainly because the majority of them are young able bodied men that should be defending and fixing their own countries. They're not coming to contribute but rather to take advantage of the welfare state. Nonetheless, I understand why they are coming and the west has a lot to do with it - one by constantly having proxy wars in the ME and two by taking in people with open arms, especially Merkel, and giving them benefits while taxpayers and citizens suffer. And I don't hate all of them - but I sure as hell hate the ones that are trying to impose their customs, their sharia law, and refusal to contribute to society and take any jobs aside from selling kebab not to mention the terrorism, rape and violence inflicted upon europeans
LDeJongh - | 30
25 May 2018 #45
Then you are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the 'inspections'.

And you are unfamiliar with the requirement to fight Jihad against the Kafir, spread Islam and the Sharia - and wipe them out if necessary. Jan Sobieski fought the same religious fanatics that now run Iran, with the same beliefs and same desire for conquest as during the Islamic Crusades of his time. Except that the Islamic Crusades have not stopped, just slowed down.

Those same Jihadis in Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan Afghanistan and other countries take their doctrine literally:

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (Peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

Sahih Muslim Book 41 Hadith 6985

They are required to murder all Jews to fulfill Allah's wish and bring the last day.

Putting 9/11 conspiracy theories to one side, the reason that Saudi Arabia is cooperating with Israel is the basic need for self preservation. Iran presents a threat to Sunni Islam, and the Gulf states have been under assault by them - proxy wars, subversive activity, political campaigns, terror funding.

Israel possesses the only credible military that can deal with Iran, while Iran wants to replace the Sunnis as the religious and political power in the region.

Islam has every intention of wiping out the Jews as a duty to Allah. It is part of their end days prophecy, which they fervently believe, and in Mohammed's biography, which sets the example for all Muslims to follow...

"Sirat Rasul Allah P369
The apostle said, 'Kill any Jew that falls into your power.' Thereupon Muhayyisa b. Mas'ud leapt upon Ibn Sunayna (579), a Jewish merchant WIth whom they had social and business relations, and killed him."
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
25 May 2018 #46
I can't speak to specific Palestinian inventions, but some of the Islamic ones I can name off the top of my head are algebra,

There is a US patent for algebra?

I was very specific about patents being registered in the US, as all the patents worth anything are, to prevent the discussion from going to powder, paper, abacus, and bows and arrows.

My question about Palestinian patents is very relevant. Since there are none, and the Jews have plenty, I can reasonably conclude that they, the Palestinians, are intelectually inferior. Over time, it showed in their standard of living, and the level of envy and hate toward a smarter and more prosperous next door nation.

Yes, I know that we shower Israel with money. We also do this same for the Egyptians and Palestinians - only to see that money stolen by Arafat and his buddies. At least, for the money Israel gets, Israelis are grateful. For the money Palestinians got Palestinians did a little too much happy dancing after 9/11. How much was Arafat's net worth? A billion, that's how much. I wonder what was his salary to allow this scumbag so save that kind of dough.

Then you are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the 'inspections'.

Excellent point.

For the inspections to be inspections, not a choreographed, pro-forma, boogie dance, they must meet at least two conditions, Inspections must be allowed to take place (1) any time, and (2) at any place the inspector chooses. Period. No buts. No howevers.

Under the Mulatto agreement with the Iranian terrorists, (I am refering to their governmen), are those two conditions met?

Second question. Under that agreement, will Iran be ever allowed to get nukes?

Simple questions deserving simple answers.
LDeJongh - | 30
25 May 2018 #47
The word sugar also derives from the Arabic - but I'm confident that they didn't invent the stuff.

People built structures using mathematics before the Arabs got around to leaving Arabia.

Not off the top of my head, but from actual research... archaeological evidence shows the roots of algebra dates back to the Babylonians. Then it developed in Egypt and Greece. The Chinese and especially the Indians also advanced algebra and wrote important works on the subject.

The Alexandrian Greek mathematician Diophantus (3rd century AD), "the father of algebra", wrote Arithmetica, dealing with solving algebraic equations.

9th-century Persian mathematician Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi translated, formalised and commented on ancient Indian and Greek works. The Arabic "al-jabr" derives from the title of his "Book on Addition and Subtraction after the Method of the Indians".
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #48
Gulf states have been under assault by them - proxy wars, subversive activity, political campaigns, terror funding.

Oh and Syria and Iraq haven't been under assault by Sunnis? Remind me again who was supporting ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra Front, etc....

And for your info, Lebanese Christians LOVE Hezbollah because they protect them from the Sunnis. The Christians and Shia are in coalitions together in government and support each other.

are those two conditions met?

