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Polonophobia rising in Israel.

G (undercover)
3 Feb 2018 #1
Polish tourists got attacked by Jewish psycho screaming that "Good Poles are death Poles". Just another one example of Jewish Polonophobia. MSZ should declare Israel a high risk destination for tourists and rise this issue at the UN.
dolnoslask 6 | 2,946
3 Feb 2018 #2
Must admit between Lyzko and recent events my wish of having better future relations between Poland and Israel has changed. probably best to smooth over the current hysteria and keep well away and apart in the future.
3 Feb 2018 #3
Certainly Poland should cancel any military equipment purchases from Israel, Sky Ceptor and Patriot, for instance.
Ktos 16 | 440
3 Feb 2018 #4
Israel is good at making killing machines, isn't it? Poland does not need to buy anything from those dogs Chazars, Poland single handed saved Jews from extinction many, many times, while Americans refused Jews entry into the good, old, very old and declining now, US of other continents?

@G (undercover)

Exactly! Those bastards are so brainwashed with IQ of below minus 5 that it is pointless to even bother talking to those sideburns, Polish MSZ should take decisive action and be very stern with Islamel. The best thing to do is to boycot Israeli youth excursions to Poland, and it's not like we would miss their kaka in hotel rooms plus devastation they always cause during those, so called excursions - more like provocations towards conflict.
Antidote - | 3
8 Feb 2018 #5
Bring the ambassodor home too.
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
8 Feb 2018 #6
Dialogue remains the only true key to understanding. This infighting has simply got to stop. Netanyahu knows this full well, but is fomenting distrust between Israelis and Poles.

Even the Israeli Jews themselves were complaining constantly the last time I was over in Israel (late '90's) that there's too much infighting among Jews(..forget about the Palestinians for a moment).
Crow 155 | 9,030
8 Feb 2018 #7
"Good Poles are death Poles"

Fine. See, we now understand why some Jews took part in Nazi German formations that suggested final solution for the Slavs. Of course, that don`t deny holocaust on Jews at the same time but, just explaining how some Jews had interest to join Nazis. Its all about interest. What particular, is up to be seen.

Telling you. We live in era when masks falling down. In this particular case, we can only hope and, I do believe, I want to believe, that we here have isolated example of Jewish anti-Slavic stance. Must be that Jews aren`t completely cured from feelings they demonstrated during era of slavery, when they actively took part in hunt on Slavs, side by side with Greeks, Romans, Germanics and Arabs.


a film written and directed by Henry Bean about Danny Balint an orthodox Jew who becomes a neo-Nazi, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance film festival.

Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
8 Feb 2018 #8
The best thing to do is to boycot Israeli youth excursions to Poland

The left and right are both involved in the BDS movement. I do not purchase any products made in occupied lands deemed to be illegal by the UN.

more like provocations towards conflict.

The Jewish youth purposely marches down the streets in Warsaw during such trips trying to cause trouble. They often shout anti-Polish, anti-Catholic slogans while marching in the city streets. Yet when some soccer hools kick their asses for being disrespectful its world news and Poles are portrayed as the racists....
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
10 Feb 2018 #9
Hahahah zionist jet shot down

Looks like israel isnt having a good week rofl. Oh israel does not like iran being so close to them in syria. No wonder the uninvited us doesnt want to leave. Good - looks like the Iranians arent going anywhere either. The shia axis is definetely keeping the zionist entity up at night :D Putin isnt too happy about israels meddling either. Long live the anti zionist coalition!
10 Feb 2018 #10
Looks like israel isnt having a good week rofl. Oh israel does not like iran being so close to them in syria.

Good, Israel has no right to fly over Syria.
mafketis 36 | 10,859
10 Feb 2018 #11
Dialogue remains the only true key to understanding

Israel's never been interested in dialogue, just in lecturing (not the same thing at all).
Lyzko 45 | 9,288
11 Feb 2018 #12
Israel has been interested in dialogue, only Arafat wasn't listening. We could reduce the Jewish State until it's next to nothing, but what good would such a move do Israel....or her Arab neighbors? The Mid-East needs Israel as much as vice-versa, lest we forget!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
11 Feb 2018 #13
Hahahah zionist jet shot down

Hahaha American taxpayer paying for replacements. It's your taxes going to their warmongering, don't forget.

The Mid-East needs Israel as much as vice-versa, lest we forget!

