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Reports on gangs in Poland

PennBoy 76 | 2,436
12 Sep 2012 #1
Former bosses of the Pruszków gang Andrew Z. "Słowik" and Zygmunt R. "Bolo" were today acquitted by the district court of Warsaw in the so-called second trial of the Pruszkow gang. Marcin B. "Bryndziak", the leader of the new 'young Pruszkow' will spend eight years behind bars.

After six years, the court has acquitted a third of the nearly 40 accused, and the others were sentenced to sentences ranging from one to eight years in prison. Janusz P. "Parasol'' (Umbrella) one of the most important people in Pruszkow, will spend just 1.5 years in prison.

It's not that the defense won, it's that the prosecution lost

- The analysis of the evidence provided dealt a decisive defeat for the prosecution - said the Warsaw district court in support of Wednesday's judgment of the Pruszkow gang.

- Among the more than 170 complaints over half ended in acquittal, acquittal, moreover, even the most serious allegations related to such things as attacks with weapons - said judge Beata Najjar. She added that such a decision of the court - often beneficial to the accused - is not based on the evidence presented by the defense, but rather from the materials or lack of, submitted by the prosecution.

It lost the prosecution , not the defense win - said the court issuing the judgment . Andrzej Z. " The Nightingale " and Zygmunt R. " Bolo " were today acquitted by the Warsaw district court in the so-called . the second trial of the gang Pruszkow . Eight years in prison spend Marcin B. " Bryndziak " , the leader of the young Pruszkowa.

After six years, the court acquitted a third of the nearly 40 defendants , and the other condemned to sentences ranging from one to eight years in prison. Janusz P. " Umbrella " , one of the most important people Pruszkowa has to spend behind bars for 1.5 years .

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
12 Sep 2012 #2
Does it mean more worry about the inefficiency of the Polish judicial system if they freed the heads of a gang?
How does the Polish Public opinion react to that ?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
12 Sep 2012 #3
Does it mean more worry

Not really, because the prosecutor will appeal. Quite normal in this case.
NorthMancPolak 4 | 648
12 Sep 2012 #4
Time for some bad Polglish like "Pruszkow Teflonowe Doni freed" ;)
pawian 187 | 17,522
12 Sep 2012 #5
Dear guys, let me remind you that courts are independent bodies in Poland.

PS. A rule for consideration in free time: Better to acquit 100 criminals that sentence 1 innocent guy.

PS2. I strongly believe in it.
OP PennBoy 76 | 2,436
12 Sep 2012 #6
In my most honest opinion it's a good thing. No matter how much time, money and effort is spent organized crime will always exist, better to allow Polish gangs to exist than create open doors for the Russian Mafia or some other crime syndicate to make money off Poles and be more brutal to the locals.
WielkiPolak 58 | 1,024
14 Sep 2012 #7
Funny that they get off free while the guy who made the site about Komorowski gets a harsh sentence, 1 year and 3 months of community service and possible imprisonment if he steps out of line in the next 5 years time.
PolishUltras 7 | 60
8 Aug 2017 #8
[Moved from]: Polish gangs from the '90s

Watch this documentary guys. This mofo from Lublin had multiple murders and even cop kills then escaped to germany to evade law and made a name there and even came to Ukraine to escape law there only to be deported back to poland by the Ukrainian cops (and you guys dlaim poland has law and order wnd we cant make sites or porn here the samy shady way?):

he even fuking killed some guy shot him over writing on his car at 18 and some other guy nicknamed animal tried to bomb his car lol. all sorts of deep **** there and you guys think its a small nation? fuking crazy its like reading about Kiev or Moscow.

Whats funny is he got a 10 yr sentence for his first kill at 18 but because of polish law you can get out yewrly on fourlough he ended up doing only 4.5 yrs, later he ended up with multiple life terms in a nation that officially doesnt even have life without parole how dangerous and motherfuking killer he and his gang were. he also tortured some gypsy princess which I loughed out loud at considering I just gone done doing time in cali for beating up a white (blond dude too but his wife was like half asian or dark they may have been wannabe gypsies) gypsy.

google translated:

"Crimes dating back years: "Ciolo" killed and tortured. He got five life sentences

Absolute bandit, beast ready for anything, number one on the list of most wanted criminals - so we wrote in Kurier about Robert K., better known as "Ciolo". In the 1990s local media called him the most dangerous criminal in Poland. What did he deserve? Robert K. spent his childhood in Lubelskie Bronowice. He quickly came to know the police as the perpetrator of minor theft. He soon gained respect in the criminal world of the Lublin region and headed the so- Gang Old Town. The group specialized in selling drugs, extortion and robbery. During one of them, in August 1992, Robert K. shot a Lublin sugar wholesaler, Krzysztof S."

