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Poles not promoting their own country?

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 May 2011 #1
Another example of Poles not promoting their own country, thinking only in terms of narrow self-interest. 'Grab something for yourself and run' seems to be the byword of the day, rather than thinking of the common good, the nation's image or the Polish 'brand'.

Usually, some third party (in this case Italy's public TV) reaps the benefits. This article tells how TVP missed the boat in the creation of the historical blockbuster Battle of Vienna.
PolskiMoc 4 | 324
15 May 2011 #2
Yes, I agree Polish people need to promote more.

In the West other ethnicities are so much louder & more ****** than Poles that they always have their voices heard.

But, Poles too often stay too quiet & this actually leads to alot of the prejudices against Poles because sadly most Westerners don't know the greatness of the Polish people.

We generally just here German propaganda in the west.

In the U.S we don't even learn about the Battle of Vienna in our schools. I don't think that is by accident. I think it is German propaganda.

They don't want us to know that we Poles were the heroes.

I mean Jan Sobieski is surely the equal of Charles Martel.

So why don't we hear about him? I guess because Poles stay too quiet & Germans are the ones speaking for us with their propaganda.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
15 May 2011 #3
This article tells how TVP missed the boat in the creation of the historical blockbuster Battle of Vienna.

All due to TVP's situation, being so heavily influenced by politics that they simply get nothing done. I can tell you countless other examples where they've made a total mess of something.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 May 2011 #4
In a nutshell: Italian film producer Alessandro Leone, 35, who is fascinated by things Polish and speaks Polish fluently, tried to interest TVP in co-producing the Battle of Veinna. RAI would contirbute 40 mln zlotys and TVP only 10 mln. After much long-distance negotiating an Italian delegation travelled to Warsaw, but TVP head Romuald OrzeĊ‚ knew nothign about it. The Italians were told

'don't phone us, we'll phone you.' After months of futile attempts by Leone to touch base, text messages and emails remained unanswered and nobody was available by phone. Leone was surprised of such behaviour regarding one of Poland's few great international victories.

I have personally encountered similar situations where sympathetic outsiders were more interested in promoting something Polish than Poles thesmelves. How about you?

[i]I got a letter : " My name is Alessandro Leone , I am a film producer and dealing with the promotion of Polish culture in Italy and the distribution of Polish films . I wanted to TVP interest in cooperating in the production of the film » Battle of Vienna . '"

Italy is 35 years old , speaks Polish . He says he loves Poland.[/i
MyMom 6 | 137
14 Sep 2011 #5

Western celebrities talk about Poland - promotional film from Polish foreign ministry

Found on Polish MSZ youtube channel:
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
14 Sep 2011 #6
Nice clip, good promotional video. Didn't know some of them Hollywood actors had a Polish background.
beckski 12 | 1,617
15 Sep 2011 #7
Found on Polish MSZ youtube channel:

Great seeing many different celebrities (even the ones I've never heard of) promoting a film about Poland and Polish culture.
Basia's song at the end added a nice touch:)

Forfour44 9 | 94
15 Sep 2011 #8
I liked it. Some actors were pointless tho. They make themselves look silly.
Some actors were really great.
15 Sep 2011 #9
I think the film in the following link should be the first educational film, for all expat mangers coming to Poland.


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