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US slaps Poland in the face (Comey Poland)

Vox - | 172
30 Apr 2015 #91
Are you for real Lyzko?

That not all Poles were evil, anti-semitic thugs etc..?I know that. So do all enlightened people.

Lzyko, not all American Jews are evil, anti-polish thugs either. I know that my friend, so do all enlighten people.

This is not a thread about Jews, please keep to the topic
Ziemowit 14 | 4,258
30 Apr 2015 #92
An interesting interview under the heading "Copyright for the Holocaust" with Shevah Weiss, Israeli politician, former Speaker of the Knesset and former Israeli ambassador to Poland following Comey's remarks on the Holocaust can be found in the Polish weekly "Do Rzeczy" (number 18/2015):

A cartoon has become popular in the internet recently. Tourists stand before the main entrance to the (Polish?) concentration camp in Auschwitz and stare at the famous "Arbeit macht frei" inscription above it.

- What has been written up there? - asks one of them.
- No idea - replies another - I don't know the Polish language.

This is a strong message - comments Shevah Weiss - which accurately reflects the essence of the problem of falsifying history. [...] The "Arbeit macht frei" inscription not only is proof for German cynicism, it also shows how considerate the Germans were to show their copyright for the Shoah, for the genocide of the Jewish nation. Not without reason they created the German name for Auschwitz ["Oświęcim" in Polish]. They also renamed the neighbouring village Brzezinka to Birkenau ...,6144/Prawa-autorskie-do-Holokaustu.html

According to the poll published recently by the German STERN weekly, 21% of Germans under the 30 years of age have no idea what Auschwitz was.

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