lol apparently Massa or Mass found himself on the internet all of a sudden, after hiding his identity and being cooped up for years. Now hes making wuite a career move.

over 200 gangs still lol? I wonder if Legia is included in that number.
16 Feb 2018 #9

Intersting article I found about the Polish gang Pruszkow

Apaprently it thrived, who knows right now, but after the takedown in poland and massa becoming a protective witness (witness protection ) in the chech republic and central europe:

the article claims it had hands in all drug trafficing (after it was taken out in poland) in the chec republic, or praga, and even hands in romania, slovakia and many other places. This goes on to show how we Poles will always "damy rade" or find ways to thrive and make it in most adverserial conditions -- or adapt so to say. since they were twken down or people started rolling after massa in poland and it was too dangerous to operate once their whole operation was known and their names, etc. they adapted and even in as crazy as a place like romania.

The reason I bring this up because there is a brand enw article on polish news today about the cop who took down pruszkow and is now going after PiS lol -- his new archrivals:

apparently when he raided some meth lab or amphetamine production plant outside warsaw it was one of the biggest in europe and when the american dea saw it after the bust they shook their heads saying theyve never seen any production like this efficient or ewuipment even in Colombia.
2 Feb 2019 #10

Polish ufc fighter arrested for gang sweet organzied crime ultra hooligans

Anyone heard of this recent story with the recent twkedowns of Ruch Chorzów? Aome fmsous ufc fighter was netted.

Was it a ring, mafia, hooligan gangsters, ultras or what?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
2 Feb 2019 #11
apparently when he raided some meth lab or amphetamine production plant

Let's leave the "how awful" emotional crap out for a moment. What is the problem and the drama when some idiot decides to swallow or inject too much and dies? I mean, really, who cares? He doesn't and never did.

If fact, making the drugs that kill available, the gangs are doing us a favor by helping eliminate the stupid from the society when they die. The real problem is with the LE who make the drugs more expensive and force the addicts to steal and rob. Somehow, the LE's are the good guys.

By the same logic, suicide should never be discouraged. If you want to go, go. Just don't hurt anyone. Unfortunately, many murder others first and, then, kill themselves, instead doing the same in reverse order.
14 Apr 2019 #12

Polish Vor This guy was/is the real deal

Anyone heard of this dude? He was an illegitimate child of some Italian but was raised and grew up Polish in Katowice. He became the representative of the RUssian Mob in the west and was actually made vor w zakonye. This documentary even shows he had the dach or roof under him of Yeltsin at one point or the entire Russian state:

WHat is funny is in the beginning it says he grew up in an alley known for prostitutes and drunks in Katowice. Dirk, if Polish hoods dont exist like you claim, what would you call that? It is hood if nothign else to any normal people like the lame as sposters on ehre probbaly would crap themselves if they had to live there.

He created some business named M&S that sold everything from chocolates to any crap you can think of but its only purpose was money laundering haha. I actually googled this company and the only thing I found about its existence evr was tied to katowice.

I meant S&M I think not M&S.
14 Apr 2019 #13

What if Masa runs for Politics?

With his surging popularityu and his inside knowledge on various government agencies and shady dealings with Polish politicians form the last administration, do you think he could run and win? What if Masa becomes the next Kaczyński or president of Poland? Do you guys think that could happen?
jon357 70 | 19,658
14 Apr 2019 #14
do you think he could run and win?

In a word, no.
pawian 187 | 17,522
14 Apr 2019 #15
One of the most known is the Gang of Albania. It has even its own wiki entry.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,311
14 Apr 2019 #16
Never heard of it. Is it a gang of Poland?
pawian 187 | 17,522
14 Apr 2019 #17
Yes, it is purely Polish. Read about them. They are crazy. And quite known because it was my students who told me about them.
jon357 70 | 19,658
14 Apr 2019 #18
Aren't they mostly a rap group?
Ziemowit 13 | 4,311
14 Apr 2019 #19
So you didn't know. Your students did.
pawian 187 | 17,522
14 Apr 2019 #20
Yes, they are mostly a rape group.

I like learning new things from my students. Mutual sharing knowledge, sort of. :)
pawian 187 | 17,522
14 Apr 2019 #21
Their logo

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