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Poland in the US news? wow ..that is rare.

Rysavy 10 | 307
2 Mar 2013 #1
Yesterday, Poland was in the news on a bus crash that could have been worse. From how they worded it...two 'old' ladies wrestled the wheel when the driver succumbed to something? (drunk? death? diebtic coma?)

I didn't catch it all since I was out to pick something up.

My minds eye has some little bird like my x-inlaw Baba and some big Mama trying to throw off the driver and get the bus They hit somethings but...all okay now? Driver alive?

*edit : yes I know 'P"oland. I didn't ninja strike my shift hard enough*
Monitor 13 | 1810
2 Mar 2013 #2
I guess you're writing about that:
OP Rysavy 10 | 307
2 Mar 2013 #3
Ah... interesting! Thanks Monitor. I bookmarked the site too.

And so Mrs Danzig gets a bus pass for life ^_^
but how ironic about the other person, Gabriela. Maybe they'll hire her now?

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