Again, according to the UN Iran was found to be compliant with IAEA inspectors. Israel on the other hand has NEVER allowed a UN/IAEA inspection. Bit hypocritical don't you think? What gives one country the right to have a secret nuclear weapons program and refuse all inspections while another has more inspections than any other nation and is still criticized for having a nuclear program?? Quite honestly, I'm happy this Iran deal fell apart because now Iran is no longer tied to using its reactors for peaceful purposes - and in fact it stated that it would immediately begin enriching uranium. Good for them. No single country in the middle east should have a monopoly on nuclear weapons.

Here's a chronology of IAEA/UN insepctions and reports as they pertain to Iran, but don't bother looking for Israel's because they never allowed an inspection.

Then you are not familiar with the terms and conditions of the 'inspections'.

Seeing as you are neither an IAEA official or an Iranian nuclear scientist, so like me are limited to the IAEA's reports - which state that Iran is being complaint.
LDeJongh - | 30
25 May 2018 #49
A standing joke at the UN is that the OIC, which is the largest voting bloc at the UN (Organisation of Islamic Countries) could pass a vote that the earth if flat, and that Israel flattened it. You need to look more closely at the conditions of the 'inspections'.

And yes, I have been to Lebanon several times for, er, work reasons. Your claim is sorely mistaken that Lebanese Christians LOVE Hezbollah. Read up on what Islam has to say about Dhimmis. The Shia have no love for Christians, just as the Sunni do not. They worship the same Allah and read the same book.

In Q9:30: "The Christians say the Christ is the son of God ... may God's curse be upon them!"

Tafsir Ibn Al Kathir Verse 9.30 "Fighting the Jews and Christians is legislated because They are Idolators and Disbelievers Allah the Exalted encourages the believers to fight the polytheists, disbelieving Jews and Christians, who uttered this terrible statement and utter lies against Allah, the Exalted."

@Dirk diggler
I see your unwavering support for Islamic Jihad and a government that wants to see you dead or subjugated, with your way of life replaced by Sharia and Dhimmitude under Islam.

Your list of 'Islamic inventions' doesn't hold up under scrutiny either. More research is appropriate.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
25 May 2018 #50
Your claim is sorely mistaken that Lebanese Christians LOVE Hezbollah.

Actually they do - that's why they are in government coalitions together. Same as Christians in Syria overwhelmingly support Assad in Syria.

And regardless of what the Koran says, not every Muslim is a crazy fundamentalist.

You need to look more closely at the conditions of the 'inspections'.

If they're good enough for the IAEA and they say Iran is compliant, that's good enough for me.

The fact is that the American/Israeli/Saudi position is declining while the Russian/Chinese/Shia/Pakistan is getting stronger and stronger. America isn't even the world power anymore in terms of geopolitics or even economics. That belongs to China now - and has for years. China basically owns Africa, they're the world's top economy with no signs of slowing down, and they're expanding their reach more and more. Even Poland and Hungary are becoming more friendly with China because they see that's where the future will lie - especially once One Belt is completed.

America spends trillions of dollars on military, espionage, security and all this stuff and yet countries who spend a fraction can effectively compete. Just look at the elections - half of America thinks that our elections were hacked, manipulated, etc. while the other half denies it. It doesn't matter whether they did or didn't - the fact is the system was undermined and that's all the Russians intended. America spends all this money on defense and propping up Israel while the vast majority of people make less than $20 an hour - subtract all the taxes and that figure is nearly halved. A country with a GDP the size of texas can produce weapons that America has no defense against, and has a superior missle program. Meanwhile, China is destroying America in terms of economics and geopolitical importance.

The fact is like all empires, the US' is coming to a close. The question is whether America will save itself, or will it sacrifice itself and continue propping up Israel.

Either way, the future belongs to China-Russia-Iran/Shia and their allies. Israel, the US, and the Sunni parties grossly overplayed their hand in the Syria and Iraq conflicts. And what did it get them? The Shia are stronger than ever now. The same guy leading the Mahdi army which killed thousands of Americans is now the king maker of Iraq - and he's very friendly with Iran. The US, the Sunni kingdoms and Israel thought that they could wipe out the Shia and destroy Assad and his allies. But they failed - miserably. Not only is Assad still in power, the Shia are stronger than ever. In fact, they now have a corridor running from Iran straight to Israel's doorstep. They wanted to balkanize the Shia lands and make Israel and the Sunnis the rulers of the ME - but they failed. Instead, they only strengthened the resolve of the opposition. The Shia are stronger than they've ever been, and more united and their power will only crease as they consolidate and rebuild their countries and armies. Hopefully Tel Aviv and people like Netanyahu get a taste of their own medicine. That would be karma, plain and simple...

