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Poland - Ukraine. Młodzież Wszechpolska against Ukrainians.

Crow 145 | 7,310    
  9 Oct 2017  #91
I taking Admin`s silence as his approval. After all, we are not to be blamed because Polish president have nothing to say. Its maybe even better. At least we can think how is Duda deeply wise.

So, let us see what brat Czech president Zeman said these days, in connection to topic here >

Czech president sees Kosovo-Crimea double standards


what happened is what's called 'double standards'. While the referendum in Crimea was an annexation - everything is fine when Kosovo becomes independent against the said resolution of the Security Council," Zeman observed

dishonest argument that there are ANY "Nazis" running things in Kyiv

Look better what I said. I didn`t said how Nazis running things in Kyiv but how they walking free in Ukraine. Sure, in other words, with the reason, this can be understand how Nazis running things in Kyiv.
peterweg 36 | 2,321    
9 Oct 2017  #92
I think the best and must instructive advice can give is, "**** Russia".
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  9 Oct 2017  #93
Only conditionally. See, nobody is perfect and we need peace in Slavic world. We need stable borders between Eurasian Union and future Intermarium. Belgrade would secure that. Practically, in USA-Russia talks in Serbia, Belgrade mediate as representative of Intermarium. Its normal after all. Serbians were military elite of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Serbs have that credibility.
SigSauer 4 | 446    
10 Oct 2017  #94
Neo-Nazis in former Yugoslavia:

Nacionalni stroj (National Alignment) - Serbia
Serbian Action - Serbia
Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights - Croatia


National Socialist Society
Pamyat Nazi Party
Russian National Unity
Russian National Socialist Party

You were saying?

In regards to Poland:
National Revival of Poland cooperates with Ukrainian Svoboda and the Right Sector, whilst Association for Tradition and Culture "Niklot" and "Autonomous Nationalists" even sent members to fight in War in Donbass within the ranks of far-right Azov Battalion.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
10 Oct 2017  #95
True. Nazi phenomenon exist in every Slavic country. Very sad thing. But, see, only in Ukraine and in Croatia Nazi movement are seen as liberation movements.

back on topic please - Poland
mafketis 17 | 6,691    
10 Oct 2017  #96
Cuz only Ukraine and Croatia have/had enemies that make nazis look good in comparison ( Putin's Russia dn Milosevic's Serbia respectively).

Put that on your pagan svetovid altar and weep.
Ziemowit 12 | 3,254    
  10 Oct 2017  #97
whilst Association for Tradition and Culture "Niklot" and "Autonomous Nationalists" even sent members to fight in War in Donbass

Not sure about the latter, but you are completely wrong as far as the "Niklot" is concerned. They promote 'cultural' nationalism, but their fields of action is culture, tradition and education. They take their name after Niklot (his reconstructed Slavic name is Niekłót), the Slavic founder of the Eastern German dynasty of Mecklenburg which survived until as late as 1918. Niklot was also the only Slavic ruler who managed to fight off a Christian crusade against the Slavic pagan people of what is now eastern Germany in the 12th century. Slavic paganism and sometimes Nordic mythology is their declared ideology and religion.

The monument to Niklot in the front of the Schwerin (Slavic: Zwierzyn) Castle in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Germany).

Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  10 Oct 2017  #98
Russia is estimated to have roughly half the world's neo nazis. The emblems of Nazism and fascism (from Latin fasces) have been rebranded to be more nationalist/patriotic symbols for the slavs and other groups. Like the black sun - that's an old occult pagan symbol the Nazis just took it and rebranded it much like the swatstika which is found in nearly every culture from ancient hindu india, mesoamerica, and even judaism. Sometimes its simply easier to reuse a symbol and rebrand it. Hell there's even a small group of Jewish neo Nazis in Israel. Do they hate Jews? No of course not. They simply like the ideas of nation first. Fascist nazi type symbols (which again predate nazism technically) are also now popular in Mongolia as Mongolian patriots are fed up with all the Chinese that have come and exploited their countries minerals - or atleast that's their perception.
mafketis 17 | 6,691    
10 Oct 2017  #99
Russia is estimated to have roughly half the world's neo nazis

Which is why they're constantly saying that Ukrainians trying to escape being a Russian vassal state (just like Poland did) are nazis, it's the oldest trick in the book - accuse your enemy of what you yourself are doing. Very dumb people fall for it.

