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Visegrad Battle Group under the command of Poland

2 Nov 2016 #211
But why can't the Yugo group countries form a union
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Macedonia
Crow 139 | 8,273
2 Nov 2016 #212
Imagine that Silesia separate from Poland in a bloody Civil War and, imagine that all Poles and world knows how is Germany behind that. Then imagine that Silesia then belong to German sphere of influence. Factors such are NATO and EU on the side of Germany could only make that things looks more ugly to Poland and to Poles. Finally, imagine that some Serbian, on some forum ask you (same way as you as Polish- as if? ask me now)- But why can't the Poland form union with Silesia?.... it wouldn`t be nice of me, isn`t it?

See, with Serbia and Croatia is even worse situation, much more complicated. About 80% of populace of what is today`s Croatia are ethnic Serbs. From those 80%, most are Catholic Serbs and others are Orthodox Serbs. Less then 20% of Croatia are Catholic Croats- real ethnic Croats (who BDW, heavily intermixed with Serbians so that even they aren`t Croats but at least in their regions they have historical legitimacy to exist as Croats and so be it- we don`t want them anyway- very evil people loyal to Germany to the bone- it was our fatal mistake to ever considered any Slavic alliance and union with them).

No union between Serbia and Croatia is possible as long as Croats oppressing Serbians and foreign factor support that. Also, Croatia belong to German sphere of influence, while Serbia represent independent Slavic factor that hold point of balance between Poland and Russia, with historical tendency to join in Intermarium with Poland if ever possible.

Then, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina also represent Serbian lands/populace separated from Serbia. So, Serbia must make things clear here in the region and then we shall see for the next strategic move.
Crow 139 | 8,273
2 Nov 2016 #213
Poles should be suspicious of motifs of any Polish politician who work against Serbia. Working against Serbia is direct attack on Polish interests because Polish interest can`t be meddling in affairs of brotherly and loyal Slavic people. Therefore, official Poland should annul its Kosovo recognition and also refrain itself of having close ties with regime of Montenegro, after all of Croatia, too.
2 Nov 2016 #214
See, I thought everyone was slavic, and kumbaya. It's cool that Serbia is considering Poland as a strong advocate for its interests,
but the whole slavic angle is not going to work.

beacuse this whole slavic common thing is a joke. What we have in common now is half a century of enslavement by the Third Reich and the Soviet Union at tremendous cost of life and suffering, and that we're not just going to accept any retarted diktats from leftists and globalists who are making new social experiments.
Crow 139 | 8,273
2 Nov 2016 #215
Let us focus on our own moves, without seeking eternal approval from outside. Serbia don`t ask for anybody`s blessing when negotiate with Visegrad Group or EU. Same way, Poland don`t need to wait for anybody`s blessing when approaching to Serbia. Then, official Serbia respect Poland`s sovereignty, while official Poland disrespect Serbia`s sovereignty. Official Serbia don`t violate vital Polish interest, while official Poland violates vital Serbian interest. Official Serbia even risking displeasure of some world powers when doing services to Poland, while official Poland even don`t offering services to Serbia and not even think to risk anything for Serbia. Official Serbia don`t issuing any pressure on Poland and official Poland pressuring Serbia.

So, what is this? What kind of relationship have official Poland to official Serbia? Are our countries even on the verge of open hostilities? I mean, that`s how official Poland behave on Serbia.

It looks very ugly to Serbians to see that official Poland blindly follow NATO and EU when it comes to their hegemonic policy on Serbia. On the other side, official Serbia always demonstrate loyalty to Poland, no matter very difficult circumstances. But, let us be clear here. What Serbia doing in its approach to Poland, Serbia doing because of Polish people. I am glad that our officials always have in mind loyalty to brotherly Poles (even when official Poland stubbing Serbia in its back), same way as we were loyal to Poles when Russian Tzars, Soviets oppressed Poland and always throughout history. So, let Poles deal with regime in Poland, same way as they back in past dealt with it when Poland finally saved itself from Warsaw Pact.

I believed in Duda and was truly happy when he came to be new Polish president but, I am absolutely disappointed. Duda is just another poltroon of western European and USA magnates, without real sensibility for what is minimum of dignity of Poland.
2 Nov 2016 #216
Poles root for the Serbs, but the politicians can't do anything. Only the US and Russia get to redraw borders. Too bad you didn't wait until 2001.
Crow 139 | 8,273
2 Nov 2016 #217
Others accelerated things. BDW, what happened in 2001?

In any case, things would be corrected.
2 Nov 2016 #218
9/11 happened
Crnogorac3 1 | 316
3 Nov 2016 #219
Russian troops arrive for week-long war games in Serbia

Three Russian Il-76 transport planes on Wednesday brought 212 soldiers from the country's Airborne Troops (VDV) to Serbia.


