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IS Poland prepared for what is coming during the Euro 2012?

welshguyinpola 23 | 463
23 May 2011 #1
I am wondering if Poland is prepared for what is coming during the Euro 2012???

I am not talking hooliganism but I'm talking the sheer numbers of people on the streets.

Anyone who has travelled on an English football tour will know that the English love to take over, not in a bad way, they just liven the place up a bit.

Gdansk, after around 10pm is a ghost town, so I cant imagine how the people will react with the streets thronged with revellers to the early hours of the morning.

This, combined with the party mentality of the Spanish and other nations, is going to transform the city for the duration of the football.

Bearing in mind that Poles cannot handle a few lads on a stag night in Krakow, I'd hate to see how they handle the masses
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
23 May 2011 #2
I am not talking hooliganism but I'm talking the sheer numbers of people on the streets.

i don't think it will be too bad. the germans will probably watch the game, jump in the car or on a train and go home. as might the fans from other nearby countries. plus, the stadiums are small anyway.
legend 3 | 664
23 May 2011 #3
First thing I really hope that both Poland and Ukraine actually get this thing done!
Ive heard that originally Ukraine was lagging in making stadiums.
Then I heard the problems about the hooligans in Poland.

I hope its a wonderful tournament. I am in Canada and we get bombarded by Hockey (which I dont mind) and a huge amount of nonsense: Baseball (the most boring sport in the world), Poker (its not even a sport), Darts (what a joke), etc. Its rare to see soccer here so basically I am stuck to watching the World Cup (Poland stopped being good in the 1970s, maybe 1980s and they dont make it often).

And there is also the Eurocup which is fun.
Antek_Stalich 5 | 997
23 May 2011 #4
I only wonder why a Moderator removed my legal on-topic answer "I gotta survive"?

He can express his opinion, I can express my opinion as well, even in pictorial format.

The OP offered thoughts for discussion. He didn't ask for a video playlist.
magicpolish 1 | 3
27 Nov 2011 #5

Boom In Tourism In Poland: Euro 2012!

We are waiting for the boom in tourism in Poland which is the host of Euro 2012 Championships. The population of tourists in Poland is going to increase with time thanks to championships and we are going to see quite a good campaign.

There will be spent an aproximate of 60 million PLN(13.7 million Euro) for the Euro 2012. As we all know, the construction sped up a few months ago and we shared some information about that on AboutPoland.

Adam Zaborowski(Manager at Tourism Organization Department in Poland) says that this Money is not going to be wasted. “There will be some people who come to Poland for the first time in their lives. We will make sure that they will want to come here again because they will love the modern and new Warsaw” said Adam Zaborowski and he added that everything that has got to do with Euro 2012 and tourism is going well.

We get really good news about the Euro 2012 and Poland in the newspapers. For instance, you can see this title on a newspaper in Germany:”Poland is more beautiful with the championships”.

Do not stop following us.

Take care…

See you..
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384
27 Nov 2011 #6
so nothing has or will change. it's not about Poland at all. it's about warsaw.
magicpolish 1 | 3
28 Nov 2011 #7
Come on guys! I do not post spam! I just write review about poland and share with you. Yes, it's about Warsaw maybe but what's wrong? I live in Warsaw so I write about Warsaw. Sometimes I write about other cities also. I love Poland!
smurf 39 | 1,981
28 Nov 2011 #8
I do not post spam!

so what do you call the crap you wrote about north fish then? maybe proper spam?
magicpolish 1 | 3
28 Nov 2011 #9
I just try to share with you something about Poland. What is it problem? I do not understand really.
PennBoy 76 | 2,436
20 Mar 2012 #10
The Danes do not want to travel to the Ukraine to support their players and their national team, which will play at Euro 2012 in Lviv and Kharkiv, they bought for just under half of the 18 thousand tickets available to them - said the Danish Football Association (DBU).

To Lviv for the match against Portugal on June 13, 3361 fans are going, and forthe meeting with Germany on June 17, 3456. The least willing are for the Netherlands - Denmark match, where Morten Olsen's pupils will start the fight for the European championship on June 9th. To Kharkiv which lays over a thousand kilometers from the Polish border only 1761 people are planning a trip, of which only 576 are fans, and the rest are sponsors and partners to DBU.

It's not exactly Poland

It is the distance from Poland, according to Lars Berendt of DBU, that is the reason for the reluctance to go to "the distant Ukraine."

- Greater interest in Lviv is certainly due to the proximity of the city to the Polish border. There, most people choose to go in organized groups by bus. The match in Kharkiv and is associated with enormous difficulties of transport and the high prices of accommodation. According to our estimates, Ukraine is a mental barrier for the Danes - Berendt said.

Thus began the relationship work, and has partnered with one of the travel agents, who gave part of their pool tickets to be sold in packets of interest.

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