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Russia says: WE'LL NUKE POLAND

Marsupial - | 886
9 May 2016 #121
Russia doesn't get to decide anything about poland. It's something you don't understand. They get to decide crap in their own backward country is it. Russia is not a superpower they are a technologically backward hole filled with brainwashed despots. Dont know any poles who even work a blue collar job but I am not in that sphere. There are probably plenty who do work low jobs. Come to australia we need more cleaners and cheap labour to take advantage of and you sound like a 3rd worder qualified for this because poles or ozzies won't be doing it. Oh thats right, they won't let you in cause you are useless.
9 May 2016 #122
Poles are well aware that Russia invade three times in the 20th Cent. before the creation of the EU or NATO.

I think most Poles are aware that the Russia plan was to fight a Nuclear war in Poland because the purpose of Poland and other border states was to to provide a buffer zone for Mother Russia

Russia's war plan also include nuclear attacks on every neutral state.

I think Polands membership of the EU and NATO will stay, thank you very much.
Crow 160 | 9,545
10 May 2016 #123
It would be quite enough to say that right now its not Russia who threaten Poland. All Poles and sane people who love Poles knows it. We all knows it and that fact makes this thread to look very stupid. Veoma je glupava
johnny reb 40 | 7,783
13 May 2016 #124
The sabers are starting to rattling a little louder.
Russia is doing a heavy build up in the north and NATO responds back with turning on the missile shield.
Poland is slowly getting dragged into the middle of it.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,446
13 May 2016 #125
Poland is slowly getting dragged into the middle of it.

Poland always was in the middle of it. It's pretty obvious that any NATO-Russia war will result in Poland being flattened.
johnny reb 40 | 7,783
28 May 2016 #126
Putin just announced that Poland may now be in Russia's crosshairs.
He ain't happy with the missile shields that were placed in in Poland and Romania.
28 May 2016 #127

F*** Putin and F*** Russia.
Crow 160 | 9,545
28 May 2016 #128
people, people, panovie, Russia won`t nuke Poland. In their weird way, Russians even likes Poles.

Some others needs to worry
lowam - | 2
28 May 2016 #129
Poland should really get rid of the NATO and make their own decisions.

Instead of getting pushed by the NATO to becoming a battle ground if things really go bad.
Sparks11 - | 335
29 May 2016 #130
Get rid of NATO...? And then what? Form an alliance with Czech and Slovakia? That would be a mighty power to reckon with... Geez.
Marsupial - | 886
29 May 2016 #131
Get rid of people who want to get rid of nato.
29 May 2016 #132
Article in "Russia Insider"
.."In the grip of PARANOIA, Poles live every day believing the Russian invasion could come at any moment."
Well, is this true?... Is there PARANOIA in Polska?

Found above as a link in, ''.
How to deal with any invasion = At the border put up a sign, "Poland - this way: Follow arrows". Then have arrows on posts all the way to Serbia.
29 May 2016 #133
"Russia Insider"

F*** that Russian Fascist propaganda site.
Crow 160 | 9,545
29 May 2016 #134
Form an alliance with Czech and Slovakia?

and Hungary. But what i know, such alliance already exist as Visegrad Group. Then, with Serbia, too. Then, with all who are interested and thinks similar.

Anyway, from your question i see that you don`t care for the interests of Poland and Poles. You are one of those who beliefs that is servitude to the western Europe, only real interest of Poland. For you, independence of Poland is problem. Slavic background of Poles is problem. Existence of Poles as Poles is problem. Assimilation of Poles into Anglos, Germans and Franks is in interest of Poles.
29 May 2016 #135
Poland should really get rid of the NATO and make their own decisions.

Exactly. Same with EU.
lowam - | 2
29 May 2016 #136
Why form a new "military" pact?
Just let the people live alone in peace instead of finding new reasons to destroy relationships.

Instead of pushing to a new cold war area.

NATO (directed by the USA) is just using the old "bad Russia" propaganda for taking control over Europe.

I personally hope, that they won't turn the EU to a failed state because of a "stupid" Kindergarten beef.

But see for yourself:
johnny reb 40 | 7,783
29 May 2016 #137
Poland should really get rid of the NATO and make their own decisions.

