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Poland President National Mourning in Some Countries

Darun 1 | 55
18 Apr 2010 #211
I've seen that you are in Bucharest.

Yes, I am a Romanian as well, like you. I wanted to PM you as to not disrupt the forum, but you have this option disabled.
kuro - | 12
18 Apr 2010 #212

Those who cancelled (I ain't saying they have no balls but...):

aw this really sucks.....

Italy - oh, well

..i'm ashamed...

Anyway more flight checks have been asked, in Italy they're testing our main routes leading to north Europe..the results will be known by afternoon though.

Our president canceled all duties abroad for today.. I guess train would have been too slow to attend to all his business in time, leaving from Rome the train takes almost 5 hours just to reach the north borders..

but at least he could make an effort and send a fair representation for the funeral..oh my..
Anyway an italian delegation is already in loco, as long as many other delegations from other diserting countries i guess..
Probably head governs didn't want to occur any risk..imagine how terrible it would have been if presidential planes crashed while they were going to Kaczynski's funeral, who's dead by airplane crash while he was going to a tragedy commemoration...

((11.40: President of the Senate, Renato Schifani, and President of the Council of Ministers, Silvio Berlusconi, have unfortunately been forced to cancel their planned participation in the funeral today in Krakow of Polish President Lech Kaczynski. " It was said in a note from Palazzo Chigi. "President Berlusconi - is clarified - will speak on the phone in the coming hours with the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, to renew their condolences and sorrow of the Italian people for the tragedy of Smolensk. Italy will be represented at the funeral in Warsaw Ambassador Aldo Mantovani))

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