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Poland versus Greece in economy

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
20 Feb 2018 #91
debt non-paying Greeks@ mafketis

Good I hope they default and never pay back the IMF. Hopefully the IMF is dumb enough to give them money a 3rd time.

Good for you Greece - screw the EU and IMF - don't give them back a penny! Everyone knows they can gradually pay the loans back - its just Greeks don't want to and who can blame them. After the way EU especially Merkel invited in economic migrants from every sh1thole south and east of EU? No way!
cms 9 | 1,255
20 Feb 2018 #92
I agree default might be the best solution but in a managed way. Saying screw you will just ensure that nobody ever lends them money again and nobody will ever invest there again.

If that happens it wont just be Poland overtaking then - Macedonia will probably be richer than Greece too.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
20 Feb 2018 #93
@Dirk diggler

There was no bailout for Greece. They bailout french and german banks and thats all.

Beside that nobody in Greece is starving. We have one of highest property levels in Europe.

As for Merkel, she invited nobody, they were already coming in 2015. Maybe merkel makds a deal? Germany does not invite anymoee and poland doesnt follow USA like a poodle in evry illegal war. The iraq war for example destabilized entire region.
Crow 152 | 9,747
20 Feb 2018 #94
Greeks to show respect > Sparta > This is Sarmatia >

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
20 Feb 2018 #95
Hah! Merkel didnt invite anyone rofl? She clearly said germany will take in 'refugees' and every economic migrant who doesnt want to work and cares more about landing in a country that will give them coupons with which they can buy a 65 inch tv (like in Swedistan) than landing in a country thats safe - which is the most important thing for legit refugees - came flooding in. Theyve been literally raping and pillaging since.

Thanks to merkels welcoming attitude millions of germans and indeed all europeans have suffered. Thousands of women groped and raped, more money spent on migrants than subisides and care for senior citizens, countless terror attacks and a non stop state of emergency right next door. If germany wants to change their demographics to the point where theyre bred out of their own country thats fime, but we poles dont want that
O WELL 1 | 158
20 Feb 2018 #96
I would give the EU & UK another 10 years for there economic and migrant misery plague.I hope Poland stands for its policies and keeps itself distant and safe.I saw a Mosque being built on Pulwaska on the way to piesczno and stopped by to ask what it was and saw the Polish workers having lunch with pork kielbasa,but no one objects.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #97
Of course it will. Poland has no problem taking in migrants from ukraine, india, belarus, etc. These are people who actually want to work and contribute. Notice even on this forum how many indian and pakistani dudes are trying to come to poland to WORK and study. The guys working in it are making more money than the average Pole. Unlike the economic migrant burden the majority of which have NO intention of working. They purposely go to germany and sweden thanks to the benefits. What happened when denmark cut its welfare for migrants? Most of them, literally the majority, left. Same thinf with the migrants that were sent to czechy and poland - most left for germany because poland and czechy do not reward illegal entry into a country or laziness. Here theres no free lunch - but in germany and sweden there is. In poland you have to work if you want to eat, have an apartment, be able to provide for your family, etc. Thats why its already an unattractive place for economic migrants because theyd rather go to germany sweden etc where they can sit on their ass all day and taxpayers will provide food housing even a stipend/coupons which migrants can use to purchase thousand euro items, not to mention supporting their 5 7 10 kids

Poland will be fine. PiS has 2x 3x the support of PO. When PO announced theyd take in migrants polosh people couldnt believe their ears. Half of po supporters reject sh1thole immigration. Poles will never allow hordes of people to play in the middle of the street blocking traffic as the migrants do in France. Poles do not want migration from me and africa and it is our sovereign right as a nation. All pis has to do is remind Poles that PO kowtowed to the eu and saod theyd take in migrants. Poles wont forgive PO for this for a long time. If PO has any shot theyll have to say that they will reject the migranf quotas, which even merkels lapdog and polish traitor tusk says the scheme is bs, a failure (hardly any people have been relocated) and sees no future in the program.
Tacitus 2 | 1,461
21 Feb 2018 #98
They bailout french and german banks and thats

I agree with most of what you have written, but this is not true. It was Greece who received the bail-outs, not the banks. They used it to pay back the banks, (which were from other countries as well) but it was Greece who benefited the most from it because it did not go bankrupt and could keep the Euro.