The people in the United States (NATO) are getting tired of paying for Europe's defense.
We agree, dismantle NATO.
Washington is already starting to cut back on Europe.

The British military may soon start stockpiling tanks and other heavy equipment in Eastern Europe as part of NATO's military beef up close to Russia's border.

The decision may come at the upcoming NATO summit in Warsaw in July.
Citing a threat to the Baltic States and Poland, the North-Atlantic alliance plans to deploy as many as 4,000 additional troops in those countries.
The initial plan was for the US to provide half, with Germany and the UK shouldering the rest of the cost.
However, last week the Wall Street Journal reported that Washington would only provide one 1,000-strong battalion and wanted the European members of the alliance to spend more on their own defense.
Sparks11 - | 335
29 May 2016 #138
Not care about Poland? Uff... Having lived here for well over a decade and planning to for the distant future if not forever, you couldn't be more wrong. The reality of it is that Poland is, of course, a buffer between "The West" and Russia, of course the Brits, and Germans would sacrifice Poland to the Ruskies if they thought it would save their own skin in some way. Unfortunately NATO and the EU are the only REAL alternatives to even trying to maintain safety against Russia and to maintain a strong economy. People on here like to bang their chests and call for a strong Poland who stands alone (or with its smaller Slavic brothers to the South) but this is just naive. It's fine for Poland to try to build its car, chemical, IT, etc. industry and to build a stronge military, but even if it were on the level of, say, Germany it would still be stupid to stand alone just as it would be stupid for Brexit. Globalisation is increasing constantly, pretending it isn't or that you can or should fight it is futile, unions are necessary.
Mr Forbes
30 May 2016 #139
The people in the United States (NATO) are getting tired of paying for Europe's defense.

Correct,the same could be spent in USA to take care of our falling infrastructure.
johnny reb 40 | 7,783
30 May 2016 #140
10,000 NATO troops coming to Poland next month for training exercises.
Crow 160 | 9,545
30 May 2016 #141
nations born from within city states should worry for provoking Russia, China and India. Brazil, too, no matter that still giving its best to join in club of old civilizations.

Poland is child of people. So, why should Poland worry because of conflict of city states and old civilizations. Poland neither can`t help, neither should try to defend city states. Let city states nations give back what they took from the people.
Marsupial - | 886
30 May 2016 #142
There is no conflict crow. Ukraine copped it so they can have some strategic bases back maybe for navy. The problem with all this is that there is no chance of anyone attacking russia. We are all too busy living good lives to think like that. It is miserable broke russia itself that self propagates this tjought. Unto itself. It's a highly paranoid and delusional place and behaves more like a rougue state at times instead if a huge country it's supposed to be. I can also see russia slip further behind in everything. You can't even invite their athletic team anymore. They have really let all slavs down crow. Badly!
peterweg 37 | 2,319
3 Jun 2016 #143
Merged: British Army report calls for more robust response to Russia

"Substantial" NATO ground forces, backed by armour, should be dispatched to the Baltic states and Poland to provide a credible defence against a massive Russian conventional assault, according to the report of a study day involving senior British Army officers.

The report, dubbed "Is it time for the West to wake up and smell the vodka?", was posted on the British Army's website in May and comes as the three Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania - jointly requested NATO to beef up its defence capability on their territory.

more here ..janes.
3 Jun 2016 #144
"RUSSIA threatened to NUKE Poland"

Do they have such imprecise missiles that they would waste such precious equipment fot civilian, non-military targets; it would be counterproductive on all accounts?
gumishu 13 | 6,113
3 Jun 2016 #145
Do they have such imprecise missiles that they would waste such precious equipment fot civilian, non-military targets; it would be counterproductive on all accounts?

you underestimate the psychological effect nuking a city has on potential enemy - it's the ultimate shock and awe weapon - also notice that cities are transport hubs - look at Warsaw - so many bridges in one place and a railway hub
johnny reb 40 | 7,783
4 Jun 2016 #146
I was just replying to Marsupial's post.

Yes the ten minutes of psochological advantage before being vaporized.