just remember, this are the people accusing others of being nazis
SigSauer 4 | 446    
10 Oct 2017  #100
Yea, exactly to your link. The leaders in the self-proclaimed DNR/LNR are a who's who of scumbags, derelicts, gopniks, and titushki. Alexander Zakarchenko ran a god damn soap factory before he became "General Major" in the Oplot battalion of Russian losers. Borodai got relieved because everyone started to wonder why people born in Moscow were in charge of Ukrainian cities. What a joke, and that this stuff isn't transparent to people even in Serbia is amazing. The DNR/LNR have 695 main battle tanks in an area the size of the state of Delaware. That is more main battle tanks than all of the armies in Europe combined, I guess they went down to the local tank dealership and picked em up half price.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
10 Oct 2017  #101
Cuz only Ukraine and Croatia have/had enemies that make nazis look good in comparison ( Putin's Russia dn Milosevic's Serbia respectively).

Its not that. Its Germanic influence. Same influence that made possible genocide on Poles in what is now Ukraine and genocide on Serbs in what is now Croatia. Russia is different case. Russia have capacity to prevent genocide on Russians. Eventually.
SigSauer 4 | 446    
10 Oct 2017  #102
Crow, you literally have no idea what you are talking about with regards to Ukraine. Just stop already. There is no genocide in Ukraine, and the majority of the civilian casualties are caused by the indiscriminate shelling of the fake rebel forces (I.e.- Russian FSB/GRU terrorists). There was never a genocide or even a persecution of Russians in eastern Ukraine (na vostok). That was largely fabricated by Russian GRU, there are god damn phone intercepts of agents checking in with their handlers in Rostov-On-Don (rostov-na-donu) after shooting at both protesters AND police in Odessa in order to sew chaos. Last summer two Russian GRU (sabotage&reconnaissance) soldiers were shot and captured in the East and taken to Kyiv. They are what caused the release of Nadezhda Savchenko who was illegally kidnapped and taken from Ukrainian territory to Russia.

You should for one minute, put aside your prejudices and preconceived notions, and listen to people who know a hell of a lot more than you do about the conflict in the country, and not just from things they have read, but from being there.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  10 Oct 2017  #103
Crow, you literally have no idea what you are talking about with regards to Ukraine.

I don`t have idea???

GENOCIDE of POLES in Volhynia
SigSauer 4 | 446    
  10 Oct 2017  #104
Yea I misunderstood your post sorry, I thought you meant there was a present day genocide happening in the East. The rest of my post is entirely accurate though if you care to address it. Obviously I know about the genocide which took place around Lutsk in Volynskaya oblast.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
10 Oct 2017  #105
Yea I misunderstood your post sorry, I thought you meant there was a present day genocide happening in the East.


Obviously I know about the genocide which took place around Lutsk in Volynskaya oblast.

Bandersists are only case, when Serbians ever in history had armed conflict with ethnic Ukrainians, when Serbian Chetniks, as part of Polish resistance movement, acted in the region to protect Poles in WWII. Other then that, Serbs are among ethnic Ukrainians famous for their contribution against Ottomans, Tatars and Russian Tzars.

There was never a genocide or even a persecution of Russians in eastern Ukraine (na vostok).

Who knows, man.

That was largely fabricated by Russian GRU

Listen. Forget world politics. Just think reasonably. Don`t involve in these talks Polish-Russian antagonism, Ukrainian-Russian antagonism. It won`t help. Just, reason. cold reason.

The moment when banderists started to walk free on the streets of Ukraine, every ethnic Russian in what is Ukraine had right to fell fear for itself and his family. Plus, add to it NATO-Russia antagonism, EU-Russia antagonism. What should ethnic Russians in Ukraine desire? What should Russian in the Russia and anywhere desire? That ethnic Russians secede from Ukraine, of course. And why not? EU had its own reasons and pushed the region. NATO pushed region for its own reasons. Germany had its own reasons for sponsoring banderists. In that situation, in front of its own public Russia had to react positively on desires of ethnic Russian in Ukraine.