If all they wanted to save were the banks, they could have let Greece go bust and bail-out the banks afterwards.


Hah! Merkel didnt invite anyone rofl

As pointed out to you several times, no she did not. Which is what you should easily picked up by now.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #99
@Dirk diggler

So will Poland stop to be americas poodle and help like a minion in wars like Iraq?

Simple yes or no.
mafketis 29 | 10,321
21 Feb 2018 #100
, no she did not

No matter the technicalities she bears the moral responsibility for saddling Germany with hundreds of thousands of people who it cannot get rid of and who will never be economically productive.

And she bears the moral responsibility for the increase in crime that accompanied the arrivals.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #101
The far right AfD went from 0 to 16% in Germany and is now 2nd strongest party. Germany is well known ro be able to solve such problems and i have no doubt they will solve this.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #102
Merkel absolutely did and the vast majority of Germans and Europeans blame her for the crisis. Although there are numerous people to blame, she is at the very top of the list for allowing untold numbers of economic migrants to come to Europe with their main goal being arriving in Germany so they can live off of taxpayer funded benefits and pop out 10 more kids without having to provide for them. . Although she didn't cause the middle east or Africa to be destabilized, she allowed millions of people to illegally cross the borders into Europe - 1 million settling into Germany alone. She didn't kick them out - no instead they got free food, housing, money, etc. Merkel said it is Germany's duty to help migrants due to Germany's history in ww2 which is total bullshit. She said this herself so yes she is to blame. Not only that, she did absolutely NOTHING to stop the flow - in fact she encouraged it by statements like 'Islam belongs in Germany'

Let's look at what a few European leaders who don't want their countries turned into France, Germany, Italy, Greece, etc say:

Croatian president blames Merkel for migrant crisis

Kaczynski also blaming Merkel

Austrian foreign minister blames Merkel

MERKEL SAYS SHE'D TAKE IN MIGRANTS AGAIN - oh ya but of course she's not to blame at all for allowing a million people from every sh1thole known to man to rape and pillage their way across Europe till they reach a comfortable socialist welfare state where taxpayers can pay forMerkel's burden.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has blamed European nations for "unilaterally" shutting the Balkan route for migrants. This stupid ***** is literally mad that the Balkan route got closed - thanks mainly to heros like Obran, the new Austrian leader who has no qualms about using the military to stop migrants, and the Bulgarian government who pay people to capture illegal migrants
Merkel and her government created strong pull factors, attracting many migrants that otherwise would not have come to Germany:

Merkel basically opened the borders. Because Germany said it will accept all the migrants, all the borders from Turkey to Germany were open even if you had no Schengen passport (or no passport at all).

There were plenty of alternatives. For example, Merkel could have said: "Okay, let's take in the migrants who are in Hungary right now, but let's at the same time close the border and get back to a more regulated system."

She did not. Hence, Merkel and her government are heavily responsible for both the high number of migrants and the very chaotic process in which they were taken in.

Video of Merkel saying that Germany is responsible, Islam belongs to Germany, we can't stand idly by, etc and other attempts to convince the population to welcome the genocide and demographic replacement of Europeans in their own countries.

Merkel under fire after warm welcome for refugees (vast majority are economic migrants)
'Some' will have to go back - yet how's the relocation scheme working out? Not even 1% of all the migrants that have flooded into Europe since 2015 have been resettled rofl - thankfully not in Poland though = )

i have no doubt they will solve this.