I see your unwavering support for Islamic Jihad and a government that wants to see you dead or subjugated

Rather I saw with my own eyes what the situation on the ground in Israel, specifically Jerusalem is like.

Just like the Nazis called Polish people 'terrorists' when they resisted their occupation, so will the Zionists and their media outlets call Palestinians the same who desire to not be persecuted and receive some kind of compensation for being forcibly evicted from their homes.

Your claim is sorely mistaken that Lebanese Christians LOVE Hezbollah.

All these sources say otherwise:

'They Accept Us as We Are;' Christians Join Forces With Hezbollah to Fight ISIS in Lebanon'

Julia Boutros, a famous Christian Lebanese singer, sings tribute to Hezbollah which can be found on youtube...

Hezbollah wishes Christians a Merry Christmas on its TV station every year.

Christian Lebanese actress Nadine Al Rassi expressing her views on Hezbollah:

And more and more Christians are waking up to the fact that Hezbollah isn't the bogeyman that the Zionist's media has portrayed them to be for all these decades...

The worst thing for the Zionists is when the goyim (meaning cattle in Hebrew - every non-Jew - that means me, you, rich, and every non-Jew in the world)

You talk a lot about how awful the Koran is, perhaps you should do a little research on the Talmud, the basis for rabbinical Judaism and Zionism, and see what it has to say about non-Jews? Well, gentiles are called cattle first and foremost and the Talmud states that they can be robbed, killed for their organs, stolen from, usurped, and are basically slaves. In fact, jews believe that they will end up being the rulers over all gentiles once the 3rd temple is built. Hopefully Iran's new nukes and Shia ground forces can prevent that.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #51
You talk a lot about how awful the Koran is, perhaps you should do a little research on the Talmud

Except that Koran is being practiced today to the extent these bastards can. We can read both Koran and Talmud, pick on every word and comma until cows come home. The reality is in the numbers and what Muslims do when they are in control.

When they move to the US, that are so lovely and tolerant I could hug them. In that sense, they emulate communists in Western Europe and here. It's what happens after they seize power that should scare the f*** out of anyone with even the basic knowledge of this political movement dressed up for a religion.

Just for fun, let's try this:

Jewish temples in Saudi Arabia: x
Catholic churches in Saudi Arabia: y
Islam mosques in Israel: z

Now, I don't know what x, y, and z are. I will try to find out. I would appreciate some help if anyone knows them already.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,943
26 May 2018 #52
And zionists applying the Talmud are no different. Just like theres fundamentalist crazy christians so are there crazy jews and crazy muslims. And just as there are good normal.christians there are good jews and good muslims. Not zionists though as by default it is a supremacist aggressive ideology, which bases its beliefs on the talmud. Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with some of former prime minister menachem begins (an anders army deserter) quotes - specifically the ones calling goys cattle and that they will israelis peoples feet.

And fyi, israel is now taxing churches. There is currently a law in the Knesset that if passed will allow israel to seize churches and other church real estate without compensation.

Although repricocity is the basis for international diplomacy, no country will dare to pass laws taxing synogagues and having the ability to appropriate them. Not only is it totally immoral, but the accusations of anti semitism would be nonstop from the zionist monopolized media. Nonetheless, someone needs to stand up to Israel to keep the zionists in check. Right now thats the shia - hence they have my support, for many, many reasons with Israel taxing Catholic churches just the most recent addition.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
26 May 2018 #53
And zionists applying the Talmud are no different.

Those look like conjectures or just opinions, not hard facts. The hards facts are in numbers x, y, and z above.

Just like theres fundamentalist crazy christians so are there crazy jews and crazy muslims.

Crazy muslims slash throats, fly planes into tall buildings, run trucks over people, shoot friends having a party like in San Bernardino, and rape Swedish women in such numbers that the Swedish women are scared to go out alone. They throw gays from the rooftops and execute rape victims. Did I miss anything?

When it comes to "crazy christians" and "crazy jews", that's where I need your help.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #54
It is an Islamic duty for Muslims to kill all Jews. It is is in the Quran, the Hadith, the Sira and the Sharia.
The Christians in Lebanon suffered under 2 civil wars caused by Muslims taking over the country in Jihad. They are declining and have little political power, Hezbollah is the de facto government. You want to paint a rosy picture of some of the worst religious and political forces in the world.

Why compare the Old Testament going back 1000s of years, when the Quran is 600 years after the New Testament? Islam claims the book is the literal, perfect, eternal word of God - to be submitted to implicitly.

Q33.36It is not for any believer, man or woman, when God and His Messenger have decreed a matter, to have the choice in the affair. Whosoever disobeys God and His Messenger has gone astray into manifest error.