In my opinion, ethnic Ukrainians and Russians have chance to solve their problems once and for all. Ukrainians wants their ethnic state and ethnic Russians, where they are in majority and close to Russia, don`t wish to be part of that state. Alright, then separate. Forget every other reason. Forget borders defined by communists and accepted by western Europe and USA. Forget their definition of sovereignty, look what they done to Yugoslavia and all around the world when it suits them. So, why war?
Crnogorac3 1 | 323    
  10 Oct 2017  #106
Ukraine no longer exists!!
This is one completely ruined, destroyed state... burnt land and there is nothing else there. I give her 2-3 years of life, i.e. in such a form as it is, for a maximum of 5 years, afterwards it disappears from the map of Europe, or will remain in some shortened form.

Russians will enter Kiev! That is to say, the greatest scope that they can reach and they will not go further towards Poland. The least the Russians will get in this war is an entity within the state, i.e. as Republika Srpska in BiH, however, I still think that Russia will go to Kiev.

NATO alliance is rotting, their military expenditures are over 600 billion $, all the wars they started, none have ended - Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan they have been smoked in Syria, Poles, Czechs, Slovakians are awakening, there are also Hungarians, a bunch of problems... They have no more room to cover these costs and they will either have to disappear, or sacrifice one of their spheres of interests - at the expense of the east, i.e. Russia.

1. Sphere of interest - the Baltics, Ukraine,
2. Sphere of interest - Turkey, the Middle East,
3. Sphere of interest - the Balkans.

I think that the first will be Ukraine, (as I wrote above - the conquest, ie the return of Kiev), then the Baltics, the annexation of Belarus. Thus, Russia will step up a step forward and it's good, for us Orthodox Christians, that's good.

People are dumb, blind, naive, they believe in pictures from the battlefield and thus interpret a conflict, :) so they think that there is an ideological conflict as it was in WW2...

I can only laugh at it. It's about geopolitics, that is, the attempt of the West - NATO to reach the Urals.
This was the goal of Napoleon, Hitler, the capture of the Urals and Siberia, the richest part of the planet Earth - ores, diamonds, gold, generally precious metals, oil, gas... But they will not succeed!!

They were not successful to go to the east of Ukraine, they pushed that unfortunate poor people into war, as well as the Ustashe and Balije against Serbs, and the saddest thing Poles think is that fascists are fighting - the communists, who are TOTALLY IRRELEVANT in the whole story...
Crow 145 | 7,310    
10 Oct 2017  #107
Poles don`t have information. That`s the problem. Their ruling establishment is not better then their opposition, previous government. All corrupt after corrupt cases. Political horror. Poles need some new, third political option. Something that would arise in power openly underlining how Poland needs to have stronger ties with Hungary and Serbia. That would be realistic Polish politics. Poland for Poland.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  10 Oct 2017  #108
That is more main battle tanks than all of the armies in Europe

Eh I don't think so. PL has around 1k MBT's (mostly upgraded T-72 variants and German Leopard 2s).. still though 700 MBT's for that little territory is a crazy high amount. Of course they got them from Russia lol. Only a very small percent were captured and vice versa.

Every Pole knows about the massacres in Volhynia. This hasn't stopped some Poles from marching side by side with PL flags even with people from Right Sector and fighting for Ukraine against the Russians (or Moskals as they like to call them). Some Poles genuinely hate Ukrainians but others see Russia as the bigger enemy. It's about half and half. You ask any Pole though if Russia or Ukraine is the bigger enemy and I bet 95% will answer Russia.

Russia is doing what it can to stoke anti-Ukrainian sentiment with reminders about massacres. They hate the fact that Poland, an EU/NATO country, is allied with Ukraine in this conflict. They can't fight Poland directly without a large scale war erupting so they have to use propaganda.

Still though... I hate to see Slavs fighting each other when there's so many opportunities for cooperation and unity. However, a lot of the people in Moscow and the rest of Russia aren't interested in uniting with Slavs in the EU or NATO. I doubt this will change anytime soon. Plus, the whole Ruskiy okupant attitude hasn't really changed.
Ironside 47 | 9,381    
  10 Oct 2017  #109
NATO alliance

I understand you hold a grudge but get real, if the USA wanted to do it they would roll over all your Balkans in a day, take away nuclear weapon and they would roll to Ural in a month. Don't confuse internal problems with a real economic and military potential.

Poles, Czechs, Slovakians are awakening

Stop listening to Russian propaganda.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
10 Oct 2017  #110
I know one thing. Poles needs to awake and join to the efforts of Hungary and Serbia, not to pretend to have bad relations with Germany, while in reality Duda lick Merkel`s.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  10 Oct 2017  #111
They hate the fact that Poland, an EU/NATO country, is allied with Ukraine in this conflict.