HAHAHAH they can't even solve the problem of migrants raping German women and you think they're going to get the majority of these migrants into jobs where they contribute to society?! ROFL! Yeah right - go to Berlin, go to Tower Hamlets, go to the Paris suburbs - these parasites do not work they sit around all day on their ass waiting for handouts from the government. The breed like rabbits and often have 5, 7, 10+ kids in a tiny apartment that native taxpayers are liable for. The only way they can solve the migrant crisis is by deporting every single non-Syrian and non-Eritrean from Germany that has entered the country illegally. German tax payers are forced to pay to put these parasites up in 4 star hotels and new apartments while native CITIZENS go homeless and retirees are barely able to get by. But no, Merkel rather take care of economic migrants and redistribute wealth from German citizens to people who want nothing more than free food, free housing, free money and to top it off bring the rest of their family so they too can enjoy all the tax payer funded welfare.

As pointed out to you several times, no she did not. Which is what you should easily picked up by now.

Please explain to me then exactly what Merkel did to PREVENT the migrant crisis and a million people coming into Germany illegally - most of whom are NOT refugees?
G (undercover)
21 Feb 2018 #103
it was Greece who benefited the most from it because it did not go bankrupt and could keep the Euro.

So how exactly did they benefit from those 2 things ?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #104
Why did Merkel not call for solidarity to protect the borders - and instead solidarity to take in migrants? You call that not exacerbating the migrant crisis? Every parasite who illegally crossed the borders that was interviewed was asked where they want to go - Germany or Sweden were the vast majority of the answers. Not the first safe country I get to - which is what a real refugee fleeing war would say. But no, Merkel allowed millions to come in - 1 million in just the past year and a half alone - and gave them food, housing, money, etc. If her government forbade such benefits for non-citizens, then they'd immediately stop coming. However, her open door policy combined with the generous welfare that was given out to economic migrants is the main reason why millions of people flooded in - almost all with Germany as their top destination for those exact reasons - open door policy and generous welfare. All thanks to Merkel because she feels that Germany must atone for WW2 by helping people from ME and Africa?? Doesn't compute - help the victims of the Nazis - not random migrants from sh1tholes who are only coming to Germany because they'll get more in welfare than they'd ever make working a job back home. And yet you say that she isn't to blame even though she clearly promoted an open door and welfare-for-all-economic-migrants policy? Do you not see how illogical that sounds?

What is Merkel saying now? 'Some' have to leave, she's crying over the Balkan route closure because other countries can't share in Germany's misery, she's BEGGING for people not to buy into AfD's logic and anti-migrant stance, and she's constantly crying for others to take in their fair share of migrants - because after all, misery loves company. Well, Poland doesn't want to be miserable. We don't want to deal with the rapes, the religion of peace trucks, the ninjas and neckbeards, the Saudi funded salafist mosques, we don't want the terror and we don't want Arabic to be the 2nd language of Poland. No way!
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #105
Again i ask, since you seem to have missed my question...

Will Poland stop to be americans poodle and help to make illegal wars. Poland was in Iraq. Why? What was Poland doing in Iraq? Saddam Hussein was the rightful president of Iraq. You helped to destroy that country. You helped to make refugees. You helped to create ISIS.

Are you proud for a boot licking government?

My country has a massive navy. Infact one of the biggest in the EU. And we did not join the Iraq war. We condemned it.

"Greek Prime Minister Costas Simitis's declaration on 21 March 2003 mirrored the official Greek position regarding the invasion, as he declares

"Greece is not participating in the war and will not get entangled in it."[1]
In addition, Greek Foreign Minister George Papandreou expressed Greece's opposition to the United States going it alone in Iraq. Many other political parties condemned the invasion, such as the Communist Party (KKE] and the Greek Left Party-Synaspismos, who saw the war as proof of U.S imperialistic aspirations in the Middle East.[1]"

I come from a great nation. A nation with thousands of years of history. We have honor and dignity.

Something you obviously lack.

Our soil is holy.

We did not support illegal wars of USA. We did not allow their raping soldiers on our land.

And you? Allow them on your land. Raping your women. You applaud their crimes and you feel big when they allow you to follow them on their illegal wars. And then throw you a few bones to gnaw on.

I feel pity for you. I would be ashamed if Greece would act that way.
Ironside 51 | 11,510
21 Feb 2018 #106
I feel pity for you.

