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Poland - Third World Country??

Seanus 15 | 19,706
3 Jan 2008 #61
OK, what is the criteria for being a 3rd world country? Poland is way above that.
seretan 2 | 6
5 Jan 2008 #62
what is the criteria for being a 3rd world country?

for of all it is economy
check the nations which have weak economy, they are all announced as 3rd world country

but i dont think that Poland is 3rd world country but u have some problems with economy
they also call us(Turcja) 3rd world country but i dont give a **** cuz i know we r not( but yes our economy is in the hands of U.S.A)

anyway i just wanted to say it is about economy(at least the most important reason)
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
12 Jan 2008 #63
Poland - Third World Country???

Can't be possible...Zimbabwe is a third world country.
12 Jan 2008 #64
Poland - Third World Country???

Anyone actually has this opinion? Wow...
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jan 2008 #65
Poland is not a third World country!! Could someone please provide examples of 2nd World countries so i may make a comparison.
osiol 55 | 3,922
12 Jan 2008 #66
someone please provide examples of 2nd World countries

It used to be said that the former Soviet-bloc constituted the 2nd world.
It seems that these countries, if they were 2nd world, they have either all moved up or moved down.
Frank 23 | 1,183
12 Jan 2008 #67
Guys...why do you rise to the bait.....!!!!!!?????????????????????

Hes a troll...let him wallow in his own p-o-o filled nappy...(diaper)
southern 75 | 7,096
12 Jan 2008 #68
Could someone please provide examples of 2nd World countries

Wroclaw Boy
12 Jan 2008 #69
I have to tell this stroy.

I was in Auchen today which is a Tesco equivalent here in Wroclaw. I had 10 items of shopping and there was a que of around three full trolleys for every cashier, i thought oh crap lets just get in line and wait. So I waited and waited, theres some short little Polish dude behind me gently nudging by back as if to say come on move forward, move forward. Problem is i cant move forward becuase theres people in front of me, i dont want to be rude and push them as well, in a civalised society we wait for the person ahead to go through the check out.

Anyway the old couple in front were ahead of me on the conveyer belt and taking up space and I felt bad cos the Polish little chap guy with his family couldn't wait to unload his shopping onto the conveyar belt, so against my better advice and in the middle of a nice old couple and a Polish twat I put down my 10 items of shopping onto the conveyer belt sooner than I would normally feel comfortable doing. Pretty much as soon as i did this the guy behind was unloading his trolley onto the belt, he didn't bother to put a segregator between my shopping and his he just wanted to put his shopping on the belt and that was it. Im thinking to myslef what a rude little savage and im beginning to get angry but its not worth it as they all do it anyway. So i waited for the next devider and then placed it inbetween my shopping and his and waited patiently becoming more and more frustrated by the cashier who is putting through around one item a minute after painfully finding the bar code on every single product with a bleek kind of "i dont give a crap look on his face". Finally and it seemed like ages then its my turn for the cashier, he looks at me with the same kind of heres another twat and starts bleeping my shopping through the checkout as if hes watching paint dry, i look behind to see the little fuker has constructed a work of art, the entire contents of his trolley is now on less that 1.5 m of conveyer belt.. like the fuking Eifel Tower only he has one little soup sachet left and he doesn't have a space for it finally he carefully places this inbetween two bottles and then takes a step back and looks at his creation. Im thinking to my self I would love to just knock you right out.

As i go through the checkout the savages behind are still pushing thinking MUST GO FORWARD MUST GO FORWARD, and then I paid for my shopping and left and took around 10 minutes to cool down.

Thats shopping for me in Poland. Its the same every time, but I am learning to cope slowly but surely.
Seanus 15 | 19,706
12 Jan 2008 #70
Poland is easily in the 2nd world bracket. If I claimed that it was a 3rd world country, I'd need to outperform Jonnie Cochrane to convince people.
osiol 55 | 3,922
12 Jan 2008 #71
Poland is easily in the 2nd world bracket

What happens within countries then? If Poland, taken as a whole is 2nd world, then I live in what could be a 2nd world neighbourhood. Down the road in the posh end of town it's 1st world and there are 3rd world areas not so far away too.

WB, is that not the same story?
Wroclaw Boy
12 Jan 2008 #72
WB, is that not the same story?

All I wnat to know is who and what is a 2nd World country? we all kind of know what constitutes a 3rd world country but what about the 2nd??
Seanus 15 | 19,706
12 Jan 2008 #73
Damn it, I had written a long script for Wrocław Boy to read about shopping here and it deleted at the last, swine!! OK, just to say that I've had many similar experiences. The last time it happened, I gave the twat a hell of a look. It's like being caught between a rock and a hard place. The attendant is slow and the hyped up f*** behind u is having a fit. I'm a fairly relaxed here but one time a security guy had to come as I was getting visibly agitated. He was an old duffer so he wouldn't've held me back. I got things under control but that's a pet peeve of mine, impatient people. That was at Carrefour a few months back. Today, it was the same place but outside, waiting for a taxi. A woman in front of my girl and I had ordered a taxi. She was waiting. the taxi pulled up and she headed towards it. This dyke lookin bint rushed up and tried to snatch it from her. We had also ordered a taxi and the bint looked frustrated that the woman got the first one. So, when ours pulled up, she tried the same stunt and started moaning that we skipped in in front of her. Maybe she should be genitally mutilated. As for conveyor belt queing in Carrefour, I need to use my elbows and 102kgs frame. They have a weird thing where u put ur shopping up and then have to reverse back and park ur mini-trolley behind where the chewing gum and sweets are. People stand in ur way like u r challenging them, rather than following procedure. I'm patient but I have my limits. Don't get me started on dividers/segregators. OO!!
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389
12 Jan 2008 #74
Poland is not a third World country!! Could someone please provide examples of 2nd World countries so i may make a comparison.