Poland in NATO/EU is perfect situation for Russia. It would be even better if Poland isn`t NATO/EU member but, its perfect enough, considering situation. Especially having in mind how things develop with EU and how exactly EU/NATO prevent Poland for moving in closer ties with Hungary and Serbia. Its like that Poland picking to be enemy of Russia but strategically binds itself and reduce its own maneuverable space. Sure, on the far long run its not good for Russia because Russia won`t profit from destruction of Poland. For Russia is always better to have Poland on Russian western borders then Germanics but, Russian enemies don`t think so.

I don`t know brate how you don`t see things. From my side, I f*** Polish politicians. All corrupt moron after moron.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  10 Oct 2017  #112
Poland is took weak militarily to not be in the EU/NATO atm. If Intermarium was in the cards we wouldn't need it. However there's too many competiting factions in the intermarium lands to make this a reality anytime soon. Best we can hope for is an economic intermarium for now - which we have with V4 and 3 Seas.
Crnogorac3 1 | 323    
  18 Oct 2017  #113

I want to say the following - if you are familiar with the works of Niccolo Machiavelli, then you know what he was talking about for nations/states without a foundation, he said (paraphrase): that all nations / states that were created in a hurry, overnight, without solid foundations, that they will disappear, because they do not have a solid foundation, a support on which to build their identity and culture, which is created for centuries, for millennia. And that everything that was created unnaturally, will not survive in this world.

Approximately he was speaking like that, you realized the essence of hope...


Thus, in this way were made up fictitious nations of the type - the croats, some kind of bosniaks, macedonians, montenegrins... all in unnatural ways, and they serve only as an ace in the sleeve, which they bring out from time to time.

How / when was created eg Albania?
A typical example, the shiptars NEVER had a state until 1912, when the Italians were desperately craving for our Adriatic coast, so they needed someone to stand between the warm sea and us - ie. Orthodox Christians.

The same thing with the croats - when did the croats have a state?
For a thousand years they have been without a state, only in 1991 they got it, and stories about some croatian-hungarian alliance... these are stories for young children...

You have one people - Serbian and one big country, that is, Greater Serbia that should exist, but no - it is easier to divide the country into 5-6 states, one to convert into Catholicism and the other to Islam and from time to time, give these people weapons in hand to fight among themselves ... This is how things go. The 90's being a typical example!

What kind of relationship does it have with Ukraine, someone will ask??
Well, it does, it's because they're also an ace in the sleeve!
This nation was created in a communist kitchen, when the Russians were occupied and for a while after the fall of the Berlin Wall they were left to sleep... to recently awaken them, that is, they threw that ace from the sleeves to the geopolitical table, pushed the unfortunate people and the poor into this war - and they had been fattening them for years / decades as they did with the croats... and there you have a problem.


CIA: Undermining and Nazifying Ukraine Since 1953


Russia must return Kiev, if it wants to once and for all time pacify & keep its house backyard in order, because don't you forget it, it's not the first time that the West has something to stirrup and churn at their door, remember the Teutonic Knights, the Polish-Lithuanian Union, Sweden...

Russia had a terrible pain for decades to throw them out of their backyard, thanks God for Alexander Nevsky and Peter the Great being there.

Today, Russia needs an Orthodox tsar of such a weld, is it Putin?? I could say anything about him, but that's not a topic now, he did some good things, some are not - I am most displeased with him for not diversifying the Russian economy...

So - Ukrainians are just an ace from the sleeve, as well as all fictional nations, which from time to time serve in their dirty games.
Crow 145 | 7,310    
  18 Oct 2017  #114
That is why I salute Belgrade`s mediation between Russia and USA, on Ukraine. Sad thing that NATO/USA/EU schemes prevented Poland taking part in this dialogue. Obviously, they need more dirty games. When I close my eyes I have images and fantasize like that Ally McBeal in those series back in 1997-2002, when she imagined about people that surrounds her. See, same way, when I close my eyes, I imagining Poland like fine woman raped by three morons that have caps, one cap with EU insignia on it, one with NATO insignia and one with USA insignia. They hold Her and rape mercilessly.