Lol! you're talking to an American citizen who is talking to your form the us land.

I would be ashamed if Greece would act that way.

Greece has no army to speak of and no money to do send them anywhere. As Greeks do not pay taxes as a rule, they have no much of a state as a rule.

Will Poland stop to be americans poodle and help to make illegal wars.

Maybe it will maybe not. That is not your business. Why do you even care?
As to your honor, there is no honor in borrowing money and then not giving it back, that is called thievery. Also licking Merkel's and German shoes doesn't make you Greece a big boy.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #107
Will Poland stop to be americans poodle and help to make illegal wars. Poland was in Iraq. Why?

Dumbass - Hussein died 9 years ago. The migrant crisis started in 2015 and although yes was in part caused by wars but Saddam's death has little to do with the overall crisis. Estimates range from 3%-10% of the migrants are legit Syrian/Iraqi refugees. Most of the people aren't coming from Iraq and Syria - they're coming from literally everywhere mainly Middle East and Africa.Poland didn't intervene in Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Albania, Kosovo, Niger, Nigeria, Ghana, Eritrea, Sudan, etc. yet there's people from all those countries in addition to those from Afghanistan and Iraq which PL did intervene in. Iraq is just one of the many sht1holes who's residents are flooding into Europe thanks to Germany (Merkel) and Sweden's generous welfare - not because of the war. If it were that serious they would've came after Hussein died - not almost 10 years later after Merkel promotes FREE WELFARE for all able bodied economic migrants who make it.And yes, about 1-2 years ago at the beginning of the crisis she did say that anyone who makes it to Germany can stay. These people get more money from benefits than they ever would herding goats or just about any other job they'd get back home.

Also, if you notice that there hasn't been a ton of Iraqis flooding in. Or even Yemenis. No, their men decided to stay and fight - especially in Yemen. Unlike the Syrian 'men' who left and let their women back home do the fighting and suffering for them. Oh but don't worry Fatima - I'll bring you to Europe right after our 10 kids make it over.

PL joined the fray because of NATO alliance and money. military agreements, etc.. It's the same with family and friends. They may not always be right - but you back them up when sh1t hits the fan even if they're in the wrong. Plus, Poland sent a battalion sized force of special forces - basically a drop in the ocean compared to the overall campaign. When you're part of an alliance or make a contract with someone, you should honor it. Sorry that Greeks don't feel that way.

My country has a massive navy. Infact one of the biggest in the EU. And we did not join the Iraq war. We condemned it.

You couldn't stop unarmed migrants landing on your shores with rubber boats and you think you could stop an Iraqi dictator with the 4th largest army? LOL.

As a NATO member, you should've joined. If Greece were to ever be invaded again, and this time by a real army, hopefully NATO will remember how the country washed its hands and distanced itself from the alliance and we too will not intervene to help you.

I would be ashamed if Greece would act that way.

Riiiight, because today's Greece is the shining example for all European nations. 200% debt to GDP ratio?Skyrocketing HIV? A deluge of migrants chilling on the beaches and islands scaring people off and causing the tourism industry to dwindle? Definitely sounds like something to aspire to.

Our soil is holy.

Yet your government let it be defiled. The only people who were standing up against the raping of Greece was Golden Dawn. I was in Athens a long time ago and the way it looked then to the way the same areas look today is a disgrace.
G (undercover)
21 Feb 2018 #108
I would be ashamed if Greece would act that way.

Quite a few others would be ashamed to beg Gerries to pay off their own debts :)))
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #109

Greece has an army. Infact its one of the larger ones. Our military is bigger than Polands military

We have 143.000 soldiers. Poland only 120.000

We have 1345 tanks...Poland has only 1065

We have 3400 armored fighting vehicles. Poland only 2358

We habe 535 self propelled artillery. Poland only 454.

Our airforce has 613 aircrafts. Poland 539.

We have 41 fighter jets. Poland 32.

We have 198 multi role aircrafts. Poland only 48.

We have 13 frigates. Poland only 2.

We have 11 submarines and poland only 5.