They were accompanied by 56 Belarus troops who will, together with 450 Serbian soldiers, take part in the Slavic Brotherhood military exercise November 3-9.

"More than 150 military servicemen from the Separate Reconnaissance Battalion of Russia's Ivanovo Airborne Division and around 50 paratroopers from the Vitebsk Brigade Peacekeeping Unit of Belarus's Special Operations Forces have arrived in three Ilyushin Il-76MD planes at the Batajnica air base located 25 kilometers from Serbia's capital of Belgrade," the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Wednesday.

The Russians brought with them three BMD-2 armored vehicles, a Tachyon drone, and four ATVs.


According to earlier announcements, the goal of the exercise is to improve operative abilities in solving tactical and combat tasks pertaining to anti-terrorist operations in a multinational environment.

The drills will be taking place at the automated Oresac Ranges, the Pasuljanske Livade Ranges, and Kovin and Batajnica airports.

The VDV Ensemble has also arrived in Serbia and will, together with the Serbian MoD's art ensemble named after Stanislav Binicki, perform on November 6 in Nis and in Pancevo on November 13.

The first three-nation Slavic Brotherhood exercise was held last year near Novorossiysk in the Russian Federation.

The Serbian Ministry of Defense has posted video footage online showing the arrival and the welcome given to the Russian and Belarus soldiers at the Batajnica airport near Belgrade:

Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #220
Crnogorac3, God bless you for your come back on forum right at this time. It warms my heart to see brat from Crna Gora. I don`t know if I mentioned but, me myself, my clan, originate from old Herzegovina and parts of clan live in Crna Gora since time immemorial

Anyway, it is good that at a time when Belarus and Russia sending troops to Serbia over Slavic solidarity, how I learned, Poland decided not to participate in NATO maneuvers in Montenegro, side by side with Albania and Croatia among others. It is good considering background of situation- Poland very well knows that is Montenegro Serbian land. If Poland sent soldiers to Montenegro, it would be same as if in some circumstances Silesia or Swinoujscie by foreign sponsorship and involvement separate from Poland and then Serbia send its troops to take part in maneuvers with that foreign power which works against Poland.

It is also good that Poland avoid meddling in Montenegro (and reduce its contacts with traitor and last Europe`s communist dictator Djukanovic) as much as possible and show that way to NATO ``partners`` that Poland refusing to work against its own interests- ie: to stab Serbians in the back. As if isn`t enough that Poland recognized Kosovo and didn`t say a single word on the behalf of oppressed Catholic and Orthodox Serbians in what is now Croatia. All that already pains me much. Too much.
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #221
On the example of Serbia we most clearly see how western Europe and USA (ie- Anglo-Franco-Germanic axis) step by step ruining and weakening Poland. Only in close cooperation with Serbia, Poland can achieve to become not just country but free country, independent country, regional, continental and even world power. But no, Anglo-Franco-Germanic axis pushing Poland to constantly work against its own interests. After agony of Warsaw pact, now agony of NATO pact. How long would Poland exist as crucified between Russia and Anglo-Franco-Germanic axis? How long would Poland need to spread Her wings and decide to be independent? How long Serbians needs to wait?
Marsupial - | 886
3 Nov 2016 #222
Serbia is just a launching platform for russians. If serbia didn't committ those crimes they would probably be in with the europeans not the despot dictatorship.
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #223
Forget it. Serbia was demonized in mass media thanks to Clinton`s administration and those likes of Tony Blair, because of deals between Anglo-Germano-Franco axis and Islamic league. Being center of the West, Serbia was always balancing point between geographical east and west. Now, Serbia obviously focusing its effort on Poland and Russia, keeping good relations with Russia, while negotiating with Visegrad Group and having also good relations with Vatican. For Serbia, EU membership is possible only if Serbia can enter as sovereign state (with Kosovo as part of Serbia). NATO membership is impossible because Serbia forcing its military neutrality and NATO membership could compromise Serbian balancing potentials between Poland and Russia. Visegrad is acceptable to Serbia because represent embryo of one entirely new military alliance and actually Intermarium. It won`t reduce our influence on Russia if Visegrad go out of NATO what was even announced few times but never again after death of Lech Kaczinsky.
Marsupial - | 886
3 Nov 2016 #224
Nothing positive can happen crow. Because Putin is in charge of his new would be ussr. If he goes and there is an actual leader with brains anything could be possible in time. He just moves nukes around and makes bigger ones. Typical despot. Opposition leader gets shot outside the kremlin......I and the rest of the world have seen his kind before. While he is there russia can expect more of the same which is economic decline, brainwashing and no popularity. He strategy is also dumb before he started on the ukis no one thought of putting troops in estonia or in the area seriously. He is incompetent and has let russia down badly. So forget anything grand until they have a new leader.
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #225
On one side, Russia isn`t perfect. On the other side, western Europe and USA aren`t perfect. Nobody`s perfect.

