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Does it seem to you that Russia loves Poland now?

1jola 14 | 1,879
8 Oct 2010 #31
I don't believe any serious change of decrees happens in next few decades just because of money issue...

The money issue did not bancrupt Germany and we and other nations have made peace with them, but of course the Germans murdered only a fraction of what the Russians did. I also don't see Russia joining the civilized world anytime soon, but what is more disturbing is the present Polish government's weakness and belly-crawling in front of that paper tiger. Russians detest weakness and exploit it to the fullest. They also have excellent memory and have never forgotten that we sacked Moscow and no one has been able to do that since, although some have tried. If you think that is ridiculous, check what national holidays they have added recently and stroll around the Red Square to see what monuments are there. Just like Stalin never forgot he had to run away from Polish soldiers.

So, let's not soap our own eyes.

Richasis, I'm not in the mood to rank on Jews, but I will link you to a blog you will thoroughly enjoy over time:
richasis 1 | 420
8 Oct 2010 #32
Richasis, I'm not in the mood to rank on Jews

NKVD perpetrated the Katyn crimes, no?

"... the NKVD was able to round up much of the Polish intelligentsia, and the Russian, Ukrainian, Protestant, Muslim Tatar, Jewish, Georgian, and Belarusian intelligentsia of Polish citizenship."

The highest echelons of NKVD at the time:

* 53 Jews
* 6 Non-Jews
* 8 Unknown

Ranking on Jews? Only those "with rank".
jwojcie 2 | 763
8 Oct 2010 #33
The money issue did not bancrupt Germany

Yeap, but first: they've lost the war, second they've got Marshall plan.

So, let's not soap our own eyes.

It seems to me that those who think we alone can somehow change Russia are soaping their eyes more... Thinking that we can turn our back on Russia, ignore it, or extort something big from them is total illusion. All those talk by some politicians "to make a tough stand" is just propaganda for internal politics. Actually there was no better moment in recent centuries than now for getting normal relationship because there is no border issue.

There will always be geopolitical diferences concerning Belarus and Ukraine, but it doesn't mean we can't have normal relationship with Russia, for sure we should have at least as good relations as Germany has.

I reaffirm it again: THERE IS NO BORDER ISSUE and there is no minority issue. All this talk based on historical backlashes between Poland and Russia of whatever form is just false analogy. Shift of Poland after WWII was a total game changer regarding relations with Russia.
Crow 160 | 9,545
8 Oct 2010 #34
one can say that Russians love Poles but, Russia as state may love or may not love but, needs Poles

on the long run, Russia won`t survive without full Polish support
Jadowniki 1 | 24
31 Dec 2014 #35
Pretend love is a common tactic of russian government, but I have not noticed any expressions of love towards poland recently. This pretend love was used from the tine of the czars to the communists. It usually takes advantage of the common slavonic ethnicity of its nieghbors, and claims that it is our homeland. Many times it circulates around being the protected of the orthodox church as well. Look what happened to the ukrainian kozaks during the deluge, they welcomed in Russia to fight poland, and russia came in as the loving protected of rus. Well it did not go well for us poles, but it went bad for ukraine as well. Their nation went under a long period of russification and hardship under their beloved russian rule, including siberian deportations. Thus, russia uses this tactic to stir nationalistic, or rather ethnic passions to gain control over nations.This tactic dI'd not work with poland, this is why we poles were said to have betrayed the slavic people. It is part of the russian propaganda machine.

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