To give you picture:


Ally McBeal fantasize on her colleges >>>


Anyway, it was interesting these days listening protest of Ukrainian ambassador to Belgrade Oleksandr Aleksandrovych because of Serbian volunteers in Ukraine. Good that he didn`t continue. If he did, he could easily provoke people in Ukraine, in regions where people deeply feel their Serbian roots, where are stationed Serbian Chetniks. Ukraine could easily face fact that some regions there don`t wish neither Ukrainian, neither Russian but exclusively Serbian protection. Plus, in addition, there could be even pro-Serbian protests in Kiev itself that could in a blink of the eye spark into truly democratic movement that would demand that what is now Ukraine belong to people and not to pro-bandera oligarhs. Movement that could actually call for Serbian president to come in Kiev (imagine scandal!) and that all traitors just fu** off.

This nation

No matter how formed, nation is nation if have some specifics. But, clear line must be drawn between newly formed nations and pushing people forcible into that new nation. People forced to exist in newly formed nation must be in fact liberated, being that Ukraine or Croatia, Bosnia or Albania. We all have rights to democracy and human rights, old peoples and new nations.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  18 Oct 2017  #115

The Prince is one of my all time favorite works. The Prince is to politics as The Art of War is to military conflict - and increasingly corporate applications. You also have to realize the context in which The Prince was written in. The situation is actually kind of similar to what's happening in the Balkans, southern Europe, E Europe in a way...

Just because a guy has a sort of wolgsangel emblem doesn't make him a Nazi. If you know about these parties they are nationalists - not fascist Nazis...

Regardless, Hail Azov!!! Slawa Ukraina!!!

Ally McBeal is also a fine piece of ass. that was like my 8th grade crush lol
Crnogorac3 1 | 323    
19 Oct 2017  #116
they are nationalists - not fascist Nazis...

Yes NATO Nazis...
SigSauer 4 | 446    
19 Oct 2017  #117
You're thinking way too highly of yourself, coincidentally the same kind of self aggrandizement ACTUAL Nazi's took part in, thinking they were the center of the world, and that everyone was out to get them.

FACT: There are no Nazi's in the Ukrainian government, No Banderovyts in the government or military. These are fabricated Russian moskali lies. Keep sipping on that pepper vodka Boris.

Lol yes, NATO is the cause of all the ills in your **** hole country of Montenegro. If big bad NATO would just leave you poor "victims" alone everything would be ok, and your country would be able to take your rightful place as a glorious Slavic nation that should lord over the Untermensch (everyone who isnt a slav).

Poland is slated to be the most successful economy in Eastern Europe, their unemployment is shockingly low. They are a member of both NATO and the EU, which affords Poland a level of stability that would not have been possible without either organization. The EU development fund has been hugely beneficial to their infrastructure, reforming political organizations, etc. NATO allows them to have a medium sized military while still staying protected from Russia.

You know what Montenegrans do here? They do the **** labor, and they accept crap working conditions because we know you'll take the money and just be grateful not to be in that micro-state barely putting food on your table.

In honor of you Crnogorac3, I have a new hashtag slogan. #NukesOnPodgorica

Think harder before you speak to your betters.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,047    :-(
  19 Oct 2017  #118

Cool bro you found a pic on google images. Everyone in Ukraine knows they do that for shock value. As long as they're protecting their borders IDC if they're flying a rainbow flag. Quite frankly Slavs shouldn't be fighting Slavs in the first place but Putin and his fellow Russians couldn't suppress their russkiy okupant mindset and just HAD to invade. He even used the same line Hitler used when invading the Sudetenland - to protect native Germans or in thus case Russians.

Besides the swastika is a far far older symbol and has been used by nearly every culture including mesoamerica, Hindus, and even Jews. The black sun the Nazis used was originally a Slavic occult symbol as well.
Vesko Vukovic - | 47    
21 Oct 2017  #119
That is why I salute Belgrade`s mediation between Russia and USA, on Ukraine.

The only reason that Belgrade was chosen as the location for Russian-American negotiations over Ukraine is because Russian officials have been black-listed by all EU member states.

If Russia is a serious country how could it allow the "Euro-Maidan" to happen on its doorstep in the first place?
SigSauer 4 | 446    
22 Oct 2017  #120
Yea, we don't need anymore Russian animals running amok in Europe. They can happily stay in their gas station pretending to be a country, they all talk about it like its the leader of the world.

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