On one side, one can work normally with Russia- no dictate. On the other side, one can`t work normally with western Europe and USA- only dictate.

Sorry. Western Europe and USA have to show respect to at least minimum of Serbian interests if wants to intimidate us Serbians. I`m not the one who is competent to give official statements but I only observe, so I see how it is. What I also see is that Hungary for example also have this approach to Russia and to western Europe/USA. Nobody ask for perfection. People ask for normal approach without dictate.
Wincig 2 | 221
3 Nov 2016 #226
Crowie You are the living proof that the latest theories about multiple/parallel universes are true, you live in one such universe!
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #227
Wincig, you still didn`t tell us your opinion. Which is your universe?
Wincig 2 | 221
3 Nov 2016 #228
My universe is the real one, where Russia is a country with a deep and admirable culture, but where unfortunately the individual counts for nothing. A country that only knows one type of behaviour, that of the bully; a country that only knows one type of relationship with its neighbours, a relationship based on fear/ force. Does this answer your question??
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #229
In my universe nothing is perfect. In your universe, some are perfect.

Anyway, all that is nice. Just, you forgot one thing. That is- interests. We Serbians understand that there is nothing personal in western European and USA fu** of Serbians. No, western Europe and USA made a business deal with Saudis and Turks. Now we Serbians have to make a move and western Europe and USA won`t take it personally.

As for Poland in all this. Well, Poland can pray that Serbians endure as longer as possible because, if powers stop to play games around Serbia, as history learned us, they could turn to play games around Poland. But if by some miracle Serbia win, well, Poland can hope to finally live in peace.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
3 Nov 2016 #231
You have just described the USA lol

USA knows only one behaviour. I like to call USA "Agent Orange".
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #232
And so, I thinking to myself.... Well, Russia isn`t perfect but, if Russia wants to f*** genuinely perfect Anglos because they sided with Saudis and Turks to harm Serbia, sure, that`s fine with me.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
3 Nov 2016 #233
This is USA. Liars and world greatest terrorists. They condemn any country that tries to do anything military yet their army is freaking everywhere. Occupying lots of countries. USA wants to control the world. We should never let those fu*kers achieve that.

This is USA:

They're killing civilians in Syria. In Iraq. In Afghanistan. They used chemical warfare in Vietnam and Korea. They used napalm in Vietnam. They're the only country that used atom against humanity. Whoever trusts them is an idiot.
NoToForeigners 10 | 1,054
3 Nov 2016 #234
They used Depleted Uranium (DU) amunition in Iraq which is radioactive. The deformation among newborns in Baghdad has rose by 600% after the Desert Storm operation and others and it still happens since DU half life is 2.4 Billion years. The decision to use it was clearly a genocide yet no American decision maker got prosecuted.

There is a documentary about Depleted Uranium used by US Forces and babies born with one eye like cyclops or with noses coming out from their foreheads. Horrific sight...
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #235
Anglo logic says that all what is good for Anglo economy (ie: economy of the few rich Anglos) is good for entire world.
Crow 139 | 8,273
3 Nov 2016 #236
Isn`t this ironically that Serbians and Russians finishing dirty work for Visegrad Group and Poland, by ending Anglo-Franco-Germanic dominance? Sure, they doing it for their own interests. They must. But see, its all about that. To get somebody on your side by the simple fact that your interests overlap, while you didn`t move a finger for yourself. Or at least it appears to be like that, while, who knows... Almost like as it was with Austro-Hungaria, isn`t it? How interesting that history repeats itself.
Crnogorac3 1 | 316
5 Nov 2016 #237


Official Video of Serbian - Russian - Belarus "Slavic Brotherhood" War Games. One of the main objectives of the three brotherly armies is the elimination of terrorist groups from objectives such as airports and other anti-terrorist exercises.

Poland belongs here and not with NATO (North Atlantic Terrorist Organization) which is only an instrument in the hands of a globalist bankers elite which uses it to murder people accross the globe and to occupy and steal other countries resources so that America can maintain it's high standards. They only need Polish soldiers as cannon fodder for the future wars they are planning.
Crow 139 | 8,273
5 Nov 2016 #238
I would tend to agree that Poland have to develop at least normal relations with Russia. That relation have to be founded on two clear facts: 1. Poland and Russia differ; 2. Poland and Russia both belong to Slavic civilization.

Yes, Poland should take part in "Slavic Brotherhood" War Games. That can only strengthen Poland`s strategic, morale and military position. It can also truly boost Poland`s security.
Marsupial - | 886
6 Nov 2016 #239
Pis & putin. PP. No chance crow. Change has to happen first. Both places.
Crow 139 | 8,273
6 Nov 2016 #240
Its very easy. Putin isn`t Russia and today`s Pis isn`t Poland. There would be elections. But, it would be easy if we can say how are Pis or Putin problem. Problem is that are cards dealt and now something needs to happen to give push in positive direction.

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