So with all due respect, Poland doesnt play in our league.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #110
Greece has an army. Infact its one of the larger ones. Our military is bigger than Polands military

I'm well aware that Greece has a powerful army/navy - I wrote that above. Yet despite all that power and you couldn't even stop unarmed migrants from landing on your shores with rubber boats. Pathetic...

All those Greek tanks and planes and frigates and submarines, yet our little puny Polish force managed to repel an invasion - you did not. Hungary and Austria who have even smaller armies than Poland, let alone Greece, managed to do stop their countries from being invaded. It all comes down to will - Poland, Hungary, Austria, etc. have the will power to resist the migrant invasion and hence have not had to deal with issues of nonstop terrorism, rape, crime, economic drain (more money goes to migrant in Germany than education for the citizens - literally 20 billion spent per year on migrants vs 17 billion a year on education)
G (undercover)
21 Feb 2018 #111
Poland doesnt play in our league.

Well, that's for sure :))
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #112
@Dirk diggler

The difference is, NATO was not involved in Iraq. USA invaded Iraq illegal and we dont stand for that. We dont support a facist regime. And thats what USA is. Facism in its purest form.

As for defending our soil. Greece does not pay any money to migrants. They dont want stay in Greece. And thats where you dont get politics.

In summer 2015 the EU crushed on us because the debt. You should remember our referendum which got ignored and our banks shut down.

Give me a reason why we should hold back migrants then? Theyn only transit through Greece. Thats when we opened the border. Let 1.5 millions through.

And? It worked. Merkel is so weakened now she agrees to evrything. Austerity ends.

Now we dont let Migrants in anymore and lock the ones who made it into camps under horrible conditions.

We used the migration weapon and it worked. It should be a lesson for you. Maybe next time it will be 3 million?
G (undercover)
21 Feb 2018 #113
Give me a reason why we should hold back migrants then?

So you ***** polluted Europe with so many savages in order to get more money and you are somehow proud of it ?
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #114
yes, i´m.

Europe let us down when we needed help and in summer 2015 austerity got worst.

I dont defend a Europe that let my grandmother stand hours infront a bank to get her pensions and humilate her.

I´m a young man. I earn much money as fitness coach and animateur and with model jobs. But others are not that fortunate.

In 2015 ite scalated. At worst times our old people collapsed infront the banks and cried.

My grandmother worked decades as a teacher. My grandfather as a police officer and tehy had to ask my parents for money. Do you understad how that felt for them?

Now you tell me we should hold savages out who dont want stay in Greece but want go to the countries that treated us so bad?

What for? You want me to fight some savages out and protect someone who stomps on my country?

We could stop then. We escalated it. Remeber Idomeni, where tenthousands camped in the mud at the FYROM border and we did not send even one police officer. We even showed them ways around the fence.

Now that Merkel is finished she doesnt talk about Austerity anymore. And look, migration numbers collapsed over 98% over the Balkan route. We dont allow a single migrant to leave the camps on the islands. They suffer so much that they go back Turkey.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #115
That's your guys prerogative - we Poles prefer to honor military alliances.

Greece does not pay any money to migrants. They dont want stay in Greece.

Oh no I get it quite well. Of course they don't want to stay there - they'd actually have to work in Greece. Yet they nonetheless trash Athens Kos Lesbos etc along their way to the welfare havens of Germany and Sweden and commits tons of crimes including violent rapes. If your country was as dumb as Germany and Sweden are and rewarded criminality and laziness, you'd have the same problems and they'd stay put.

Regardless, all that military power and you couldn't even prevent unarmed people from illegally entering your country. What are you going to do if one day instead of rocks and rubber boats the next invaders have assault rifles and frigates?

Austerity ends.