This much is true. Plenty of Israeli Arabs are living decent lives, though I do strongly believe that we need to once and for all create a three-state solution. Israel needs to be within the 1967 borders (with East Jerusalem turned into a city under UN administration along with the Golan Heights), the West Bank needs to be the basis of a Palestinian State and Gaza needs to be given a free vote on whether they want to join the West Bank or operate as a free city.

But all conflicts also need to end - Israel's withdrawal needs to be met with peace from the Palestinian side too. It's in everyone's best interest to have a stable situation there, though I suspect plenty of other non-Palestinian Arabs have too much to gain from Israel as the enemy.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
12 Feb 2018 #14
Hahaha American taxpayer paying for replacements. It's your taxes going to their warmongering, don't forget.

Actually, Israel purchases the planes - albeit with a discount. Thankfully we don't have rabbi dov zakheim as comptroller so no more selling planes for scrap metal. In any case, there's always bad with the good and despite Trump being an uber Zionist, I still like most of his policies. A person will never agree with 100% of the stuff that a party or politician stands for.

Israel's never been interested in dialogue, just in lecturing (not the same thing at all).

And bombing schools, massacring university students leaving classrooms, bulldozing Palestinian peoples homes, building walls to keep them out and generally instilling a system of apartheid...
12 Feb 2018 #15
Actually, Israel purchases the planes - albeit with a discount

Via a 100% grant from the USA. Also, Israel gets 140% offsets - i.e US agrees to buy 140% of the cost of the F-35 in military/industrial goods from Israel.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
12 Feb 2018 #16
To be fair, if the 140% is in military technology, then it's not a bad deal for the Americans. Iron Dome is a fine example of Israeli technology that is low cost and effective.
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
17 Apr 2018 #17

Jonny Daniels

I thought I would put this in a separate topic, as it isn't really about the 'Israeli reaction to Polish law' thread but every now and then he gets brought up there.

Some of us [me and delph] in particular] have given our fair share of thoughts on this guy. Anybody else want to comment? What do you think about him? What do you think his real intentions are?

Here is his latest interview for the Polish media, where again, he just cannot stop himself from talking about how so many Polish people murdered Jews.

Like I said before, he is too stupid to be a Mossad agent, because he can't keep his mouth shut when he should.

Funny how in the interview he says he has considered packing up and leaving it, because of the amount of abuse he gets from Polish people. Yes please, don't think about it mate, just go. But we know of course that he won't, because he has a job to do in Poland.
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
17 Apr 2018 #18
Not sure what my topic on Jonny Daniels has to do with Polonophobia rising in Israel, that's why created a separate thread, as it's a specific topic about him. That's why I didn't put it in the other thread I made. Whatever, I'm used to illogical things being done on this forum.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,177
17 Apr 2018 #19
Agreed - mods, he's worthy of a separate topic. Please? There's a lot of his nonsense, and most of it concerns his work in Poland, not Israel.

Yes please, don't think about it mate, just go.

Exactly. Most of the hate directed towards him is for perfectly good reasons, and the nationalists (but not only) in my view have perfectly valid reasons for questioning him and calling him out on his non-stop nonsense. If he doesn't like it, he can pack his bags and do whatever it is he's doing elsewhere.
Slavictor 6 | 193
17 Apr 2018 #20
Let it rise and let the professional victims pound salt. Poland doesn't need "Israel".

Reduce the size of the "Jewish " State? "israel" doesn't exist. It has no defined borders. The concept of israel a criminally insane ideological abstraction based on racial purity & superiority, realized and artificially maintained by blunt force terrorism. But wait, there's more. The cancerous consumption of zionism doesn't stop at Palestines' borders. A greater israel, from "the Nile to the Euphrates" is the agenda; the rivers stitched right into the Zionist flag represented by the two blue bars clearly exclaim the plan.

Where would the Middle East and the World be without "it"? ...


Many less than rabid tribesmen realize the genocidal travesty taking place and support for this sand castle of a concentration camp built on Palestinian corpses and Americans' bank accounts is waning fast.

  • Palestine Consumed By Psychopathic Zionism
Slavictor 6 | 193
20 Apr 2018 #21
Many less than rabid tribesmen realize

I support the actions of BDS. It's completely non-violent (i.e. very un-zionist). And, so do the americans at the following college:
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
20 Apr 2018 #22
Same. Anything that resists the zionist monstrosity is okay in my book - especially neturei karta and jews for Jesus and even the leftist jews as they show that not every israeli/jew likes Zionism and does not support it

Thanks to the mindless consumerasses tbat form the majoroty of millenials, according to some outlets the majority of millenials do not know what exactly Auschwitz is nor are they too familiar with the details of the holocaust.

omg... The goys... dont know!?!?!