Hamas (Islamic Resistance Movement), Iran, Hizb'Allah (Party of Allah), IS and all the others that hate Israel are doing no more than follow the Quran, the word of Allah and the example of Mohammed. Which requires them to kill all Jews, no other reason required.

And you defend this as if they are good upstanding Christians who don't kill gays by throwing them off buildings or hang them from cranes in public.

Nowhere is Old Testament law practiced, but the Sharia is in force in numerous countries, even in Europe on a growing basis.

But you prefer propaganda and support terrorists engaged in Jihad against you and Western civilisation while ignorant of the Islamic scripture that drives them.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #55
The duty to conquer and spread Islam by Jihad into the Dar Al Harb (House of War, or any non-Islamic territory) until the world is Islamic goes back to the beginnings of Islam.

Good Muslims do what Islam requires as per the scriptures and follow Mohammed's example. You do not understand Islam.

Ibn Khaldun on Holy War as Religious Duty
January 1, 1336
Ibn Khaldun himself: "in the Muslim community, the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universalism of the Muslim mission and (the obligation to) convert everybody to Islam either by persuasion or by force." In Islam, says Ibn Khaldun, the person in charge of religious affairs is concerned with "power politics," because Islam is "under obligation to gain power over other nations" (Muqaddimah).
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
26 May 2018 #56
Nowhere is Old Testament law practiced, but the Sharia is in force in numerous countries, even in Europe on a growing basis.

Actually, in England, it's quite normal for Orthodox Jews to settle issues at their own "beth din" courts.

By the way, quoting texts from 1336 hardly proves anything except that people were rather backwards in their thinking back then.
mafketis 34 | 11,606
26 May 2018 #57
it's quite normal for Orthodox Jews to settle issues at their own "beth din" courts

but they don't proselytise or expect non-Jews to observe Jewish laws around them

quoting texts from 1336 hardly proves anything except that people were rather backwards in their thinking back then

but if people still believe it then it's relevant
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #58
From the Tafsir ibn Kathir. " Allah commands His believing servants, who are pure in religion and person, to expel the idolators who are filthy in the religious sense... "

Q5:17 " Kill the idolaters wherever you find them. Even if they are the people of the book."
Quran, 3:85 " Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam, it will never be accepted of him"

Jihad is not a state of constant fighting, it is a state of eternal war. These words above are in effect today, while Europe and Israel reformed their cultures and became modern civilisations that contribute to the world in a positive way.

The Islamic world cannot change the Quran, which is 'Innovation', a sin punishable by death. The entire Islamic world publishes fewer books annually than are published in Spain, since books and learning are not held in esteem as they are in the West.

Perhaps you should look into how the Quran is applied today, close to home.

And you are clearly unaware that there are 6 doctrines of sacred deception and holy lying in Islam.

The negative impression of Israel was a successful propaganda campaign by the Russian KGB after the 1967 war, when Israel trashed the Arab armies that were funded, trained and organised by the Russians, causing them deep embarrassment. The Soviet-Palestinian Lie, found at the Gatestone Institute is an enlightening read.

This played well into the Islamic ethos of demonising and ultimately slaughtering the Jews, just as Hitler worked alongside them because of shared interests.
LDeJongh - | 30
26 May 2018 #59

Literally "Party of Allah", a Shi'a political party and militant criminal group based in Lebanon. Formerly known as Islamic Jihad.
Hezbollah's paramilitary wing is the Jihad Council.

Jihad... let me attach the definition given by the Islamic Circle or North America, published in the book they use to teach youth in Islamic schools (madrassas) today.

113 The word Allah used in Arabic is: wa Jaahada Fee Sabeelillah - meaning: made Jihad in the path of Allah. It is incorrect to translate the word Jihad to mean strive/striving because Jihad is a legal terminology with a specific meaning, and that is, fighting in the path of Allah and the struggle therein. Translating the word Jihad to mean 'Striving' is misleading as it gives a meaning different to the intending meaning in the verse. Unfortunately, this error has become a common practice amongst the translators, so let them be careful from falling into such errors.

Tell me again how these Jihad terror groups are worthy of our support?

gregy741 4 | 1,237
26 May 2018 #60
Crazy muslims slash throats, fly planes into tall buildings, run trucks over people, shoot friends having a party like in San Bernardino,

Did I miss anything?

yes you did.
all those thingies done my Sunni extremist..Sunni jihadists heavily supported by Israel.Iranians and Hizbollah are mortal enemy of sunni jihadists.and die every day fighting them in Syria and Iraq,while Israel is doing everything it can to save Al nusra and ISIS.

and Christians and other minorities in Lebanon and Syria love Hizbollah,cus it protect them

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