In those ten minutes all the atheists would be on their knees converting to God fearing souls.
Marsupial - | 886
4 Jun 2016 #147
Well one good thing if they comitt suicide is that there will no longer be an old russian lady on a train selling a herring in a jar passed off as fast food.
Crow 160 | 9,545
31 May 2019 #148
Well, we possible do have very dangerous development between Poland and Russia. So, I will be first to inform you of this incoming situation of which you will be very very soon bombarded in mass media >>> And you think how are you informed by your mass media when you depend on me to have info >>>

You heard that Albania and illegally separated Serbian province of `Kosovo and Metohija` erased border between themselves, all in phase of formation of Greater Albania.

Also, have in mind that is Albania member of NATO and there are Polish troops in the region.

See, Serbia will be obviously forced to protect Serbs, other non-Albanian and loyal Albanian population on Kosovo, considering recent provocations. This situation can escalate any day now. Even Russia said it will intervene on behalf of Serbia if Serbia calls Russia, if threaten by NATO.

Now, one may say Serbia is surrounded by NATO countries. No way for Russia to intervene and send military aid via any air space of neighboring countries.

But, BUT, its mistake to think that way! Mind yourself that Albania and Kosovo erased border between themselves. Albania is now most directly involved. When Serbian army clash with Kosovo Albanian terrorists, Albania is legally and officially involved. Yes, Russia`s intervention can only go via Albania. And, we all know, Russia will intervene.

But, one may now say, Albania is part of NATO, Russia won`t dare. But Russia will dare. Russia must. Its question of her own security. So, involvement of Albania in Kosovo, involving all NATO members and they will all find themselves in almost certain war with Russia. And China, of course, because it will go hand in hand.

Who would be nuked here, eventually, is up to be seen. But I say that minimum what Poland can do for its safety is to actually move on the side of Serbs or to remove Polish troops from the region. If President Duda fail to do anything of this, he setting Poland in situation to be destroyed in war.

Think of Poland`s NATO membership. Think of Duda. Think of Poland`s betrayal of Serbs. Think how is Hungary desperate and isolated and tries to prevent this madness what coming and official Poland absolutely don`t give a sh**.

Now time is ticking. How I heard, Kosovo terrorists mentioned new provocation against local Serbs in next 10 days. Serbia warned them not to do provocations.

I now taking pop-corn and looking development. Kosovo has become YOUR problem. Say one great THANK to NATO and EU who sided with radical Muslims against other Christians and against Slavs.

Considering all is very in connection with Poland, I will update info from time to time. Poles, my sisters and brothers, I will be your journalist and mass media, when you don`t have other source and when you are abandoned by your own leadership and left without info

I beg ADMIN to cooperate here. It is in connection with Poland. Albania is part of NATO and Poland`s army is in the region.

Now, I just learned that EU sent warning to Kosovo Albanians not to provoke. You know what Kosovo Albanian leaders answered to EU? He said, if EU continue to pressure them, they- ``Kosovo Albanians with merge with Albania but not just like that but with some more conquered territory on south of Serbia close to Kosovo where also live some Albanians``. Can you imagine? Isn`t it open madness. Can you imagine that safety of Poland depend on those people? On radical Muslims that seek to create Greater Albania. Think of seriousness of Poland`s politics.

Tači preti Briselu: Ako nastavite, ujedinićemo se sa Albanijom, ali s jugom Srbije - Kosovo Albanians with merge with Albania but not just like that but with some more conquered territory on south of Serbia close to Kosovo where also live some Albanians
Lyzko 40 | 8,750
31 May 2019 #149
Russia like to talk tough but usually it's just a smoke screen. Even following Crimea, Lavrov admitted, unwillingly I'm sure, that there might still be room for negotiation (aka 'blyat').

Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
31 May 2019 #150
minimum what Poland can do for its safety is to actually move on the side of Serbs

Nobody is going to help your pariah of a country Crow. You can have the Russians, but they are friends in name only. you are on your own, along with your "Invest in Serbia" nonsense - because nobody gives a stuff about you. When you properly apologise for starting the last Balkan War and then trying the same **** again in Kosovo, then the International Community might think about helping you.

Until then - enjoy your isolation in your backwater of Europe my little nationalist friend.

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