HAHAHHA except Greece is STILL under austerity and new measures were implemented this year - these new measures now eliminate benefits for families with more than 3 kids. We Poles are in another league - we SUPPORT our poorer families instead of taking their money away.. Yes, taxes wont be increased even more with this new bill but there are still new measures like benefits for families being cut, strikes and unions facing stricter regulations, etc. The situation is considerably worse than it was pre-2008. Greece is begging for an additional 5-7 billion eu in exchange for continued, albeit not as extreme, austerity measures asked for by the creditors. Greece is in such a hole right now that it will take several generations before the country gets back to where it was in 2007-2008

Now we dont let Migrants in anymore and lock the ones who made it into camps under horrible conditions.

oh 'now' you don't anymore huh? Why would you let in people who illegally entered your country in the first place though? With such a large army can you not control your own borders? You let terrorists in - you're just lucky they didn't strike targets in Greece. Well, you realize that its Greek citizens who have to pay to house, feed, and transport these migrants. On top of it, migrants are responsible for half of Greece's crime according to your country's own official statistics. Greece has been cucked - it's army couldn't even prevent unarmed migrants from illegally entering, causing half the crime in the country, and trashing the whole place as they make their way to wealthier welfare havens.

Greece is so cucked that there are literally Israeli NGOs working on its shores to help bring migrants in, give them clothes and food, and generally help them get to their ultimate goal - welfare paid for by European taxpayers. They don't want work or safety - they just want free money and the rest of their family to have it like that too.

At worst times our old people collapsed infront the banks and cried.

That's because Greeks and your democratically elected government decided that it was more important to have a pretty Olympic stadium than for people to be able to withdrawal more than 20 euros at a time from the ATM. Greek authorities can't even do foreclosures in the courthouse because people freak out so much so they've started doing them online.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #116
And i deeply hope much more migrants go to northern europe. I think 5 million would be a good number.

In Germany the new coalition formed right now is under SPD goals. Since merkel lost so much she agreed to stay in power. And the new contract says austerity ends.

Since 2017 migration on our borders is almost down to zero. We achieved what we needed.

You should treat us nice. There are 4 million waiting outside who want go your way.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #117
And the new contract says austerity ends.

If that's the way you want to read it.... I see the recent cancellation of benefits to Greek families with more than 3 kids, taxes remaining high, pensions remaining low, and new restrictions on unions as not only a continuation of austerity, but new things now added on in 2018.

You should treat us nice. There are 4 million waiting outside who want go your way.

Not to Poland. The migrants that come to Poland come from Ukraine, Belarus, India, etc. and they come to work and study - contribute to society. We welcome such people as they are a net benefit to the country. The migrants that are in Greece, Italy, etc are middle east/African (a lot of Albanians too in Greece looking for a better country to mooch off of) and the vast majority doesn't want to go to Poland because they'll have to work or they'll starve. Poland gives something like 80-100 eu in benefits a month and for a limited time. That isn't attractive to migrants when they can go right next door to Germany or just north of us to Sweden where they can get free housing, food, and even coupons with which they can purchase a several thousand euro 65" television. No BS - migrants were showing off the 'coupons' that the government gave them and walked out of an electronic store with a brand new tv courtesy of Swedish taxpayers.

We achieved what we needed.

Oh Greece really achieved a lot in the past decade. Truly a rise from the ashes story... At least now Greeks can pull out money from the ATMs
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #118
Poland is a weak country sorounded by giants. When Germany swings far right, and thats already starting, i assure you all the migrants will try to flee over poland.

Who knows`? Maybe Germany and Russia take a part of Poland to settle the migrants there.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,816
21 Feb 2018 #119
i assure you all the migrants will try to flee over poland.

Highly unlikely. In fact, it is the seniors along with a few yuppies from Germany, France, etc. that are buying up properties in Poland, Czechy, etc. - not migrants.

And no, if Germany suddenly kicked out all the migrants they'd go to another welfare haven like Swedistan or the French Caliphate. I trust our Polish border guards, government and the good ol boys to keep unwanted people out. As long as we have PiS or another party which rejects migrants, as 3/4 of Poles do, I'll remain confident.
Marino_Kat 1 | 113
21 Feb 2018 #120
So the majority of poles supported Stalin and Hitler in 1939?

If Putin and Merkel decide to settle one million migrants in Poland, they will settle there. Thats how things work.

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