Second world country: Ukraine or Slovenia.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
12 Jan 2008 #75
Slovenia is economically the first world country now.

Generally the 3rd world at the beginning was describing the countries, which were during the cold war nor on western side neither on the soviet one and as often they were very poor this phrase became used to call very underdeveloped states.

In case of Poland If somebody divided all the countries into 3 groups depending on the quality of their economy then Poland no doubt would be still in the 2nd one.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510
13 Jan 2008 #76

this link, first posted on page 1 of this thread, give clear and concise definitions of first, secong, third and fourth world countries.

poland sits in second world category as part of the former communist-socialist industrial states that made up the former eastern bloc
z_darius 14 | 3,968
13 Jan 2008 #77
if you live in Warsaw,admit it,lots of families use only bottled water to drink and cook

I don't live in Warsaw so I have nothing to admit.

yep.whatever.......blah bah,there is a differnce between using a water cooler for an office and having no safe drinking water coming out of your taps at home.......

I agree. "Blah, blah" bests characterizes your post.

One of the municiapal office where I frequently visit has signs posted warning against drinking tap water, unless it's boiled - check here:
Bottled water is preferred if you want to be safe from getting e.coli and such.

In some canadian minicipalities situation was so bad that people have died, and tap water was not an option even for personal hygiene. Not sure if this kind of news has any interest outside Canbada, so here it is:

Clearly then, Canada is a third world country, and so is Poland because a poster on PF saw people with bottled water in Warsaw.
southern 75 | 7,096
13 Jan 2008 #78
Bottled water is preferred if you want to be safe from getting e.coli and such.

Bottled water badly preserved is the secure way to catch E.Coli.When they control them,a lot of bottles contain E.Coli.
z_darius 14 | 3,968
13 Jan 2008 #79
Southern, with all due respect, e.coli doesn't just pop up in water out of the air. To put it plainly it is found mostly (but not solely) where **** abounds, such as animal farming areas.

Whether a lot of bottles contain e.coli, I don't know. Once in a while there is news about some grabage found in some food product, like benzene in Perrier for instance. If the source water is freee of e.coli and if the bottles are sealed before use then I can't see how e.coli can get inside.
PeterCpt 2 | 37
8 Mar 2008 #80
South Africa is considered to be one of those 'Third World Countries' too but if you look at the wealth in Cape Town you would not consider this country to be 'third World'.

That's because for white people, SA has been pretty much a First World Country,
for the Blacks - a 3rd world. It's still like that for most of the blacks except the corrupt
ones in the government and the super rich affirmative action candidates - as SA is
facing a reverse anti-White discrimination policy right now. SA will probably become
3rd world though like Zimbabwe. Still if you compare service levels in SA shops
and Polish ones, the staff in SA shops are much more polite and usually treat you with
class. Polish and European service personel are quite rude, its improving but its still
bad. I've had some bad experiences in Poland when I visited in August of last year.

If I was to compare the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, South Africa and Poland,
I'd say Polish shop clerks were by far the most rude and intolerant of customers.
Buddy 7 | 167
9 Mar 2008 #81
I would agree that is a second world country. But in no way Third World.
The following article seems well informed and does highlight the housing issue in Poland.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
9 Mar 2008 #82
The unemployment rate is 17,7 %

It's 11,8% and most of these people either work illegally or simply don't want to work. Besides with all respect for Turks, they would better care about their own problems.
isisores - | 46
10 Mar 2008 #83
Besides with all respect for Turks, they would better care about their own problems.

this site just gives news, not only about poland. they don't care about poland as you think lol don't worry.
by the way poland is obviously not a third world country.
brazilii 8 | 97
8 Apr 2008 #84
Why people are so ignorant??? Classifying countries as 3º World Country is no longer used when regarding with economic aspects. These terms were used when there was Cold War... just read the previous topics which are explaining pretty clearly .

Polish people should stop moaning and feel offended about english people or whoever says they are Third World Country. Polish people do the same when talking about Latin America, Africa and Asia.

For the so well educated polish people: In Brazil we don`t speak spanish, we don`t have sneaks or crocodiles on streets, people can buy cars as well as TVs and computers...

Everywhere in the world there will be educated people or not, rich people and poor people and I must say Poland is not a '3º World Country' and never will be, however I`ve been to some so called 3º World Contry and they are doing far better than Poland.

Not generalizing, but don`t you (polish people) getting too sensitive with this matter??
RockyMason 19 | 250
8 Apr 2008 #85
Poland isn't a 3rd world country LOL it's a "2nd world" country =P
brazilii 8 | 97
8 Apr 2008 #86
You just don`t get it, do you?? Economically speaking this means nothing nowadays.
RockyMason 19 | 250
8 Apr 2008 #87
Talk all u want but it is a fact! Poland is a 2nd world country which means POLAND IS A 2ND WORLD COUNTRY LOL! IT doesn't mean nothing or blah blah this or blah blah that it means poland is a 2nd world county with a low income per capita!
Theroen 2 | 15
10 Apr 2008 #88
Definitely not 3rd world. Besides, the 3 world theory is outdated.
brazilii 8 | 97
10 Apr 2008 #89
Besides, the 3 world theory is outdated.

Thank you!!!!
slo 1 | 52
10 Apr 2008 #90
After Poland's president said to EU "Russia wont sign anything with EU before unblocking Ukraine's entry to NATO" - it is not a 3rd world country anymore. It is a respected country. Respect Poland!

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