The far right has indirectly prevailed lol. However dont think this will be the the end of shoah business and holocaust industry (which the polish leadership foolishly got sucked into a debate which they could never win)
Slavictor 6 | 193
20 Apr 2018 #23
Natalie Portman's stock has risen. She has heart. I hope some of her fellow tribesmen don't try to stop it. Backtrack options remain open.

  • Good Job, Nat
8 May 2018 #24
Israel is burning down all the bridges it has for absolutely no reason. The ban came because Israel chose to bring up such an issue immediately after Poland refused to receive refugees, choosing to use that tool as a scummy move to force subhumanity down Poland's throat just as it did to the UK, Germany, Sweden and France.
TheWizard - | 233
9 May 2018 #25
Anti semitism is rising. Their dispicable behaviour is not helping them. Here where i live jewish now means toxic hipocrite. Uk is anti semetic and many parts of europe. It is getting worse not less. Their dumb crap is to blame. So they can practice polonophobia all they want but Poland is small and still not that rich and certainly would never attack. The otbers.. well they have more money and influence. And now Iran? Forget jewish lies about Poland they have bigger problems.
Slavictor 6 | 193
11 May 2018 #26
Couldn't have said it better
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
11 May 2018 #27
Uk is anti semetic and many parts of europe. It is getting worse not less.

Not just UK but Germany, France, etc. The Zionist government is taking advantage of that by offering to move Jews to Israel. They provide them housing, subsidies, jobs, etc. - all paid for by US taxpayers of course. The only stipulation is that they moved to a settlement deemed illegal by the UN. There's a good vice documentary about this. These European Jews are just pawns of their Zionist government to gobble up more and more of the west bank - house by house, person by person. And more and more Palestinians are losing their homes - flat out being bulldozed. The others are constantly harassed, live in apartheid just like in S. Africa - killings, segregation, and all, beaten, shot at, etc. And forget about the Israeli police intervening and telling their fellow Zionist to stop assaulting people and vandalizing homes. And if a Jewish criminal from the US is wanted, forget about Israel extraditing them back.

I don't think that there is a more corrupt hypocritical nation full of supremacists.... Israel is truly in a class of its own. I know black people exaggerate about racism but you should read how Azelia Banks when she was there just now to do a show . It really takes a special government and people to shoot kids for throwing rocks at tanks, bulldozing innocent people's homes with no compensation - an American activist was killed this way. She thought if she stayed in the house that there would be no way the IDF would bulldoze it with her inside. Well, they did - and she died of course. Condemnation from America? Of course not... Reports about it in the Zionist controlled and owned MSM - don't make me laugh....

And the Jews wonder why there's anti-Semitism and why some nations like Yemen's Zaidi's have 'Death to Israel' written on their flag.. Maybe if they stopped killing innocent people all the time and stopped bulldozing and stealing peoples' homes they'd stop... And these same ******** who bulldoze people's homes with NO compensation expect for Polish taxpayers to give them compensation for properties they lost during WW2 due to an INVASION from 2 foreign countries...

Seriously, we need a politician in Poland that will never put up with this Zionist bullshit again...
TheWizard - | 233
11 May 2018 #28
Do they realize what danage they are doing to themselves? Or dont they care?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
13 May 2018 #29
They don't care because their sugar daddy, the USA will always bail them out. It's like the young hot wife who spends all day screwing dudes closer to her age and putting powder in her nose because she knows her geezer husband will always take her back anyway since she's a status symbol, a trophy wife.

At least in that case it's a symbiotic relationship. I don't really see how the US benefits from Isreal. Politicians including Trump say that Israel is a great ally but I don't see it. Allies don't kill other allies' sailors and civilians...
WielkiPolak 56 | 1,008
13 May 2018 #30
I don't really see how the US benefits from Isreal. Politicians including Trump say that Israel is a great ally but I don't see it.

That's an easy one. Heavy Jewish influence in American politics.

America does not benefit from Israel in any way and it would make no logical sense for a country like the USA to care so much about Israel. Heck, the USA benefits more from a relationship with Poland than Israel, given how many EU countries don't like Trump or the USA right now. But as I said, Jewish influence, it makes a heck of a difference.

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