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Rescue underway for miners trapped underground after tremor hits mine in South Poland

6 May 2018 #1
Four Polish miners are still missing after a quake hit the Zofiówka mine in the southern Polish town of Jastrzębie-Zdrój . The missing miners were originally part of a group of 11 who were digging a new tunnel when the 3.4 magnitude quake struck yesterday morning. The miners are trapped 900 metres underground and initially the efforts of the over 200 strong rescue and support teams were hampered by high levels of Methane.

Four miners were quickly brought to the surface, followed by another two with non-life threatening injuries, but a third was found yesterday afternoon showing no signs of life.

Hopefully the remaining miners will be located quicly and brought out alive:
jon357 71 | 20,384
6 May 2018 #2
The latest news (according to google news) is that 3 are still missing. I hope they are found safe and well.

Mining is a terribly hard and dangerous job; miners risk their lives daily for relatively low wages.

A lot of people in PL today will be thinking of (and praying for) the Zofiówka miners.
OP Chemikiem
7 May 2018 #3
3 are still missing

Yes, this is what I've heard too. It was reported yesterday that the second miner to be rescued has sadly died, no news on the others, at least not from English sources. A terrible time for those poor families.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
7 May 2018 #4
It's a terrible time for the families.
And very risky for the rescuers.
Hopefully, they'll find them safe.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
13 May 2018 #5
They have found the bodies of two of the three missing miners. Still looking for the last missing miner ...
OP Chemikiem
13 May 2018 #6
That is very sad. I wouldn't have thought there is much chance of that last miner being found alive after this time. There isn't much about it in English news, and Polish sources I was looking at are 5 days old.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
13 May 2018 #7
I remember a story when a live miner was found after several days. I googled it today.He was found after five days.
It's been nine days in this case - a really long time. What's worse the area is flooded and they need to pump the water out. On top of that because of methane they can't use an electric pump.

Hope dies last though.
I'm sure the rescue team will do their best to find him.
OP Chemikiem
13 May 2018 #8
nine days in this case -

If he survives it will be a miracle. The conditions down there will be really bad. I have heard of people being located against the odds too, although that has been after earthquakes when people have been buried under rubble. Very hard on the rescue teams involved.
johnny reb 33 | 7,291
19 Aug 2019 #9
The conditions down there will be really bad

These people are in very bad conditions too. 18/8/19.
WARSAW (Reuters) - More than two dozen rescue workers are battling to help save two cavers trapped in a cavern in Poland's Tatra mountains, the mountain rescue service said on Sunday, after a narrow tunnel was flooded with water, blocking their exit.

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